How to manually add expire header for google fonts css files?

i am trying to boost my website shoeamaze but when i look it on gtmetrix it says following statement

There are 6 static components without a far-future expiration date.

Fonts appear darker even using the same rgba values

I’m trying to build a layout like google drive, and have managed to get as close as possible. One thing I’ve noticed is, even when I’m using the same font roboto 13px and the same rgba values rgba(0,0,0,0.72): the font on my site appears a bit darker than the one on google’s site. How can this be happening? When looking at the two in Chrome Dev Tools there’s a difference in contrast. How do I set this contrast value? Google’s is 9.29 and mine is 1.42. Can this be causing the difference?

Google’s Image2

My Image

PDF fonts, encodings, and risk potentials interacting with web browser

I once encountered a very interesting type of XSS on a website purely by accident. This website allows users to upload PDFs, and will open the PDF in browser with some builtin Javascript. What happened was I uploaded a paper of mine that contains a text <script>alert()</script>, and when I tried to open the PDF, the script magically got executed in the browser. I reported this issues to the webmaster, they fixed it but did not tell me what have happened. What I have also found is that this above text must be in a certain font so it will be executed (unfortunately I forgot what font it was).

Today, I was copying a piece of text from a PDF that was saved off a web page, and paste the text to a word document, and I found what displayed in the PDF as “certified” became “certiÕed”. Again, it only happens to a certain font, the font in that PDF is “open sans”, a wired font that my PDF editor does not have, but can still display.

I have very limited knowledge about PDF and fonts and encoding, I wonder if someone knowledgeable can explain what are the underlying reasons of my first and second observation. The first one is definitely a XSS breach, but does the second may bear any security risk?

Recently-Introduced Fonts

Do you think the recently-introduced fonts will forever displace the traditional fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Helvetica?
I, personally; do not like the new fonts; and I hope the traditional fonts are around a while longer.
I really do hope that the traditional fonts will continue to be used in any capacity.

Which font(s) does Google Chrome use by default?

When designing websites, I’ve noticed that Chrome and Firefox have different default fonts, or at least, they look different somehow. Rather than serving fonts to all users, I think what I’d like to do is just use Chrome’s default font, and serve that to Firefox users. What font(s) does Google Chrome use by default when websites don’t specify a font?

Also, apologies if this question doesn’t fit here, I wasn’t quite sure if UX includes UI development.

How can I make the Ubuntu see LaTeX fonts installed through TeXLive?

I have Lubuntu 19.04 and I want it to be able to see TTF and OTF fonts installed via TeXLive.

Note that I did not install TeXLive via the package manager (for some reason it was giving me an outdated TeX distribution), but I did it through the install-tl script that is recommended in the website. As a result, LaTeX fonts are not installed in the default directories but rather in their own texlive directories, so Ubuntu does not see them by the default.

I know TeX fonts are available via the package manager, but add rather not double install them since they’re already there ( and to avoid any possible conflicts).

So, is it possible to make my OS see the available TeXlive fonts?