Restore ESP partition after accidental format

While installing a new SSD to my Ubuntu server I have made the grave mistake of formatting a partition on the wrong drive. I’ve accidentally formatted the ESP partition of my HDD that contains the OS. This has lead to Ubuntu not booting at all anymore and the PC just telling me reboot and select proper boot device.

I’ve googled all around, find posts telling me to use the Ubuntu Live usb and select “Rescue a broken system”, but those posts are all very old and neither the Ubuntu server nor normal image show me that option. I’m writing the images with Rufus as GPT so I’m able to boot the usb through UEFI. Another post mentioned selecting “reinstall ubuntu” after selecting “install ubuntu” but I don’t have that option.

I’ve tried boot repair both through Ubuntu live usb and as standalone live usb, but it returns 3 commands of which the last one fails. After I click continue it tells me grub is still present and to try again. I googled that too and they recommended editing the last command, but that didn’t work either.

Could someone point me in the right direction and tell me if this is even possible? It’s 5 am and I’ve been at this for 4 hours straight trying to get my server back up and running, hope my explanation is clear enough.

SharePoint 2013 – format webpart list column text not based on a condition

I would like to change the color and text size of a calculated column in a SharePoint 2013 not based on any condition. Searching online I have only been able to to find ways of applying conditional formatting but don’t have the experience to modify the JS to suit my needs. I am using the JS Línk method. CSS seems not be an option because it will effect other lists on my page.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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JSLink Column Format is not taking action

I have a list of type Classic Experience that contain column “Status” assume the following values: Approved, Pending, and Rejected. Each of these values contain a color format based on Javascript code. I added the file in SiteAssets library and i call my file by JSLink. After reloading the page and creating new items no action was taken. This is the code:

    (function () {       // Create object that have the context information about the field that we want to change it's output render       var statusFiledContext = {};      statusFiledContext.Templates = {};      statusFiledContext.Templates.Fields = {          // Apply the new rendering for Priority field on List View          "Status": { "View": StatusFiledTemplate }      };       SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides(statusFiledContext);   })();   // This function provides the rendering logic for list view  function statusFiledTemplate(ctx) {       var status = ctx.CurrentItem[ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.Name];       // Return html element with appropriate color based on priority value      switch (status) {          case "Approved":              return "<span style='color :#f00'>" + status + "</span>";              break;          case "Pending":              return "<span style='color :#ff6a00'>" + status + "</span>";              break;          case "Rejected":              return "<span style='color :#cab023'>" + status + "</span>";      }  } 

and i check my console i got the following errors:

    GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 4theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SubtleBodyText theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SearchURL theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: SubtleBodyText 3theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: ErrorText 2theming.js:1 Cannot find theme color: HeaderSubtleText init.js:1 Exception while trying to access stylesheet rules: SecurityError: Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules 

Any idea what’s the problem and how could i fix it ?

Thank you!

Trying to add traveltime value to otime value while maintaining the UTC format. Any ideas?

otime = 2019-2-15T12:2:50.770Z

traveltime = np.array([4.92111988,23.16388438,26.93195335,17.47213412, 16.76804767,5.50858686,2.25763234,9.78237474, 5.97690884,13.2786191,24.06943746,18.53192836, 20.04750385,18.3601432,20.35658954,10.51338144, 3.28448489,8.62626202,1.55106643,8.13961061, 21.35176656,6.1687284,10.92850843,26.98183964, 8.21466426,7.87013546,17.81874093,15.52186032, 21.29886288,19.45255387,4.16208889,4.49436312, 29.03446209,9.40239746,10.96883458,4.28010179, 3.66986745,28.69006864,6.16585841,7.98342133, 26.92821182,10.59736837,7.96534751,11.14300561, 27.56071477,3.323532,14.2503312,0.86620769, 7.34229703,0.21675504]) theotime = []


boot disk makes SSD/Hard drive read only. How to format or write to it?

this is a problem that has really perplexed me before. I use Ubuntu to create a startup disk. No hassle there. However one of the key reasons I create a startup disk is to use it (potentially) as a recovery disk.

I have no issue creating an image from the SSD in the machine (I use dd to create images all the time for SD cards in Single Board Computers for example). However using the startup disk, I cannot restore the image to the SSD in the machine I have booted up (using an Ubuntu startup or bootable USB). I cannot format or change file permissions or delete files from any media in the machine. In my particular case at present, I have a machine with a Windows installation that I am more than happy to format over, but I cannot even go in and manually delete a file out of the drive, despite being able to navigate through the drive without problem. In this case the drive is an SSD, but I know this is not relevant in this case.

So, how exactly do you go about making the SSD writeable so I can restore an image using the Ubuntu startup disk?

Cheers guys.

Change Date Format in SharePoint 2016

I want to change the format of date from MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY in list, Gantt charts etc. I have tried one option so far but it doesn’t work properly which is explain below:

First option: I have change the regional and locale settings in the parent site. It helps to change the general date format such as when the document was created library. But it does not the change the format in Gantt Charts when we assign dates to a particular task.