How to use EndNote instead of FootNote on Google Docs?

I am looking for a way to put my footnotes at the end of the document (as “EndNote”) (or at the end of a chapter), or even to hide them.

Since there is no web-viewing mode, the footnotes are shown on the bottom of each page. It’s annoying since they cut the text. It would be great to be able to hide them or display them as end-notes.

Is this possible? And if yes, how?

EDIT: thanks to paulhastings0 we can now convert footnotes to endnotes. But it’s only a workaround since we need both footnotes to endnotes. If you also want both of them, star this feature request (the more stars the better chance we have).

How Do I Create reference page in the footnote section on Tumblr using markup?

My page on tumblr is a blog and I would like to add a wikipedia styled footnote section with references. Right now I can get the references to appear in each individual blog post at the bottom but that isn’t what I want; I want the reference number to be next to the word referenced, the little 1 or whatever, and have the part when you click on it be at the footer part of the page. The issue right now is that I cant find a way to do this.