Cannot sort folders in Finder by name

I can’t figure it out how to sort folders by name in Finder. The contents should look like this:

0629e7bc-8110-4db9-aaa9-b67b0b73743d 06a409e1-98c6-4bf4-afa4-c814f7899d82 0a3a5c12-e459-4aa0-b9cb-30b544013215 0c14581f-31d8-4961-a14f-11afc40e47f9 0fe8970c-6338-46ca-bc16-f7867b271480 129855c4-7dbe-4a9f-a100-28b1d3d02340 1522e288-8a81-4298-aefc-f334cb088a53 180d430b-76f9-401f-845a-cb395bc1eba0 1a01a936-bedf-4758-971a-d4886ee8d281 .... 

But instead it looks like this:

enter image description here

Here are my settings:


Grouping is turned off.

I think this is a bug. Grouping is turned off everywhere (grouping doesn’t change anything here). I’ve deleted .DS_Store files. What else could I try to fix this?

I am running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132)

Is it possible to upload folders to the Drive while maintaining folder hierarchy?

Issue: When I upload select folders to Google Drive, they’re all on the same hierarchical level.

For example, from “D:\folder\subfolder” and “D:\folder2“, if “subfolder” and “folder2” are selected and uploaded, in Google Drive they’ll be “drive\subfolder” and “drive\folder2“.

Question: Instead of the above, [Title]?

Like so: subfolder and folder2 are uploaded, but maintain their file structure of D:\folder\subfolder and D:\folder2, though “D:” is now “drive“.

I know I could upload .zip/.rar files to the Drive and preserve the structure that way, however, then it’s impossible to preview and manage the files through the web.

Also, I’ve found this answer, which leads to Google-Docs-Upload, but this only seems to apply to Google Docs and Document files.

Differences in the result of the security tab of folders

Why is it that when I check the security tab of one folder I could see “Everyone” (but not authenticated users) and in other folders I see “Authenticated Users”?

When is that set?

I am asking because today I found out that a folder I have that usually had writing permissions for authenticated users, now doesn’t have authenticated users and “everyone” is restricted to read-only. And I am wondering what happened?

Folders with custom columns in Pages library

I’d like to create a custom navigation for my site’s Pages library. To do this, I’m going to organize the pages in folders, and have a few extra columns on the folders, such as a CSS class, display order, subheading, etc. I’ve created a new site content type, inheriting from the Folder content type. I’ve added the extra columns to the new folder content type, and I’ve added the content type to the Pages library. But when I try to create a new folder using this content type, I get a “Sorry, something went wrong” error.

Is it not possible to use custom folder content types in the Pages library? It works in a standard document library.

What’s the best way to export “On my mac” POP email folders in Apple Mail to Gsuite?

enter image description here

I have a friend that was using Mac Mail with POP and has hundreds of “On My Mac” folders. She has multiple devices and can’t see these folders as they are all stored on only one of her devices.

I created a Gsuite account for her and now want to import all these folders to labels in Gmail containing all the emails in them.

I see options for paid software that converts Mbox exports to PST, and then use the Google PST migration tool on a Windows computer. Is this the best method that will keep all the folders/labels? Is there a better method?


Documents folder not appearing in file manager with the other main folders

I wanted to make a shortcut of the Documents folder on the Desktop.. so I dragged the Documents folder into the Desktop folder. It did show on the desktop, but when I tried to open the folder in Nautilus, it gave me an error that it didn’t exist. I can still access it through the Desktop, but this is not what I wanted. I restarted my computer and reinstalled Nautilus, now the Documents folder is not in the same place where “Pictures” and “Downloads” are. I tried adding it as a bookmark but it appears as a sub-directory instead where it is supposed to be. I used the terminal to ‘mv’ the folder to /home/[name] and it was removed from the Desktop and it was added to the same place where the other main folders are when I enter ‘ls’ into the terminal, but I can still not see it in the file manager next to the other main directories. How can I fix this?!

a enter image description here

enter image description here