Can I use a salad fork to get into the Prime Material Plane?

In several editions of Dungeons and Dragons, the Plane Shift spell requires a forked metal rod, the design and material of which varies depending on the destination plane. Is there any canonical list of which rod designs are required for different planes—in particular, the Prime Material?

(I’m using 3.5, but I’ll accept sources from other editions.)

Working of fork()

How many times does 4 get printed in the below code and why?

#include <stdio.h>  #include <sys/types.h>  #include <unistd.h>     int main() {     if (fork() && (!fork())) {         if (fork() || fork()) {             fork();         }     }     printf("4 ");     return 0; } 

How to fork DASH

I have a task to fork DASH coin need some and guidelines to do so. It will be very nice if anyone can share information regarding that.

I am trying to watch litecoin tutorial to take guide but having issue in setting up genesis block of dash coin.

Thanks in advance 🙂

If fork is happenedand and propagateted, miner in mining pool receives same block?

For example there are 2 mining pools A and B and they mined block in same time

Then A mining pool got a block that A mining pool mined?

Or nodes in mining pool receive independently so they select block regardless of mining pool?

I have known nodes choose a block which are propagated early to them and block is propagated not geographically close node but randomly(i mean block is propagated close nodes but this ‘close’ do not mean geographically close but close in network)

When miner is mining or propagating, miner can recognize which node is mining in same mining pool?

How to make a simple bitcoin hard fork

I am exploring bitcoin source code for some time and have successfully created a local bitcoin network with new genesis block.
Now i am trying to understand the process of hard forks (if i am using wrong terms here, i am referring to the one where the blockchain is split instead of mining a new genesis).
I am trying find this approach in BitcoinCash source code, but haven’t got anywhere so far except the checkpoints.

//UAHF fork block.   {478558, uint256S("0000000000000000011865af4122fe3b144e2cbeea86"           "142e8ff2fb4107352d43") } 

So for i understand that the above checkpoint is responsible for the chain split. But i am unable to find the location in source code where this rule is enforced, i.e. the code where it is specified to have a different block than bitcoin after block number 478558.
Can anyone set me into the right direction here?

Reward in case of fork

Hi I would like to ask you guys for some details about getting reward from minning block when there is a fork – two miners get different blocks at the same time. Both of these block will have the coinbase transaction. Does it means that both of users wallets will have information about this transaction? If yes what will happen when both users will quickly go to bitcoin’s ATM and take fiat currency from this reward?