Conditional formating in search display template sharepoint online

Is there any way we can change the property “data-displaytemplate” in search display template based up on condition of the current item .

For example when i Hover an item in search i want to display video thumbnail if it is of type Video and similarly Image if it is of type in my custom display template i have to use bothe Image and Video types .. Any help is much Appreciated

Excel Conditional Formating From Adjacent Cells

Basically I am trying to have my columns mimic font and background colors of one entry cell. The sheet is only 6 columns wide.


A22=date, B22=user input/auto populate, C22=user input (drop down), D22=user input/auto populate, E22=user input/auto populate, F22=user input …

So when an item is selected from the cell in the C column how would cells in columns a,b,d,e,and f mimic the font and background color formatting that has been set by my superiors?

Here is a link of a screenshot