JSON Formating of Date column modern pages

I am trying to get a JSON script that will colour/highlight the entries in a date column that are within the next 2 months(or already passed).

What I have at the moment is :

{   "$  schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/column-formatting.schema.json",   "elmType": "div",   "txtContent": "@currentField",   "style": {     "color": {       "operator": "?",       "operands": [         {           "operator": ">=",           "operands": [             "@currentField",             {               "operator": "-",               "operands": [                 "@now",                 52704000000               ]             }           ]         },         "#ff0000",         ""       ]     }   } } 

What have I missed?

Formating a number with specific spacing. (pulling option chains from Yahoo!)

I’m attempting to pull a particular option value from Yahoo! into Google Sheets. The base URL is: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/GOOG190418C00800000

When breaking the formula up, I have to concatenate several fields into the last part of URL. The breakdown is:

https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/ + SYMBOL + DATE + C/P + PRICE

The price has to have 5 integers, followed by a decimal point, followed by 3 integers. If the price does not fill all characters, a zero has to be inserted.

For example: 125.00 has to be 00125.000 and 47.50 would be 00047.500.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to take a price in format of xx.xx or xxx.xx and add the correct amount of 0s to complete the link.

Please let me know if my explanation above doesn’t make sense or I have to add more data. Cells where data is being pulled from are arbitrary.

Conditional formating in search display template sharepoint online

Is there any way we can change the property “data-displaytemplate” in search display template based up on condition of the current item .

For example when i Hover an item in search i want to display video thumbnail if it is of type Video and similarly Image if it is of type Image.so in my custom display template i have to use bothe Image and Video types .. Any help is much Appreciated

Excel Conditional Formating From Adjacent Cells

Basically I am trying to have my columns mimic font and background colors of one entry cell. The sheet is only 6 columns wide.


A22=date, B22=user input/auto populate, C22=user input (drop down), D22=user input/auto populate, E22=user input/auto populate, F22=user input …

So when an item is selected from the cell in the C column how would cells in columns a,b,d,e,and f mimic the font and background color formatting that has been set by my superiors?

Here is a link of a screenshot