subfolder is not resolved without force typing https

I have set up the subdomain on a dedicated windows server 2019 (not the same server as The main url works when I don’t type https (I simply enter in address bar and it is being redirected to https due to web.config settings). But when I call a subfolder without https e.g the server is not responding. If I force https manually and type with https it works!


  • the is the default website on IIS.

  • website bindings is set on port 80 for http and port 443 for https and assigned the propper SSL to https.

  • I have tried checking and unchecking "Require server name indication" when assigning the ssl but no change.

  • There is A record for on DNS server pointing to the server IP.

  • Browsers redirect from http to https but the curl command for main doman (even without subfolders) curl --head says: curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection refused

  • these are the codes used in web.config to redirect requests to https: and remove default document from urls:

    <rule name="RemoveWWW" patternSyntax="Wildcard" stopProcessing="true">     <match url="*" />     <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll">         <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="" />     </conditions>      <action type="Redirect" url="{R:0}" redirectType="Permanent" /> </rule>    <rule name="RemoveDefaultDocument" stopProcessing="true">      <match url="(.*?)/?index\.asp$  " />      <conditions>          <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="localhost" negate="true" />      </conditions>      <action type="Redirect" url="{R:1}/" redirectType="Permanent" />  </rule>   <rule name="HTTPS" enabled="true" patternSyntax="Wildcard" stopProcessing="true">      <match url="*" negate="false" />      <conditions logicalGrouping="MatchAll">          <add input="{HTTPS}" pattern="off" />          <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="localhost" negate="true" />      </conditions>      <action type="Redirect" url="{R:0}" redirectType="Permanent" />  </rule> 

and finally this is the error I receive after 2-3 minutes:

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Force MySQL index on OR query?

I have a query that could be resolved 99% of the time using an index but needs a table scan for a few queries:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE idx=123 OR name like "%foo%" limit 1 

The execution time is way above the regular index lookup even in the cases when an item is found and EXPLAIN confirms that MySQL 5.7 is always doing a table scan.

I tried to add a FORCE INDEX(primary), but that doesn’t help.

Unfortunately I this needs to be done in a single query.

Any ideas how to speed up the queries where an item is found in the index ?

How can a BBEG deal with a Wall of Force and Sickening Radiance spell combo without trivializing it?

This question has already been asked in general form here, but was closed as too broad: "How to deal with broken combos?". I’m going to make an effort to make the scenario I’m asking about more specific to keep my question open.

The spell sickening radiance (XGtE, p. 164), cast just before a wall of force (through a readied action or something similar) can trap and kill many solo Big Bad Evil Guys (BBEGs), with just two casters. This combo is particularly lethal because of the levels of exhaustion the spell gives, but could work even with other persistent damage spells. Sickening radiance is a spell that creates a persistent area of effect for 10 minutes that deals radiant damage and gives exhaustion on failed saves.

The combo works like this: wall of force (WoF) caster readies their action, with the trigger "cast WoF on the BBEG when my friend casts sickening radiance (SR)". SR caster’s turn comes, and they cast SR, centered on the BBEG. WoF gets cast on the BBEG as a sphere, trapping the BBEG within the wall of force for 10 minutes while they get exhausted to death.

What actions can I, as a DM, take to make a fight with a BBEG not as trivial, while still rewarding the two spellcasters’ ingenuity?

I classify "rewarding the two spellcasters’ ingenuity" as at least forcing the BBEG to spend a limited resource to deal with the problem. So a BBEG having disintegrate is one option for what I can do, but giving the BBEG a teleport as an action (or legendary action) is not.

Am I correct to assume, that an Echo Knight can’t use Manifest Echo, to create an echo on the inside of a spherical Wall of Force?

Here once more a classical Wall of Force blender question. I understand that spells can’t go through a spherical wall of force because of full cover, but does the same actually apply to class features like the echo knights: Manifest Echo?

You can use a bonus action to magically manifest an echo of yourself in an unoccupied space you can see within 15 feet of you.

If this is by RAW possible, I see that a DM would probably rule it differently I just want to know if there is an actual rule preventing this, also for the purposes of an Echo Knight potentially escapeing a Wall of Force or simmilar prison effects.

Can you force Arcane Armor off of someone?

I’m a DM and one of my party members wants to use it to be able to walk without legs so it’s just armor carrying a body (were starting at 5th level if your wondering). I want a way to make this a disadvantage and basically render him useless for a battle or two for fun. I know it says that The armor attaches to you and can’t be removed against your will but i was wondering if there was a spell or some condition that would get rid of the magic on it or something.

Does a force field absorb hit point damage from an attack that would only deplete stamina points?

In Starfinder, personal force fields grant temporary hit points to the user and fast heal those temporary hit points every round for a finite number of rounds. My question is whether the force field provides any protection at all from an attack that would only deplete the target’s stamina points?

If the force field itself had a number of hit points that it would absorb before damage was applied to the user (like a ship’s shields), this would be a simple question–damage would be applied first to the force field and extra over that round’s allotment would be applied to the user’s stamina points and then hit points. But the description of the force field states that it grants temporary hit points to the user and if the user is a player character then they do not lose hit points (temporary or otherwise) until their stamina points are depleted. It seems to me that, rules as written, force fields do not protect stamina points, but since attacks that reduce stamina points do in fact hit the character, a force field should protect them. Am I reading the rules right or am I missing something? Has Paizo clarified this at all?

Can the Command spell force someone to answer a question in a Zone of Truth?

If you have an enemy in a Zone of Truth who failed their save, they can still choose to not answer. If a player casts Command on them with the word being "answer" would that force the creature to answer the question posed? Similarly, what if you cast the command "lie" on a creature in a Zone of Truth?