Strange follder name and busy folder

I need to delete a folder named

C:\Users\Loren Sr DOCX (1_5 GB)\Financial_Turbo Tax19 Apr bit

When I try to delete the folder named “32 bit”, it tells me that the System is using it.

I tried again with Command Prompt using Administrator privilege, it doesn’t like the names “2 DOCX (1_5 GB)” or “32 bit” and if I try to delete “Loren Sr” I get almost the same message, the System is using a file in the folder.

I am very inexperienced with Command Prompt and I thought there might be a way to FORCE deletion of this folder.

Or do I have to dump all of the thousands of files on my system to backup storage and restart everything? (I’m not even sure it would let me copy the “32 bit” files).