In Pathfinder 2e does the Craft Anything Feat mean you do not need a formula?

In Pathfinder 2e we have the Feat called Craft Anything. Which states, in part, that

As long as you have the appropriate Crafting skill feat (such as Magical Crafting for magic items) and meet the item’s level and proficiency requirement, you ignore just about any other requirement, such as being of a specific ancestry or providing spells. The only exceptions are requirements that add to the item’s cost, castings of spells that themselves have a cost, and requirements of special items such as the philosopher’s stone that have exclusive means of access and Crafting. The GM decides whether you can ignore a requirement.

The description of the Crafting Skill under the subheading Crafting Trained Actions states, in part, that

To Craft an item, you must meet the following requirements:


  • You have the formula for the item


Craft Anything is a legendary feat, but does it override the need for a formula? Is the formula a

requirement[s] that add to the item’s cost

The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported

I’m trying to add a column to a table I created in SharePoint. I want the column to do the following: Given the status of an action e.i. due or over due, calculate the number of days that the action has been raised. So I wrote a formula to calculate this taking the values from the column Date Raised and today’s date.

=IF(OR([Status]="Overdue",[Status]="Due"),DATEIF([Date Raised],[Today],"d")) 

When I click the OK button I get

Sorry, something went wrong The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported

I would appreciate if someone could point out what I’m doing wrong

Does the naive conversion of a Boolean Formula to CNF have a polynomial or exponential complexity?

I am reading the naive conversion to CNF, this procedure is explaining in this book book, but I have not found a conplexity analysis of this algorithm:

  1. elimination of equivalence
  2. Elimination of Implications
  3. elimination of double negation
  4. De Morgan Laws
  5. distributive law

I found one implementation of this method in this Repo


Is there a mathematical formula to determine how much XP is needed per level?

Is there a mathematical formula to determine how much XP is needed per level? In other words Is there a consistent formula for determining how much XP is needed to go up to any given level?

I originally thought it was the previous amount times 2, but that doesn’t work for all levels.

I understand that there is a character advancement table, but I’m curious as to how they got those numbers and whether there is some mathematical formula to work it out.

¿Por qué a 2^(n-1) se le resta 1? (fórmula de rango de variable)

Sabemos que la fórmula para calcular el rango de una variable primitiva con signo en C++ es:

min: -(2^(n-1)) max: 2^(n-1) -1

Entiendo que a n se le deba restar 1, pues uno de los bits está siendo usado para determinar el signo. Lo que no entiendo es por qué el máximo es 2^(n-1) -1. ¡Gracias de antemano!

Direct Business days(ignoring weekends) function or formula in MS flows

Am facing an performance issue in MS Flow which need to back track dates for 12 columns with business days logic (ignoring weekends) in SharePoint office site. wee have SharePoint list with 12 columns and we need to derive dates on no.of days given another list.This has been achieved using Do While Loop in MS flow which is taking 2mins to execute this logic.

enter image description here

Is there any direct formula for calculating weekdays logic in MS flows? Or Any other approach other than using DO – WHILE loop in MS Flow?.

run time of flow is also not consistent.

How do I insert “Created by” into a concatenate formula?

To have month view in a SharePoint calendar which displays the value of more than one field.

I would like to combine the Title with the user’s name using calculated column type. But Createdby can’t be used in the formula

Title& ….

Can someone tell me how I can show the values of both title and user name in the month view of a SharePoint ?

Many thanks in advance.



Qué tal.

Tengo una base con equis modelos de equipos pero necesito clasificarlos como gama alta y baja y que en la columna Y de como resultado el tipo de gama. Actualmente tengo dos tablas donde se especifica que modelo es de gama alta o baja.

Les anexo un ejemplo

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Intente con la siguiente formula: =SI(K2=$ Z$ 2:$ Z$ 18,”GAMA ALTA”,”GAMA BAJA”) pero solo me da como resultado GAMA BAJA, cuando no es un equipo que este dentro del listado.



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