Metamind under effects of Font of Power and Split Mind, can both minds utilize Font of Power?

A10th level Metamind has the class feature Font of Power, which produces endless power points for one minute. If the Metamind manifests Split Mind, can both minds access the power points from Font of Power?

The Font of Power ability limits metaconcert, but does not mention Split Mind

Font Awesome Cheat Sheet App to find the right icon easily

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post in this wonderful forums. I've created an app to search for the right icon (from Font Awesome, free version) in your web (or other platforms) design.
APP on google play:

Please have a look, and let me your feedback, suggestions, ideas…etc. I'm also open if you have other ideas for other tools.

For whom those don't know Font Aswom, please visit:…

Font Awesome Cheat Sheet App to find the right icon easily

Font Awesome Icons only squares

I have a problem with the icons of font awesome. They are showing, though not all. Some icons just show a square and I don’t know how to fix it.

So this is how it looks like:

enter image description here

If I go to the console and remove the tick on “font” and “font-family” it will appear again correctly. I can’t understand why

enter image description here

So how can I delete these properties?

Should your font size change based on size and orientation of the device?

I am created a cross platform app and I was wondering if and when fonts should scale based on the size of the screen. Also, I was wondering if the scales of fonts should change based on the orientation of the device or on very large/very wide devices.

For example, I have one screen which has the text as the main subject of the screen. This font looks a bit odd on different devices when it doesn’t scale.

On buttons, however, the font looks fine without scaling.

Also, there are certain titles that look fine with rotations and others that look atrocious.

Are there any guidelines about which, if any bits of text, should scale and based on what (ppi, size of phone)? I know the common web standard is rem, but that doesn’t exist in mobile in certain cases (including mine).

Reasonable (big) default font sizes

In our app (a CAD type app for the casual computer user) we allow users to choose from a number of preset font sizes. These defaults are picked pretty arbitrarily from what OS X offers in their default Font Picker dialog, e.g.

  • 12
  • 14
  • 18
  • 24
  • ..

all the way up to 144. Now we’d like to add more default sizes for bigger fonts and wonder what reasonable defaults could be.

I guess in the first place we’d like to understand if there’s any reasoning behind the existing defaults in OS X, e.g. why 24/26/../144?

Why rounding odd font sizes to even?

Today I started implementing a design that had some copy text with font size 17px. My fellow web developer told me that we should round that to 18px. He thought that the text may look better. He was not sure of it. He said that he at his former job was told to round all odd font sizes up to even.

So my question is: do text with even font size look better than odd? Or what is the reason to round odd font sizes as given by design to even in the css?