Should labels in forms follow the same grammar rules as titles

At the company I work at, we follow certain rules for capitalization in titles.
But currently, we’re having a discussion whether these rules also apply to labels above input fields in forms.

First name – or – First Name
Last name – or – Last Name
Arrival date – or – Arrival Date
Departure date – or – Departure Date

Opinions are divided and I can’t find any articles or grammar rules to rule in favour of one opinion or the other.

I also can’t fall back on convention when looking at what other big players do.
Amazon doesn’t treat labels as titles and only capitalizes the first word. BestBuy does treat labels as titles and implements the grammar rules linked above.
In the quick search I did, I’ve seen more companies that don’t treat labels as titles than companies that do treat label as titles. But the difference is not that significant to finalize our discussion.

I know the grammar rules mentioned above are more like guidelines, and since it isn’t about some important report where the right grammar really matters. Any rule, guideline or strong argument in favour of one of the options is helpful.

So… does anybody know of any rule or guideline. Or have a strong argument that could push us passed this tedious discussion?

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Do Forgotten Realms paladins have to follow a deity?

As can be seen in this question, with the relevant quote from the Players Handbook:

Player’s Handbook, page 82:

Although many paladins are devoted to gods of good, a paladin’s power comes as much from a commitment to justice itself as it does from a god.

However, while not an official ruling, this series of tweets from Ed Greenwood counter this and states that in FR, they are required to follow a deity:

One becomes a paladin by hearing and accepting a call to holy service. That acceptance is cemented by an oath. If a paladin transgresses against their oath, the usual absolution, as the PHB states, is to seek absolution from a cleric of the same faith. Paladins DO worship deities, and like any other mortal, may receive requests from mortal priests or divine servitors, or messages directly from a deity […]

[…] Although you, as a paladin, serve a god or alliance of good gods (to literally fight evil, and do so largely ‘in your own way’ […]

[…] However, if your deity commands you to do something (like obey or work with a mortal priest) and you don’t, you shouldn’t expect to retain your paladinhood. What makes you a paladin is a “sacred oath,” and therefore the support of the gods […]

Is this a valid ruling backed up with material from a sourcebook (And if so, which one), or is this just an unofficial stance/interpretation of a staff member?

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Follow up Event Doesn’t Fire

I have a workflow that goes like this:

If Current Item:Status equals Assigned     Email Current Item:Manager     If Current Item: Followup Date equals Today         Email Current Item: Manager  If Current Item:Status equals Reported    Email Current Item:Manager 

Problem is email is not sent when Followup Date equals Today. Also, I need to ignore followup event when status changes to Reported.

Any advise is much appreciated.

Thank you

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filter product list follow condition in custom module magento 2

public function createCollection() {     /** @var $  collection \Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\Collection */     $  collection = $  this->productCollectionFactory->create(); 
    if ($  this->getData('store_id') !== null) {         $  collection->setStoreId($  this->getData('store_id'));     }      $  collection->setVisibility($  this->catalogProductVisibility->getVisibleInCatalogIds());      $  collection = $  this->_addProductAttributesAndPrices($  collection)         ->addStoreFilter()         ->addAttributeToSort('created_at', 'desc')         ->setPageSize($  this->getPageSize())         ->setCurPage($  this->getRequest()->getParam($  this->getData('page_var_name'), 1));      $  conditions = $  this->getConditions();     $  conditions->collectValidatedAttributes($  collection);     $  this->sqlBuilder->attachConditionToCollection($  collection, $  conditions);      /**      * Prevent retrieval of duplicate records. This may occur when multiselect product attribute matches      * several allowed values from condition simultaneously      */     $  collection->distinct(true);      return $  collection; }  /**  * Get conditions  *  * @return \Magento\Rule\Model\Condition\Combine  */ protected function getConditions() {     $  conditions = $  this->getData('conditions_encoded')         ? $  this->getData('conditions_encoded')         : $  this->getData('conditions');      if ($  conditions) {         $  conditions = $  this->conditionsHelper->decode($  conditions);     }      foreach ($  conditions as $  key => $  condition) {         if (!empty($  condition['attribute'])             && in_array($  condition['attribute'], ['special_from_date', 'special_to_date'])         ) {             $  conditions[$  key]['value'] = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime($  condition['value']));         }     }      $  this->rule->loadPost(['conditions' => $  conditions]);     return $  this->rule->getConditions(); } 

i foud solution in core magento/catalogwidget/block/product. how do i filter product list follow condition in custom module.