Looking for other forums for Open Atrium, CiviCRM, and Drupal 7 [on hold]

Recently returned to Drupal for a massive website for the nonprofit I head, with the goal of using it as the automation engine for our operations. After many false starts, the current architecture is Open Atrium, Panopoly, and Drupal 7 with CiviCRM. (CiviCRM drives the need to stick with 7.)

Trying to find a community (with archives, hence IRC not great) for these distros and modules, because I keep running into insane issues because I keep finding documentation for the wrong versions. Case in point: installing Drush the other night took several hours, because I was trying to use Drush 9 with Drupal 7; once I was on the right page, it took 10 minutes. Similar problems with MySQL the next day. That’s been happening for weeks, across various ISPs and a dozen different architecture attempts.

Open Atrium runs online communities, so I’d be shocked if they’re not out there, but my Google fu doesn’t get me there—and when I look for discussions here or on drupal.org, I find discussions ranging from moldy to ancient. (Most recent Open Atrium post here: 2017.) Suggestions?

Addendum: ah, just discovered that the Issues discussion is one such group; I’m used to other sites where Issues discussions are only for open source devs.

VPN and posts on forums

I know that VPN changes my IP that is seen by websites but I wonder about topics and posts sent to them.

Does VPN change IP of the post/topic (IP from which the post/topic was sent) or it will appear as my real one?

Make forums submit profiles even if “Forum Post” is unchecked


I notice on a lot of forum links, since I have “Forum Post” unchecked, if SER sees the URL is a forum post, or even if the forum seemingly has the ability to post a forum post, it will skip the domain entirely as Forum Post is not enabled. This seems to only happen sometimes as I am getting some links, but I notice in the log, a lot of “Forum Post, skipped” and then it moves on to the next domain instead of trying to submit a profile link on that domain.

Is there any way to make SER create a profile but not submit a forum post, even if it identifies a forum post is available?

How can I change my username on Google Help Forums?

When you attempt to create an account on Google Help Forums, it asks for a username to use. Each username is unique.

I have an old account which I set up to use my desired username. Now when I try to use my new email account to create a Google Help account, I can’t use that username since my old account is already using it.

How can I remove or change the username from the old account?