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Recently i have spied one of my competitors and noticed more than 200 signature links from a single forum website are the links carry weight… | Read the rest of

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UK Motoring Forums Review –

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well, Ive been building a motoring forum focused at the UK audience using a popular platform.

It is standard in design, nothing changed just been busy adding categories and forums (300+) this may go against me as in looking empty but really wanted to get this done from day one rather than adding as time goes on, just my choice.

If you get a moment to view –

motoringforums (dot) co (dot) uk

Best regards

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[GET] Skillshare Course Marketing: Using Social Media Groups & Online Forums

Skillshare Course Marketing: Using Social Media Groups & Online Forums To Advertise Your Courses

As a Skillshare instructor you spend alot of time planning, creating, and marketing your courses. One of the must frustrating things is trying to find places to effectively advertise your Skillshare courses to gain new students. Some groups have very strict rules while others are not effective at bring you new students. Finding good places to advertise my Skillshare courses has been a struggle…

[GET] Skillshare Course Marketing: Using Social Media Groups & Online Forums

What is the point of spam bots that re-post messages on other forums?

I frequent a low-traffic internet forum that has been dealing with some seemingly innocent spam bots that re-post messages from other forums.

This is an example of such a message. It was posted in a topic about documentation, but it had nothing to do with SOAP:

Where can I find the full documentation for the soap api? The Official Documentation thread doesnt offer anything in the way of selecting from multiple listings, inserting a new listing, etc… is there a wiki out there that Ive missied?

It was generic and on-topic enough for another user to consider this a legitimate message posted by a confused user.

I have noticed that:

  1. These bots put effort into posting relevant messages.
  2. These messages are legitimate posts copied from other forums.

These messages or their profiles don’t contain malicious links, ads or dodgy keywords.

What are these bots trying to achieve?

Where did the writing-focused roleplaying forums go?

Asking on behalf of a friend. She writes:

One of my first experiences with text-based roleplaying was on an anime AU (alternate universe) forum. While they accepted people with all levels of literacy, there was always a subtle drive to improve. You could get a stronger character by putting more effort into your application, and threads were graded on quality as well as quantity of writing. Later on, there were bonuses for writing story arcs, which got more difficult to get with each one you earned. There was a flexible mechanics system that gave people a sense of progression.

What ended up happening is that amazing people wrote there. Like, people who could have conceivably written books (that I’d have happily devoured). Its where I developed most of my skills as a writer.

I’ve never found a place like that again. Every time I have to move to a new forum, it’s harder to find one, as if forum roleplays in general are in decline. Are they? Where have all those literate, character-development-driven writers have gone? I see that Discord is more popular these days, but I feel that Discord is pretty weak for multi-paragraph roleplaying within a larger world.

So, my question is two-fold. What, if anything, happened to forum-based roleplaying, and where are the people who used to write there?

NeoGAF, and most other gaming forums, are now a waste of time!

I've been a member of a lot of forums over the years, and the users that inhabit certain forums are not the nicest or most sane of the online bunch. I know that's highly common on the Internet, but as a fan of something for over 20 years, that baffles me.

Recently, I've been banned twice on NeoGAF. I got banned the first time for calling the members there "pussies" after I had enough of their carry on. Some, but not all of them, seem to be elitist Resident Evil fans that clearly like…

NeoGAF, and most other gaming forums, are now a waste of time!