Structuring convoluted list to the form useful in ListPlot

From an excel file, I have the following form of the (raw) data:

{{x1, y11, y12, y13, y14}, {x2, y21, y22, y23, y24}, ..., {xn, yn1, yn2, yn3, yn4}} 

I want to make a ListPlot by considering points {xi, yij} for each i and j. The points with same j are to be joined by a line segment. Then, I should be able to manipulate the above list. How can I do this?

I got error when upload file(contact form 7)

I use contact form 7 and it is not usable on product page but if I go to function.php file on my site-theme and write this code over there;

add_action( 'woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button' , 'my_upload_file_thing' );    function my_upload_file_thing(){       echo do_shortcode('[contact-form-7 id="545" title="file-upload"]');      } 

when I write this code, it seems on product page but when i go upload something as a client, i get error. but when I normally use this plugin, I do not get error.

how to display image in custom post type from frontend form using advanced custom field?

here is my code: employeedetails.php

<div class="container submit-message">     <h1>Employee Form</h1>     <form id="enquiry_email_form" action="#" method="POST" data-url="<?php echo admin_url('admin-ajax.php'); ?>" enctype="multipart/form-data">     <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Enter Title</label>             <input type="text" class="form-control" name="title" id="title"/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Enter Description</label>             <input type="text" class="form-control" name="description" id="description"/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Enter Your Name</label>             <input type="text" class="form-control" name="post_name" id="post_name"/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Enter Your Designation</label>             <input type="text" name="post_designation" id="post_designation" class="form-control"/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Salary</label>             <input type="text" class="form-control" name="post_salary" id="post_salary"/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Enter Joining Date</label>             <input type="date" class="form-control" name="post_date" value="<?php echo date('Y-m-d'); ?>" id="post_date"/>         </div>            <div class="form-group">             <label for="">Select Image</label>             <input type="file" id="post_img" name="post_img" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>" value="" accept="image/*""/>         </div>         <div class="form-group">             <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary"><i class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></i> Submit</button>         </div>     </form> </div> 

$ (document).ready(function() { $ (“#enquiry_email_form”).on(“submit”,function(event){ event.preventDefault(); /* Clear result div $ (“#data”).html(”); */ var form= $ (this); var ajaxurl =“”); // var image = $ (‘#post_img’).prop(‘files’)[0]; var post_title = form.find(“#title”).val(); var post_description = form.find(“#description”).val(); var post_name = form.find(“#post_name”).val(); var post_designation = form.find(“#post_designation”).val(); var post_salary = form.find(“#post_salary”).val(); var post_date = form.find(“#post_date”).val(); var post_img = form.find(“#post_img”).val(); /*console.log(post_title); console.log(post_description); console.log(post_name); console.log(post_designation); console.log(post_salary); console.log(post_date); console.log(post_img);*/ /*if(detail_info.post_title === “” || detail_info.post_description === “” || detail_info.post_designation === “” || detail_info.post_salary === “” || detail_info.post_date === “” || detail_info.post_img === “”) { alert(“Fields cannot be blank”); return; }*/ $ (“.btn btn-primary”).text(‘submitting…’); $ .ajax({ url: “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”, type: ‘POST’, data: { action: ‘save_post_details_form_employee’, // this is going to be used inside wordpress functions.php post_title : post_title, post_description : post_description, post_name : post_name, post_designation : post_designation, post_salary : post_salary, post_date : post_date, post_img : post_img }, success: function(data) { //alert(“Insert Success”); //console.log(data); // Show successfully for submit message $ (“.submit-message”).html(‘Thank you for submitting’); } }); }); });

Auto Submit Form 7 after address is selected from Google Maps autopopulate [closed]

I built a site in elementor and I’m using Form 7 for the contact forms. I have a contact form with one field – physical address, which auto-populates from Google Maps data (via API) I would like to have the form auto-submit when the user clicks on their address and have it redirect to a page with a more detailed contact form.

Submit a form and save data to custom post type in woocommerce

I am wondering how can I send the data submit in WS FORM to a tab in WooCommerce Frontend Manager the tab have his own php but the site is multivendor.

wsform gave this action config im triyng using Push to Custom Endpoint: http://localhost/vendor/tabpage.php and requested method:post


$ vendor_id = $ store_user->get_id(); $ $ wcfm_modified_endpoints= get_user_meta( $ vendor_id, ‘wcfm_endpoints’, true ); ?>

echo do_shortcode( ‘[wcfm_store_info data="ws_form id="2"]’ );

Match tag names with form titles

I am trying to match tag names with form titles to fetch the correct form into the current post, to subscribe to new posts tagged with the current posts tag. I only have 1 tag assigned per post.

The code for categories works well, and I tried to transcribe it for tags, but I am afraid there are syntax errors in the code, because it does not work.

How do I write the correct code?

add_shortcode( 'subscribe-to-tag', function() {    global $  wpdb, $  post;   $  the_tag = get_the_tags( $  post->ID ); $  tag_name = $  the_tag[0]->tag_name;    $  id = $  wpdb->get_var($  wpdb->prepare("SELECT ID FROM wptq_forms WHERE name = '{$  tag_name}';"));    if (is_null($  id)) { return ''; }    return do_shortcode( '[newsletter_form id="' . intval( $  id ) . '"]' ); } );