Auto format specific words

I’d like Google Docs to automatically apply a format, given the specific words and expressions. Example: if I write the word “spell”, then the text goes pink and bold, and if I write “outstanding action” then it goes bold and italic.

Is there an option or add-on for that?

Ultimately, I may consider suggested text editor apps that has this feature.

Search Plugin expects different date format in DB – workaround?

I have two plugins: Events Manager and Search & Filter

First one stores dates as YYYY-MM-DD in database, second expects YYYYMMDD format.

What would be an easy workaround to get this working?

First Idea was to let the Events Manager plugin write the date in the correct format in another database table. But I don’t really know where to start.

I know it would be a better solution to get one of the Plugin Developers to support either format – but it seems this won’t happen.