Sharepoint 2013 – Search files into File Share (content source) with filtering by folders

I crawled content that is on stored on file server (File Share – content source in SharePoint Server) and i get the results in SharePoint search. Everything is fine but i need to have some kind of refiner (i tried many of them but none is working in the way that i need, or it is not working at all) that will have opportunity to choose the folder in which i want to search for some file. Could you give me some suggestions?


Disable Folders in SharePoint Online

G’day Guru’s

It seems it has been a couple of years since this topic was raised, and Sharepoint has changed a lot since then.

I have turned off the ‘New Folder’ option in Advanced Settings for all my SharePoint Document Libraries, however if a user is bringing a document from Onedrive, dragging and dropping folders into libraries or ‘moving’ files, there is still the ability to create a folder. This is really frustrating as I have to keep reminding staff to use the meta-data and views and not create folders. Their old Windows Explorer habits are hard to head off.

I really need another way of preventing folders from being created, preferably at a site collection level.

Thanks for the assist.


Look-up Columns redirecting to folders changed their behaviour

I am using SharePoint Online site.

Some months ago I created a lookup column in document library [A] that referred to another document library [B]. This was the best option I found to be able to refer attachments to each documents in [A], using in [B] a field that is filled only for folders and not for documents.

It was working fine, when clicking on the look-up field, it used to give the possibility of checking the documents directly in a pop-up window or to open the folder in another view.

Since a couple of months this doesn’t work anymore, now when clicking on the look-up field, it opens the “Properties of the folder” (that means just the name of it) and doesn’t show the content of the folder itself.

What’s changed? How can I solve this?

How to create folders to use icons already available with set icon?

I installed the Papirus theme on Xubuntu. My Desktop, Music, Video, and other home folders have their own icons set automatically when changing the theme.

Looking through the icons folder, where I installed Papirus, I can see there’s a folder icon for development. Is there a way I can make is so that it is used for the folder I create, automatically? If not, how can I make it be used for the development folder? Thanks!

Syncing multiple folders with rsync

In the past I used to keep two folders on my laptop synced with their respective equivalents on an external hard disk. I used Grsync and ran it twice whenever I wanted to sync. Now I’m using a more complex distribution of my files and would like to sync more than two folders with their respective external equivalents.

In other words, I want to to sync (one way) say:

/home/user/Folder1 with /extHDD/Folder1 /home/user/Folder2 with /extHDD/Folder2 etc 

Instead of running grsync multiple times, is there a simpler way to

  1. Specify a series of source and destination directories
  2. Have the possibility to check what would be changed before actually syncing.

I’m open to CLI or GUI methods.

How can I secure _vti_pvt folders?

I am dealing with a security report from an external contractor, in which there is a finding labeled as a medium risk.

It is titled IIS .cnf file leakage.

This is somewhat confusing to me, since the external partner found it on Port 500 UPD. He recommends deleting them if I do not need them, otherwise secure them from anonymous access through the web.

I searched the server for _vti_pvt folders and found one in every SPWebApplication on my IIS.

You can find them on your %SPPath%/VirtualDirectories/[Portnumber]/. For example


I then fired a simple http get request to the public facing domain and really got a 200 OK response. I can view the file contents in the browser.

My question here is: Is it safe to delete those files? (are they crucial?) If not, what is the best way to secure them from anonymous access?

REST API Files in Folders from Document Library

I am building SharePoint add-in on Office 365 based on angular JS. I followed another article here to try and read documents from a folder in a document library from the HostWeb.

here is the URL being created for the Get request

/_api/SP.AppContextSite(@target)/web/getfolderbyserverrelativeurl('EverythingTechnical_id2_Documents/Projects')/files?$  select=EncodedAbsUrl,FileDirRef,FileRef,FileLeafRef,FSObjType,Modified,Author/ID,Author/Title&$  expand=Author/ID,Author/Title&@target='' 

and here is the response

Object { data: "", status: 404, headers: headersGetter/<(), config: Object, statusText: "Not Found" } 

now I have gone over it several times and that should be OK so to check I used RESTClient in safari to do some testing and it works!

Why Do I get error 404 with Not Found in my app? Whats Not Found?

Not able to access content of sharepoint folders using shareplum [Python]

I’ve asked this question on stackoverflow too, here. But someone told me I’d have better luck on sharepoint stackexchange.

I’m trying to download a few csv files that reside in a document thats part of a sharepoint list. Sharepoint is not on-premise therefore requires O365 Auth.

My code till now:

in[1]: from shareplum import Site        from shareplum import Office365         authcookie = Office365('',         username='username', password='password').GetCookies()        site = Site('',         authcookie=authcookie)         sp_list = site.List('listName')        sp_list.GetListItems('All Documents')  out[1]: [{'Name': 'Folder1',           'Modified': datetime.datetime(2019, 1, 30, 12, 7, 24),           'Modified By': 'Jane Doe'},         {'Name': 'Folder2',          'Modified': datetime.datetime(2018, 11, 13, 16, 2, 41),          'Modified By': 'Dane Joe'}] 

So I’m able to get folder information about the files present in list by using GetListItems('All Documents').

Folders 1 and 2 are a part of the list. The csv files I want to downloads are in folder 1. I am not able to find a way to list any files from folder 1 and download them.

I’ve already tried the following:

in[2]: sp_list.GetListItems('Folder 1') out[2]: KeyError: 'Folder 1' 

The documentation isn’t very clear, I do not get what the following does or is used for:

sp_data = new_list.GetListItems(fields=['ID', 'Title']) 

Having my user folders symlinked to my secondary 2tb hard drive is causing my computer to lock up

Having my user folders (Downloads, Pictures, Videos, Documents) to my secondarey 2tb hard drive is causing my computer to lock up and the cpu usage spikes to 100% also a tracker-extraction procsess going on the uses a lot of CPU.

The system is semi usable after this happens but some apps frezze and won’t open for example Nautilus. Trying to run it from the command line gives me and error about timeout reached