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change date in infopath form via javascript

I have a sharepoint 2019 site. in this site i want change date value in date field that build with infopath.

I can do this with JavaScript and all thing apparently is Ok. but when press the save button nothing change, even when i type date manually. while when i pick date from own datePicker and press Save, all thing work correct.

please help me : how can change this?

// dtcontrolId is input date id that use datePicker        var newDate = pyear + "-" + pmonth + "-" + pday; $  ("#" + dtcontrolId).val(newDate);  // after it i call OnClilck event 

How to exclude former employee name from a SP form (Person or Group aka people picker column)

I am trying to prevent ex-employee names from appearing in a SharePoint form.

Specifically the column is a ‘Person or Group’ aka ‘people picker’ column.

Employee column definition

Richard F name showing

I have a separate ‘Employee’ list already, but it is not always up to date.

Normally using AD is more accurate and kept up to date – since IT must adjust the accounts for people that leave the company.

Ideally I could get this to run off AD still, but do the AD accounts need to be ‘deactivated’ or what are the options? (I’m no expert with AD).

Additional Picture (following Christoffer’s comment):

permissions check for Richard F

I accept sponsored Posts form my Facebook Group with over 30k members for $50

I have a Facebook group with more than 35k active and engaged members from all over the world. I use it to promote entertainment and products (beauty, fashion, accessories and more). This group offers me the possibility to get extra income and I sold myself products through the members. Me and my admins we keep it updated and active daily, so our members are involved.

by: dianaiuliana
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Category: Social Networks
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Copy Link button on default form does nothing

I have created a list in a SPO site, and want to allow Contributors to add to it using a form. My organization has both PowerApps and InfoPath turned off and does not allow site owners to use any form of code, so I am not able to customize forms directly

After a great deal of fiddling to hide the Title column, I have the right columns displaying using the right controls when I click the “New” button in the list view. However, the “Copy link” button in the form pane copies nothing. I have tried in both Google Chrome (current) and Internet Explorer 11. Clicking the button causes angle brackets “<>” to appear superimposed on the screen in gray below the button, but no URL is copied.

I’ve also tried pasting into several applications in addition to the browsers in case it might be a content type issue – it is not.

So why would “Copy link” stop working?

Is there a known way to manually construct the URL when this happens?


Unable to create an Infopath form that pulls data from a SP list

I have created several Infopath forms that pull data from specific SP lists. In these cases I was able to open Infopath, select the SP list option and paste my website URL in to connect to my list after providing my credentials. This would allow me to edit my forms and then publish the changes back to the list.

However, sometimes when I open Infopath and try to connect to my site to create a new form/list connection, I get an error pop up that I can’t even read:

error message

I am still able to edit forms that I have previously connected to lists. However, this error is preventing me from creating any new forms for my site and establishing a connection to a new list.

I am using Sharepoint 2010, and Infopath 2013 (which may be the problem but it’s odd that it sometimes works and other times doesn’t).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


insert form em php (Notice: Undefined index:origem)

Estoy realizando um ejercicio de curso, al hacer el formulario para registro me apresenta el error: Notice: Undefined index:. Ya intente de todo hasta escribir todo el codigo de nuevo y sigo com el mismo problema.

<?php   require 'funcs/conexion.php'; var_dump($  _POST);  $  origem = $  _POST['origem'];  $  sql= "INSERT INTO test (origem)  VALUES ($  origem) "; $  resultado= $  mysqli->query($  sql);  if($  resultado){   echo "dados salvo com sucesso"; }else{    echo "erro ao salvar dados"; }  ?> 

Y mi .html desde donde llamo al .php es:

<!DOCTYPE html>   <html lang="en">   <head>     <meta charset="UTF-8">     <title>Document</title>   </head>   <body>     <form action="insertar_test.php" method="post">       <label>origem</label>       <input type="text" name="origem" id="origem">       <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" >salvar</button>     </form>   </body> </html> 

When a druid reverts to their normal form having wild shaped into a Large beast, can they choose which square they occupy?

When a druid reverts to their normal form they appear where their beast shape was. But if their beast shape was Large and their normal form is Medium, can they choose which of the four squares they reappear in?

For example if a druid wild-shaped into a Polar Bear (occupying 4 squares) and was engaged in melee with several opponents standing in a line, when their beast shape drops to 0 hit points can they choose for their normal form to appear in a square that isn’t adjacent to those opponents?

Depending on the placement of enemies, this allows a druid low on temporary HP to retreat without taking opportunity attacks and take an action on the same turn, rather than spending their action disengaging.

Is it any different if they leave wild shape as a bonus action, or cease to concentrate on a polymorph spell?

Should I vary input field lengths in a single page checkout form?

I am currently designing a single page checkout form. I would appreciate some feedback on the lengths of my input fields.

In the Billing and Shipping sections, I have staggered the length of the fields, trying to keep the size of the input field relative to the size of the expected input.

However, in the Payment section, all the input fields are of the same length. Do you think this breaks the consistency of the form since the Billing and Shipping sections have staggered lengths for input fields? Should I try to vary the lengths of the inputs in the payment section so that it looks more like the other sections?

Single Page Checkout