What online guides are there that can aid someone to start a forum roleplay? [closed]

I am not sure if this is the right exchange to ask and I am not sure if the wording will be correct but here it goes.

I am quite fond of Post by Play forum roleplays where I can post whenever I feel inspired however my partner says that she had several negative experiences with them. As such as a gift from me to her I was planning to start a forum roleplay where it would be our world so that she felt like she could contribute and fix things that otherwise bugged her.

The setting itself is a fantasy setting that focuses on exploration with a small system similar to roll for shoes slapped into it to simulate character advancements(Lacking such a thing has always been one of the biggest problems for me in most places.)

Now while I have some experience playing in forum roleplays with an unified setting my experience is severely lacking when it comes to administrative department.

As to what I wish to ask(And I’m sorry for what appears to be a rant. I just wanted to clarify what kind of experience I have with forum roleplays,what I have in mind and for what purpose I am creating this.) I am in dire need of sources I can read in order to prepare an inclusive environment that doesn’t feel toxic or overly restrictive so I’d like to know where I can read up on sources that can be of aid to me.

How do I delete google help forum questions with my name attached? [closed]

I’m removing as much searchable information on myself as I can from the internet.

I asked some questions on various google help forums (calendar and play) between 2014 and this year, which are attached to my full name, and are a top result when I’m searched. There’s no visible delete option, and editing my name in google plus didn’t change the questions or search results.

Searching how to delete gets mixed results, linked here: Resolved question one. Resolved question two. Unresolved question one. Unresolved question two. I’m not fully sure which posters represent google, or current google policy, and between the questions it seems ambiguous if older posts can be deleted, if there are exceptions for privacy concerns, what “escalating” a question entails, etc.

TL;DR: What is the best way to get or ask for my google help forum questions to be deleted? Or are my grandkids and future employers going to look me up and see my teenage-self getting snippy about Google calendar? Thanks.

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Why are you selling this site?
I am very busy my work so no time manage site and need to move another city

How is it monetized?
This community I have many admin in different country to manage website

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
5 Years 4 Month

What challenges are there with running this site?
Managing websites by SPAM groups and if traffic some months increased server resources increases…

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PhpBB forum ext needed, to restrict posts per user, per day, per subforum


As things are today, there is no extension available for something I would seek for a phpBB forum, so I'm asking here to the Digitalpoint coders.


More details about the phpBB extension:

– it has to limit the number of posts (new threads and and replies inside a thread, both are added to the count, AKA both count) that a username is allowed to post, in each subforum, every day.

Out of my ass example: if the limit is set to 5, and the admin decides it applies to the "Casual…

PhpBB forum ext needed, to restrict posts per user, per day, per subforum

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