How do you level an atypical Follower?

In my last game (and also my first game as a DM), one of my players earned the loyalty of a Giant Goat (MM pg 326) by freeing it from its cell, avenging the death of its brothers by slaying a bridge troll, and reviving it back to life after it had been knocked out.

I’m not sure how I want to handle leveling from here on out. At first I considered using the Animal Companion system as a framework, but this goat is sentient and has its own bonds, so instead I’ve decided that using the Follower system as a base will be more relevant. However, the Follower system, as I understand it, assumes the follower is simply a low-level PC class. Because this follower is a beast and does not have a class, I’m not entirely sure how I should level up the goat throughout the campaign.

My initial idea is use the normal experience chart, starting at second level (chosen primarily/arbitrarily based on its HP of 19, it just seems like an appropriate starting point). It will share encounter experience with the party. If it levels, it will gain more HP using a d10 hit die plus its CON. It will also gain proficiency bonus at the appropriate levels. I don’t think I will allow stat increases, and certainly not PHB feats.

Besides HP and proficiency, the only ways to increase the goat’s efficacy will be through gear, which will require the player character to spend a lot of resources to commission an expert blacksmith to (1) study goat anatomy (2) build something that a goat could use. I also reserve the right to create a "class" feature if the story has earned it.

Those are my ideas. How do I keep the goat from being too strong but still rewarding the player character’s investment?

When does a character Who Leads get her Follower?

If a PC picks up the Leads focus when translating to a new recursion, when does her Follower show up, and would the character recognize him as such?

Is the Follower an actual native of the recursion, or does he only exist while the character is present (and has the Leads focus)?

If she then translates to a different recursion or a prime world, then returns to the Follower’s recurion, is that Follower waiting for her, does she have to seek him out, or does the Follower somehow “know” that she has returned, and seek her?

Does a supernatural Follower cost more BP than a mortal?

I’m a bit unsure on how much to have one of my players spend on a supernatural follower of his.

In the rules it states that:

Followers are assumed to have 3 in all Attributes, but the Follower gains 4 skill points for each BP spent to reflect the skills they use to help the character.

And that

This Gift, unlike Bonds, can include magical beings or even other gods at times, but are usually mortals who simply follow the character.

I’m understanding how to build the character itself with the points the player has to spend, but what I’m really unsure of is: does it cost more to gain a supernatural ally (like a kitsune, succubi, …) instead of a mortal?

Thus any explanation from a book I don’t have or from another source is welcome.

Can I be a follower of an evil god and not be evil?

I’m playing a warlock, a follower of the old god Cthulhu (chaotic evil). My character is chaotic neutral, and has been doing some not-so-neutral things (in my opinion). My patron god is a big part of who my character is, and in the future I want to be able to use Create Undead and Death Touch. Having undead creatures can be seen as evil to most everyone.

One of my party members (as a player) mentioned that it can sometimes be “not fun” to play with my character because of his dickishness, which they attribute to him being evil. My defense, of course, was that dickishness is not evil, but they still have a point because I’ve killed 2 people that they otherwise were letting go free, a decision that I mostly regret. In addition to that, I’ve been less than eager to help others, except for trying to stop the apocalypse. Due to this, a conflict broke out, which I believe was handled properly between players, and our druid stormed out of a dungeon (justifiably) and our bard left the room disgusted to collect gold that was outside the room. As players, we’re not sure if there’s much reason for the druid to stay if my character is still there, because of this perceived wickedness.

So here’s my issue: I like my character, I like our party, and I don’t want to pull a 180 on my character and make him nice or throw away important motivations for him. I also don’t want my character to be “not fun” to play with. I personally found the conflict between our characters exciting and fun, this is why I play. As a small caveat, none of the other players voiced any concern about my character but they weren’t present during the conversation. I want to come to a compromise without ruining the character I’ve invested so much thought and time into developing. We have plans for my character to possibly become DM controlled if he does end up leaving, but I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Is there a way for me to worship an evil entity and raise the dead without being specifically evil? I realize this sounds like “can I be evil and not be evil?”, but I’m looking for roleplay suggestions on how to remain neutral so that our party has reason to be together.

I’ll add one more caveat. I don’t think this issue has anything to do with “my guy syndrome” and this question is in fact not about justifying my past actions, only seeking to move forward in a way that will satisfy everyone. I don’t ask this question to get you to agree with me or to suggest that I think I’m in the right and my druid friend is in the wrong. Quite the opposite, really. To add more context to what happened would make this more complex than it needs to be and would, honestly, be irrelevant.

What lvl should a character be to make a CR 4 follower balanced?

I want to give one of my player’s character a follower.
Specifically, the follower needs to be a Flameskull (CR 4). The player character is a necromancer and he has a skull of a spell caster and scrolls and all the other “necessary” components. I plan to use only the Flameskull’s Monster Manual entry(stat block) as it is written in the book. Nothing special on it stat wise.

What lvl should the character be to make this balanced?
And at what lvl will the skull become hard to keep alive?

(IMO Familiars and ranger pets become fairly useless or easy to hit at higher lvls to a point where it’s not even worth it to get them involved in a fight, cause they would just get oneshot.
So I want to make this one more useful and last a while, but I don’t want it to be OP)

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Follower wants to rewrite and rearrange content

How would you handle a follower who wants to dictate organization and content on a page? At her first contact a year ago I explained my reasoning for my choices and made a few edits to accommodate her wishes. Now she has emailed again, urging me to make the same deletions, additions and rearrangements, finishing up with an offer to write the story herself.
It's a large history site with many hundreds of stories about a single tragedy that took place 110 years ago. No survivors or…

Follower wants to rewrite and rearrange content