Fortnite GFX Pack CHEAP! Photoshop and PNG (Pickaxes, Skins, Fonts, Items, Back Blings, Backgrounds) for $1

In This pack you get Phtoshop file and png’s with the below This pack has tons of cool fortnite images including: Back blings Skins Effects Emotes Environments Fonts Glider/Unbrellas Icons Items Logos Outfits Pickaxes Skydiving trails Cinematics/Backgrounds/Wallpaper When you purchase this i will send you the zip folder with everything in it.

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Windows Server 2019 Core install fonts

Microsoft nuked all the fonts except for Arial in Server 2019 core (see eg.

Makes sense and everyone seems to say “it’s easy to add back”. But how exactly do I go about adding them back? Using Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -online -FeatureName ServerCoreFonts-NonCritical-Fonts-TrueType -all fails because I have no Windows install disk (I guess, error is “The source files could not be found”). Seems a bit dated that I should need to mount a iso file to install some font packs (and a total mess to do in a Compose file).. How to solve this?

As a background, we are running a buildserver that we just updated from Server 2016 to a Server 2019 container and it turns out we have some PDF creation tests that depends on Fonts being installed…

Fonts displaying incorrectly

It’s easier to describe my problem with a picture. Some letters are displayed wrong, randomly. This problem doesn’t appear in browser, console, just in system applications, I guess. Also, I tried installing Kali linux and the problem wasn’t solved.

I tried changing font hinting in gnome-tweaks, no result. Just some letters became normal, but most of them are displayed wrong as in picture below.

problem pic

Oh, and here are my neofetch


Any ideas how to deal with this?

MacOS: Rationalising Fonts — Cannot disable fonts

According to Font Book, I have 260 fonts installed on my system. Many of them are for languages which do not affect me.

I have tried to disable some fonts, but I get the message:

The selected fonts cannot be disabled.  The current selection contains protected fonts, which cannot be disabled. Please unselect these fonts and try again. 

I understand that I can probably delete them.

Why can’t I disable them? Is there a potential problem if I delete them (or move them to an archive folder)?

I want to add a blank space character neither by copy pasting from Arabic fonts nor by doing what a spacebar does

I have read many answers containing copy-pasting from a [ ] or by doing ALT+255 which just do a spacebar thing. The reason I want it by some other means being viz.

  1. The copy paste characters are taken from Arabic fonts and hence it reverses my text accompanying the blank character.
  2. WhatsApp discards a space.

The reason is now clear, it’s related to WhatsApp. Not status, but the Profile Name.

In a group chat if someone who doesn’t have my contact name saved, they see my message with my number above +61 92956 21761 ~My Name.

I want to add a hidden character blank space between ~ and My Name.

Also, earlier when Android phones did not support all fonts, those texts were represented with a rectangle with a cross inside. And I guess, some phones later just had a blank space. So that will do.

Add additional fonts to “My fonts” within Google Docs

I’ve noticed that you can now add your own fonts to Google Docs. When clicking the More fonts… button, the following dialog box appears:

More fonts Google Docs

On the right hand side, the My fonts section shows some custom fonts that are installed on my Mac. When I select Avenir, the additional weights (Light, Bold, Heavy etc) are not available.

Is it possible to install the full font family without installing an extension? I can’t see any additional options to add more.

Fonts in LibreOffice

This is driving me crazy! When I type Activities, search for fonts, a whole bunch show up. They are all installed according to the button at the top of the window. But most of them are not showing up in LibreOffice? A few of the fonts (not showing up in LibreOffice) are in /usr/share/fonts/XII/type 1. The font manager says there are 139 system wide fonts installed. /local/share/fonts is empty. did not answer my question. I am brand new at this, so please keep it simple. I guess the root question is how do I get all the apparently installed fonts into LibreOffice? I have Ubuntu Bionic Beaver distribution. There is no cache. LibreOffice Oh, if I open a document created in a font not in LibreOffice (say Schoolbook), the document will open in Schoolbook in LibreOffice? I would guess there is a very simple solution; thanks for taking the time to answer. (Please spell out your answer in great detail.)