Prevent phone auto-connect to a specific wifi connection, without forgetting that connection

This feature I am looking for exist on MIUI rom and samsung roms:

enter image description here

Similar question were asked before:

This from 2015 has an answer about Samsung and MIUI roms only.

Answers to this and this question (both from 2013) offer workarounds.

An answer to this question suggested to use Wi-fi Ruller which unfortunately is not supported anymore.

It looks like the questions are rather old, and a simple, straight forward direct solution is yet to be found.

I mined in early 2010 with a cpu miner and just found my keys after forgetting all thease years, no joke need info please

So a few things, what was the mining program from the devs back then? I remember a pop up kinda like a dos window and it dispalyed the key and said somthing like write this down we will not give it to you again… I also remeber a pass sentance proram that could be used to recover somthing if you entered in you full sentace string..

I have been out of crypto since I mined a few blocks way back then and I have my keys so do i just download and sink the wallet first? remeber I did this long ago and was hoping to located the mining program from way back then to read the readme and refresh my memory. Also back then you could contact a dev to help you,, thanks in advance for helping out a old man trying to pay a few bills.

Can I Pair an Apple Wireless Keyboard with multiple iOS devices (not simultaneously) without ‘forgetting’?

I just want to be able to switch my Apple Wireless Keyboard (latest) between my iPhoneX and iPad Pro without having to forget the last used device. Both iOS devices are running the latest iOS. Not sure if inherently possible, or by app or hack.