Create PHP Forms, Contact Form, WordPress Forms for $30

Do you need a well designed contact form 7 or gravity formfor your WordPress website?I’m here to provide you that I can provide following services: 1.Install Contact form 7 or Gravity form or Caldera form plugin. 2.Responsive and optimized functionality on any device (e.g. desktop,tablet,mobile ). 3.Integration of Email. 4.Add multiple fields (e.g. name,email,address). 5.Elegant design. 6. Automated Response. 7. Add Multiples Pages. 8. Add Conditional Logic

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Forms – Best way to display survey questions

I have a survey / intake form that has upwards of 50 questions that the user has to answer. All of these questions are usually filled in by the user, but they’re not required to be. The sections are grouped into different groups for example

Group 1  - question1  ...  - question6 Group 2  - question1  ...  - question4 ... Group x  - question1  ...  - question6 

What are some good ways to display such a list of questions. My current thoughts are just in a full list and the user scrolls all the way down answering questions. Option 2 would be to have each parent Group come up one at a time and you swipe left / right (kind of like the classic Tinder swiping) to get to different groups.

Just looking for some input on the matter, been trying to think of a nice way to do this.

Is there any way to store InfoPath form’s data in SQL server tables without code?

Is there any way to store Infopath form data in SQL server tables without code?

I am using InfoPath 2010 (with repeating tables) and saving .xml form in SharePoint forms library.

I am using SharePoint 2010.I want to save form’s data in SQL to generate reports in future.

Please suggest possible solutions.I can not go for the coding approach.

Any solution with SSIS, BCS or web service is fine for me.

Thanks in advance.

Embedding Microsoft forms in SharePoint online to show (Questions and Responses) – Classic mode

I would like to use the Microsoft forms for a quick poll on an intranet (Classic mode) and was wondering if there is a way to redirect the user to the responses page/link after a survey or poll has been submitted? Or a way to have the questions and responses tabbed side by side?

Any resources or tips would be appreciated

jquery prepend doesn’t work in sharepoint 2013 forms

I tried to add some label on Sharepoint 2013 forms with jquery prepend. I write a code for testing purpose, add a row with text ‘Label1’ before column name ‘Project’. It doesn’t work, ‘Label1’ is not showing up. See code below.

<script type="text/javascript" src="mysite/SiteAssets/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">     $  (doucument).ready(function(){        $  ('nobr:contains("Project")').closest('tr').prepend("<tr><td colspan='2'>label1</td></tr>");     }); </script> 

MS Forms Dropdown to Sharepoint List column

I’ve used MS Flow to successfully connect a MS Form to a SP List and all text field data is getting transferred successfully, except for a dropdown column in the form.

On the SP list side, I have a multi-line text field, to which the MS Forms dropdown is mapped to. However, upon submission, while all other fields get population, the field for the dropdown remains empty.

What do I need to do to get the data stored properly?

Thank you.

Generar instalador sin certificado aplicación UWP en Xamarin Forms

veréis, estoy tratando de generar un instalador para mi aplicación de Xamarin Forms en la versión de windows UWP. Mi problema viene de que genero los paquetes y cuando instalo la aplicación me pide instalar un certificado. Si lo meto a mano y luego instalo funciona. Pero mi objetivo es que no sea necesario instalar el certificado a mano ya que me gustaría con un fichero instalar todo. El problema es que no logro generar un setup project, quizás porque no sea compatible con este tipo de proyectos (me da el error: el instalador encontró un error inesperado al instalar este paquete. Esto puede indicar un problema con este paquete. El código de error es 2727).

Alguno sabe como podría lograr que no fuera necesario instalar el certificado a mano en cada ordenador donde instale la app de uwp? O en su defecto, algún modo de generar un instalador que instale todo de forma transparente para el usuario final sin que vea la instalación del certificado?

Si alguno se ha encontrado con este caso le agradecería la ayuda. Muchas gracias de antemano, perdonen las molestias.