Do removed parts of a Druid’s Wild Shape form persist after said Druid exits Wild Shape?

A player wanted to use Wild Shape as an unlimited supply of feathers for our ranger to make his own arrows with and it sparked a discussion on whether or not parts of a Druid that are removed from said Druid’s Wild Shape persist after the Druid is no longer in Wild Shape.

I have been unable to find any rules that either allow or disallow this action. Whereas there are specific rules on what happens to gear the druid is wearing, I have found no statement on what happens to removed physical parts of the Wild Shape form.

I have thought of two reasonable solutions:

  1. Removed pieces of Wild Shape form persist indefinitely. This would make a Druid Indistinguishable from a normal creature until knocked out of druid form and would make the party assassin happy as he now has a reliable fresh supply of Giant venomous snake venom to apply to his daggers.

  2. Removed pieces of wild shape form persist until the Druid leaves Wild Shape. This would avoid the issues of unlimited resources, but raise other questions such as whether blood spilled by the Wild Shape also disappears or whether a creature that has “become poisoned for 1 hour” would stop being poisoned when the Druid is knocked out of that shape because the poison has dissipated with his Wild Shape.

Which (if either) of these lines up with the rules? Or does this fall under DM fiat?

Is there any way for a Mind Flayer to go back to their original human(oid) form?

According to 5e lore, the Mind Flayer / Illithid lore reproduces via ceremorphosis: a tiny illithid-creature eats its way into the (sentient) target’s brain, forcing transformation to occur some time later.

Under what conditions is this either preventable &/or entirely reversible (Regeneration or Mind Protection rings, restorative / regenerative spells, back-up clones, polymorphs… anything at all)? Is there, once again, nothing lower level than Wish to solve this?

This is valuable for DMing & story-construction: many transformed illithids might / would / could miss their previous existence (such as an Illithid Arcanist or Mind Witness might). If such a reversal is possible, it would be fine to know.

Is it safe to embed a google form on a website without an SSL Certificate?

I designed a Google Form for a website which does not have an SSL Certificate. I have planned to embed it onto a page using an iframe tag. I am currently testing it and have published a test page with the form, but when I fill out any of the fields Google Chrome says that the page is,

Not Secure

but it is in red unlike the normal grey.

The form is not asking for any information such as credit card numbers, but it is asking for name, email, and some other information.

Is this safe to embed the Google Form or does the site need an SSL Cerficicate?

Get the required Contact Form

I have 2 froms in my web site, but i need get only Selected form, for current post/page:

<?php  $  posts = get_posts(array(     'posts_per_page'    => 1,     'post_type'         => 'roads' ));     if( $  posts ): ?>           <?php foreach( $  posts as $  post ):               setup_postdata( $  post );              ?>                  <?php $  form_posts= get_field('form', $  post->ID);                         echo $  form_posts;                  ?>                 <?php echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="'.$  form_posts.'" title="Form" html_class="contact-form"]' ); ?>          <?php endforeach; ?>          <?php wp_reset_postdata(); ?>  <?php endif; ?> 

But i can get only on form, for all post/page – where i’m wrong? i want get this in my single page for post type. Thank you

WordPress Contact form 7 falat error while send an email

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There has been a critical error on your website.

Learn more about debugging in WordPress.

Can a Circle of the Stars druid fire an arrow from its star form and cast a spell of 1st level or higher during the same turn?

The druid subclass Circle of the Stars from Unearthed Arcana: Subclasses, Part 3 has the 2nd-level feature Starry Form, part of the description of which states:

You gain a bonus action that you can use to make a ranged spell attack, hurling a luminous arrow that targets a creature you can see within 60 feet of you. On a hit, the attack deals radiant damage equal to 1d8 + your Wisdom modifier.

Does “making a ranged spell attack” count as casting a spell and therefore limit your action to a cantrip or can you cast a spell of first level or higher because the arrow is not a spell? Could I cast one of the freely available Guiding Bolts and fire an arrow or do I have to stick with something like frostbite and an arrow?

Password is visible in online sign up form

I am about to sign up for an online school, which is an accredited statewide online school, and notice that the password they want me to enter is fully visible on the form. Should I be concern about their information security? Does a form like this indicates that the way the way the school protects students’ data is not secure, such as storing password verbatim rather than something like one-way hash?

If such forms violate established data security practices, what document(s) should I refer to the school’s IT people regarding that?

Online sign-up form

What happens when someone fills in a contact form on a website?

I am trying to debug a problem on a website I am working on. The contact form doesn’t work. In my quest to find answers it occurred to me that I don’t even actually know what’s going on in the background in order to understand the sites that I’m reading for help!

So basically my question is: what happens when someone submits a form on a website?

I see that my hosting company has provided me a mail box with some arbitrary email address where the form submission gets returned to when it fails. Why? Do all form submissions actually come from this email address? What does PHP or SMTP have to do with this?

With Form Of A Beast, if you use Strength Of A Bear, what damage do your attacks do?

The 2D20 Conan spell Form Of A Beast says that you “gain a Natural attack of 4 dice”, but in the various iterations of the spell (such as Strength Of A Bear and Body Of A Wolf), it says you “gain its attacks”, which would appear to do less base damage than 4 dice (if you subtract the bonus the creature gains from its own Brawn).

For example, a Bear’s Bite is listed at doing 6 dice of damage, but presumably this takes into account the Bear’s listed Brawn of 12, which would add 3 of those dice, meaning the base damage of the Bite is actually 3…

So what would the actual damage be when assuming those forms and gaining their attacks (instead of just casting the base form of the spell and getting a natural attack of 4)?