SharePoint List Formatting; Float Left, 31 Items, Displays 10

When using this sample:

All items should display as formatted and have paging. However, when the list has 31 items, using the formatting from the sample, the number of items displayed will always be no more than 10, no paging available. All works as expected when the list has 30 or fewer items. If the list has 31 or more, only 10 items will be displayed. I can remove one item, refresh, and then all works as expected. Add one more item, refresh, and the view will only show 10. Setting the root element style > float:none, save, refresh, will show all items again. Switching back to style > float:left will trigger the 10 item limit.

Has anyone else encountered this? Here is my JSON for the custom list formatting:

 {   "schema": "",   "hideSelection": true,   "hideColumnHeader": true,   "rowFormatter": {     "elmType": "a",     "attributes": {       "class": "ms-borderColor-neutralLight",       "href": "[$  p002ToolsUrl]"     },     "style": {       "float": "left"     },     "children": [       {         "elmType": "div",         "attributes": {           "class": "ms-bgColor-themeLighterAlt ms-bgColor-themePrimary--hover ms-fontColor-white--hover"         },         "style": {           "display": "flex",           "flex-wrap": "wrap",           "flex-direction": "column",           "align-items": "stretch",           "padding": "1px",           "margin": "10px",           "max-width": "930px",           "box-shadow": "2px 2px 4px darkgrey"         },         "children": [           {             "elmType": "img",             "attributes": {               "src": "[$  p002ToolsImg]"             },             "style": {               "width": "auto",               "height": "300px"             },             "children": [               {                 "elmType": "span",                 "txtContent": "[$  Title]",                 "style": {                   "margin-bottom": "1px"                 },                 "attributes": {                   "class": "ms-fontSize-m ms-fontWeight-regular ms-fontColor-neutralSecondary"                 }               }             ]           }         ]       }     ]   } } 

SharePoint List Formatting

I need to do a databar format on a choice column with text inside. Is this possible? I can get it easily enough with the given JSON formatting code but i cannot seem edit the code below enough to where it gives me why I need. My choice are New, Approved, Scoping, and Completed.

{ "$ schema": "", "elmType": "div", "children": [ { "elmType": "span", "txtContent": "@currentField", "style": { "padding-left": "8px", "white-space": "nowrap" } } ], "attributes": { "class": "sp-field-dataBars" }, "style": { "padding": "0", "width": "=if(@currentField >= 20, '100%', (@currentField * 5) + '%')" } }

JSON column formatting – reference column not in view

Hi we have Sharepoint online site using old template and switched list to use modern experience.

Problem is with JSON formatting, because some things do not work as expected.

  1. Unable to use/reference any site column in fashion [$ CustomColumnName] which are not used in the view. Error given is: Failure: CustomColumnName was not found on the data object.

  2. Referencing column [$ ID] gives two possible errors: empty like there is no data or Failure: Cannot read property ‘valueOf’ of null

I have tested out of the box examples from Microsoft site and many more and the behaviour is the same.

Does it have to do something that the site is not completely on modern design? Did you experienced this? Thanks

Linking also the same issue somebody else created, I have same behaviour.

how to utilize if condition in Link for JSON column formatting in Sharepoint?

I am trying to remove all of “AAA” links from a link column called “LinkList” using JSON column formatting.

“AAA” is a link not txt. I am in trouble to hide all of this kind of cells in that column.

Tried some coding, but most of them hide all this column or just made some links unavailable. Please help me. Thanks!

{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "a",   "txtContent": "@currentField.desc",   "attributes": {     "href": "=if("LinkList"==[$  AAA], ‘hide’ , '’)",     "Target": "_blank"   } } 

Column Formatting

I am trying to implement column formatting on a column that can have a value from (1-17)

Pseudocode =IF(value<=4,”Low”,
IF(value=5,”Low-Medium”, IF(value=6,”Low-Medium”,
IF(value=7,”Low-Medium”, IF(value=8,”Medium”, IF(value=9,”Medium”,
IF(value=10,”Medium”, IF(value=11,”Medium”, IF(value=12,”Medium-High”, IF(value=13,”Medium-High”,
IF(value=14,”Medium-High”, IF(value=15,”Medium-High”, IF(value=16,”Medium-High”, IF(value>=17,”High”))))))))))))))


{     "$  schema": "",     "elmType": "div",     "attributes": {       "class": "=if(@currentField <= 4, 'sp-field-severity--blocked', '',if(@currentField == 5, 'sp-field-severity--warning', ''))"     },     "children": [       {         "elmType": "span",         "style": {           "display": "inline-block",           "padding": "0 4px"         },         "attributes": {           "iconName": "=if(@currentField <= 70, 'Error', '')"         }       },       {         "elmType": "span",         "txtContent": "=if(@currentField <= 4, 'Error', if(@currentField == 5, 'hello'))"       }     ]   }  

What am doing wrong? It just shows the json code in the display view

Retrieve data after formatting as well as change of format of the partation?

By mistake, I got my partition formatted. The partition’s file system format was changed from ext4 to NTFS.

I tried to retrieve the data using ‘testdisk’, it’s showing that the partition had been damaged.

Can’t open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged.

Is there any way to retrieve the data?

SharePoint JSON tileProps breaks formatting

I am attempting to troubleshoot a formatting issue with JSON and actually found a Microsoft example that has the same problem for me. I developed a list using the same column names as the code below:

  "schema": "",   "tileProps": {     "height": "250",     "width": "350",     "hideSelection": true,     "formatter": {       "elmType": "div",       "style": {         "display": "flex",         "align-items": "stretch",         "margin-bottom": "16px",         "min-width": "150px",         "flex-grow": "1",         "justify-content": "space-around",         "padding": "5px"       },       "children": [         {           "elmType": "div",           "style": {             "width": "95%",             "height": "92%",             "box-shadow": "0px 1.6px 3.6px 0 #00000024, 0px 0.3px 0.9px 0 #00000024",             "overflow": "hidden",             "border-radius": "2px",             "padding-left": "16px",             "padding-top": "16px"           },           "attributes": {             "class": "ms-bgColor-neutralLighterAlt"           },           "children": [             {               "elmType": "div",               "style": {                 "text-align": "left"               },               "children": [                 {                   "elmType": "div",                   "style": {                     "color":"#333333",                     "font-size": "16px",                     "font-weight":"600",                     "margin-bottom":"5px"                 },                   "txtContent": "[$  Title]"                 },                 {                   "elmType": "div",                   "style": {                     "color":"#333333",                     "font-size": "14px",                     "line-height":"1.8"                 },                   "attributes": {                     "class": "sp-row-listPadding"                   },                   "txtContent": "[$  Feedback]"                 },                 {                   "elmType": "button",                   "customRowAction": {                     "action": "defaultClick"                   },                   "txtContent": "Give feedback",                   "attributes": {                     "class": "sp-row-button"                   },                   "style": {                     "display": {                       "operator": "?",                       "operands": [                         {                           "operator": "==",                           "operands": [                             "@me",                             "[$]"                           ]                         },                         "",                         "none"                       ]                     }                   }                 }               ]             }           ]         }       ]     }   } } 

However I am not getting this nice flex box look: List items show horizontally

It simply breaks the JSON code and doesn’t work. Is there something I’m missing? I feel like it might be something glaringly obvious but after a day and a half of staring, I think I’m too close to the picture.

SharePoint Column JSON formatting alignment

As mentioned in the Title I have some issues with trying to align my background color formatting as shown in the screenshot below:

enter image description here

What I hope to do is to get the BACKGROUND COLOR to align WITHOUT causing the words to move upwards as shown in the 2nd screenshot below:

enter image description here

Below is the code that I am currently using:

 {   "elmType": "div",   "txtContent": "=if([$  FlowStatus] == 'Expired', 'Expired', @currentField",   "attributes": {},   "style": {     "display": "table-cell",     "text-align": "center",     "vertical-align": "middle",     "background-color": {       "operator": "?",       "operands": [         {           "operator": "==",           "operands": [             "@currentField",             "Approved"           ]         },         "#ABDB77",         {           "operator": "?",           "operands": [             {               "operator": "==",               "operands": [                 "[$  FlowStatus]",                 "Expired"               ]             },             "#FF6347",             {               "operator": "?",               "operands": [                 {                   "operator": "==",                   "operands": [                     "@currentField",                     "Pending"                   ]                 },                 "#FFD700",                 {                   "operator": "?",                   "operands": [                     {                       "operator": "==",                       "operands": [                         "@currentField",                         "Rejected"                       ]                     },                     "#bcbcbc",                     ""                   ]                 }               ]             }           ]         }       ]     }   },   "customRowAction": {},   "children": [] } 

Thank you in advance for any help!

Suggestions are welcomed too.

SharePoint Column Formatting: Referencing External Columns in Mail To Body

Hello Stack Exchange Community,

I have a question regarding referencing external columns. In my code below, external columns are referenced using square brackets as specified in Microsoft’s online documentation.

{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "a",   "txtContent": "@currentField",   "attributes": {     "href": {       "operator": "+",       "operands": [         "mailto:",         "[$  Email]",         "?subject=Task status&body=Follow Up: Agreements.\r\n---\r\n",         "Dear [$  ContactName]",         "\r\nJust writing to follow up on that agreement that has been sent on [$  StartDate]. Let me know if you have any questions."       ]     }   } } 

However, after doing so fields such as $ ContactName and $ StarDate do not appear to be properly displaying their associated values. Instead, what appears on my email body is the literal code used to reference the columns (e.g Just writing to follow up on that agreement that has been sent on [$ StartDate]).

If anyone knows of the proper way to reference values in external columns within the email body using JSON column formatting please do let me know !

Much appreciated !