Very early check-in in Frankfurt airport

In some east-asian airports is possible to check-in several hours in advance, so that you can spend time more time inside the airside of the airport (so you can use the lounge for example).

I wonder if that is the case in the Frankfurt International Airport, for a flight from Korea Air.

Is it possible lets say check-in 5 hours before the flight departure and enter in the airside?

Transit visa for Frankfurt for Indian national on h1b I797A

My change of status from F1 to H1b was recently approved and I have I797A with me. My F1 visa stamped in my passport is still valid and I am going to home country(India) to get the H1b stamping done. I have Lufthansa flight with 4 hour layover in Frankfurt. Do I need a transit visa for my case? (I do see my flights are arriving and departing in the same terminal)

Would I go through immigration in Germany on a flight from the US to Bucharest via Frankfurt? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do I need a visa to transit (or layover) in the Schengen area? 2 answers

I’m going to be travelling from the USA to Romania via Frankfurt. I require a visa for Romania, and would need a visa for Germany also, if I were to go through immigration there.

I noticed Romania allows entry for holders of multiple entry Schengen visas. So I was wondering if I needed to go through immigration at Frankfurt (since Romania is EU but non-Schengen), in which case I could just apply for a multiple entry Schengen visa, or if I would be airside through transit, in which case I would apply for a Romanian visa.

Why Security Guard at the Frankfurt Airport behaves nasty against me? [on hold]

I am travelling a lot but will now avoid Frankfurt airport where security guards assume they can get personal with any passenger and as a revenge thoroughly go through their stuff and delay their departures by doing so. I was passing through the transit security check on April 22 when I was stopped by a rather irritated security guard at aisle 6 in transit zone. I asked to clarify his demand with his supervisor as I didn’t understand his English well and he wasn’t explaining much – he just wanted to show his power and do what he wanted to do. He got very angry at the word ‘supervisor’ and called his colleague mocking my request in German (obviously he didn’t know I understand German). That was already rude and uncomfortable but he continued to behave hostile. When the supervisor came this border guard kept on smirking and laughing at me talking to his colleague in German in my presence, then he said ‘I told you so’, and threw my stuff away leaving me with ‘trash’. ‘Take your trash with you!’ he yelled and I asked him to be more polite. The whole experience was very unpleasant but I was surprised how his bad manners and bad mood were silently accepted as the ‘right thing to do’ by his colleagues. The worst started when he left his post to personally oversee the screening of my hand luggage asking his friend at the computer to find something suspicious or something that could delay my departure from the point. I could see how he was pointing out to the computer and laughing, continuously discussing me with his colleagues. NO ONE said a word! The woman who checked my bag afterwards spoke bad English too and said that something was ‘stupid’ and that I shouldn’t get angry. I told her it was her colleague who was angry and out of line. I still cannot believe that such a big and international airport like Frankfurt cannot afford to have a proper training for their security guards who act like mobbing crowd, utterly unprofessional making passengers’ experience worse and worse. Moreover, I cannot believe how this hostile behaviour can be a norm? I will definitely avoid travelling via Frankfurt again and if only the security guards supervisor ever listened or spoke proper English, I wish there was a system to control such unprofessional, hostile behaviour that underlines also a calculated personal invasion with an intent to revenge.