Players found another loophole (?)

I’m a new DM, so I’m using a starter pack with a storyline, although I have adapted it a fair amount. The thing is, that earlier today one of my players decided that he can use Alter Self to create a tentacle which he can use to enter his opponents through their mouths or other holes, and once inside them he can just wiggle it around and squish their internal organs. I’ve tried arguing that it can’t be done by that spell, but him and some of the others say that it can and it’s really just semantics at this point. Also, I do want to encourage the players to be inventive and I really want them to have fun, but I feel like this is game breakingly over powered. Any advice on how I can limit it or anything else I can do? Please

What was the source of this Magic Items PDF found on Wizards’ website?

This “New Magic Items” PDF, found in the files section of the Wizards of the Coast website, has been shared around on various forums and linked in handbooks over the years. It has several fairly useful items, such as the mantle of rage, but when going through the WotC website, it’s nowhere to be found. What’s the source on it?

(This question came to mind because of a comment by @HeyICanChan wondering about the source of this obscure article, and I ended up wondering as well.)

SQL Database ‘Project_Content’ on SQL Server instance ‘XXX’ not found – after removing project server

I keep getting this error in event viewer. I reckon project server was installed before on the farm and it has been removed but it seems its still looking for the content database see error below

SQL Database 'Project_Content' on SQL Server instance 'XXX' not found.  Additional error information from SQL Server is included below.  Cannot open database "Project_Content" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user XXX\'. 

How can i stop this and where can i inform the SP farm that it doesn’t exist anymore. Thanks in Advance

Crawl distributed file system error: The object was not found

SharePoint 2013 Standard server.

We have a a distributed file system (DFS) which I want to crawl.

I use a UNC path like:


The account that runs the crawler can access it. I tested by logging in with that account and pasting the above path into explorer.

I run the a full crawl and get the following error message:

The object was not found

I run with and without proxy, same difference. Any ideas?

command not found: sudo

After reading about the lately discovered vulnerability with sudo, I decided to update to 1.8.28 manually. I downloaded deb file from and used dpkg to install it, and it failed due to lack of dependencies.

sudo dpkg -i debs/sudo_1.8.28-1_ubu1804_i386.deb  (Reading database ... 232031 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../sudo_1.8.28-1_ubu1804_i386.deb ... Unpacking sudo:i386 (1.8.28-1) over (1.8.27-1ubuntu1.1) ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of sudo:i386: sudo:i386 depends on libc6. sudo:i386 depends on libpam0g. sudo:i386 depends on libpam-modules. sudo:i386 depends on zlib1g. sudo:i386 depends on libselinux1. sudo:i386 depends on libaudit1.  dpkg: error processing package sudo:i386 (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Processing triggers for man-db (2.8.5-2) ... Errors were encountered while processing: sudo:i386 

After that I can’t call sudo any more and it seems to be damaged cause I can locate it in /usr/bin/sudo:

l /usr/bin/sudo -rwsr-xr-x 1 root root 479K Oct 10 20:15 /usr/bin/sudo 

Since there is no Root user available on Ubuntu I was wondering if there is any solution other than rebooting as root in recovery mode?

No Bluetooth Adapter found Ubuntu 19.04

My Bluetooth adapter suddenly disappeared, and I have been trying to fix it but no luck.

I have tried to enable or start it again but its status is still inactive.

~$   sudo systemctl enable bluetooth Synchronizing state of bluetooth.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install. Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable bluetooth  ~$   sudo systemctl status bluetooth ● bluetooth.service - Bluetooth service   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)   Active: inactive (dead)     Docs: man:bluetoothd(8)  Oct 14 00:33:19 lau-desktop systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Bluetooth service being skipped. Oct 14 00:34:27 lau-desktop systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Bluetooth service being skipped. Oct 14 00:34:43 lau-desktop systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Bluetooth service being skipped. Oct 14 00:37:36 lau-desktop systemd[1]: Condition check resulted in Bluetooth service being skipped. 

What else can I do?