is there a way to port forward two routers?

i have two routers Router 1 connected to the network

and Router 2 connects Ethernet to Router 1 and also Ethernet to me

Router 1 is DHCP

and router 2 is also DHCP (Linksys)

so i watched a video on how to port forward two routers

and what he did was to change router 2 to static ip and putting in router 1 the router 2 static ip and from router 2 to my ip address so the problem is i don’t want to change my router to static ip address as i want to port forward my routers with both are DHCP is there a solution for it ?

or any other method i can use and it’s easy to do ?

Is it possible to include a forward slash in a route dynamic property?

Is it possible to include forward slashes in routing parameters?

// routing.yml mymodule.route     path: '/mymodule/{param}'     defaults:         path: ''     requirements         path: '[A-Za-z0-9\-\/]+' 

/mymodule/this/is/a/single/param would then result in

$  param = 'this/is/a/single/param'; 

being passed into the controller method.

mails from inbox gets removed if i reply or forward some mail

I had made some changes in gmail account due to which, if I reply to or forward some mail then it deletes the basis mail from my inbox automatically. If I want it back in inbox then i need to search the mail with subject and then mark it in inbox then the same mail comes back to inbox. Please solve this problem.

What is the best way to forward visitors to my homepage to an external site but leave the backlinks accessible?

Maybe not distinctly a Drupal question, I have an older Drupal 7 site that I want to leave up for backlinks, but any new visitors I want to redirect to a new external website. So would redirect to but is still accessible.

Problems getting Apache Webserver and Forward Proxy running

Hello all. First off I am a newbie, so the answer my be simple, but 3 days of head butting and I'm at my limit. I am trying to accomplish 2 things. Create a web server, and create a forward proxy. I downloaded Apache to do both of these things. I am working on Ubuntu 18.04 Server, on it's own machine, not a virtualbox. I have a domain name registered as well.

I'll start with trying to fix the webserver, and see if that alone fixes the problem. NGINX used to work on this machine, so I…

Problems getting Apache Webserver and Forward Proxy running

Paid time off leaves carried forward to next year

I am very new to sharepoint and I am designing a sharepoint based leave balance system for my company. If an employee has accumulating leaves till Dec 31st, it will be carried forward/accumulated to leaves for next year. However if these accumulated leaves aren’t used by the end of first quarter of next year, they should be simply discarded.

How can I accomplish this task by Sharepoint?

how to forward all ports except one with htaccess? [on hold]

Let’s assume there is a website with the number of services on different ports. I cannot uninstall those services because it is shared hosting. Is that possible to block or rewrite all ports to 443 ports with htaccess?

Following did not work:

RewriteCond "%{SERVER_PORT}" "!^443$  " RewriteRule ^(.*)$   https://%1/$  1 [R=301,L] 

Note the question is not about rewriting http to https. But how to rewrite ports?

In Gmail, is there a scalable way to forward all email except?

In Gmail, is there a scalable way to forward all email except?

I have seen some solutions to the problem e.g.

Forward All Except Filter in Gmail

mentions the idea that you can have a conditional like from:(-( OR which you can put in the “Has the words” field. And no doubt you can put normal words in there too like “Congratulations you got this email you don’t want”

i.e. turn off the general forwarding (which would forward everything with no exceptions)

And make one single filter that forward email(so ticking the forward box on the filter), and then add negative conditions.. so it will forward all email except certain email.

The problem is, if I want to choose to not forward

all email that has these words (A)

all email that has those words (B)

all email that is from this person and has these words (C)

all email that is from that person and has the following words (D)

Then sure I suppose I could have a conditional


But any of A or B or C or D might be quite long e.g. specifying a bunch of words. e.g. A might look for words “You signed up for this congratulations”.

And it’d be really ugly since google only gives a single line to put it all on, and I wonder how long it’d be before gmail chokes on it due to reaching a limit to the end of the string!

The way google could solve this problem would be to allow General forwarding but let the general forwarding have exceptions. Then when any filter is made, and general forwarding has been set, then let forwarding be ticked by default, and let unticking it override the general forwarding. Unfortunately the forwarding option of an individual filter doesn’t override the general one.

And if i turn off the general one and do the solution of using an individual filter then it’s just not scalable.

Is there any scalable solution?

CSP Forward checking with n-ary (and binary) constraints

I have implemented my own CSP solver using a Backtracking algorithm. Within the Backtracking algorithm I apply a Forward Checking algorithm (reducing domains of connected, unnasigned variables) that only works with Binary constraints.

The problem I have is that the CSP I try to solve has lots of n-ary constraints, making the FC algorithm mostly redundant.

Is there a way to enhance or replace my FC algorithm, so it works with n-ary constraints. Or is there a “simple” procedure to convert n-ary constraints to binary constraints?

EDIT: Added pseudo code (attempt) of the Forward Checking algorithm:

function ForwardChecking(variable, csp) list of variables with new domains, or failure     for each constraint in connectedConstraints(variable) do         if connectedVariable is assigned then             if constraint is not satisfied then                 return failure         else              for each value in connectedVariable.domain do                 connectedVariable.assign(value)                 if constraint is not satisfied do                     remove value from connectedVariable.domain                 if connectedVariable.domain.count == 0 then                     return failure                 add connectedVariable to solution     return solution 

Exchange ECP mail flow subject with forward slash issue

I want to set up a rule that when the subject contains with /#### (e.g. /1234) then do something. At Outlook or OWA works fine. However, when I tried to do it at Exchange ECP Mail Flow….No matter how hard I try, still cannot make it work….:(

I’ve tried /1234 – not work [/1234] – not work /1234 – not work “/1234” – not work

I’ve been googling for 3 days still can’t find a solution yet.

Thanks in advance.