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I'm going to begin this post by telling you what I'm not.

  • I'm not part of some giant writing team
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My name is Seamus and I'm old school.

I'm an independent freelance writer who is reliable, efficient and capable of producing high quality content. I work closely with all of my clients to craft content which exactly fits their needs….

Independent Freelance Writer For Hire – Free 300 word sample!

Where is free Wi-Fi reliably available in Japan besides Lawson convenience stores?

I’m back in Japan for the eighth time, but it’s five years since I was here and some things are changing.

I’ve found that every Lawson convenience store now offers free Wi-Fi in one-hour sessions that you can use a certain number of times per day (I think 5 times, but I’ll check).

Obviously every accommodation from the level of backpacker hostel up has free Wi-Fi. (Rider Houses do not.) I’m sure it’s common in restaurants and cafes too.

So far the only other place I found free Wi-Fi was at a Michi-no-Eki (road station) in Chitose, Hokkaido. Maybe all Michi-no-Ekis have it. I’ll find out and report back.

What I’m looking for is, when you’re out and about and suddenly need Wi-Fi to contact a friend or book a hostel, where to head where you know you’ll get it?

Many times in many countries I’ve paid for a coffee I didn’t really want, expecting Wi-Fi, and found it wasn’t offered, cost extra, or required a local phone to register, etc. In Japan I can just head to the nearest Lawson, but are there other possibilities?

This question is not asking about cheap or convenient Wi-Fi or data plans. There are many such available all around Japan. Please don’t answer “just buy this or that card or plan, etc”.

App Store won’t install free app

My wife and I arrived in Spain but we’re still on the US store. We installed WhatsApp on her iPhone 6 and used it a lot with our workgroup. When the iPhone 6 was damaged, we bought an iPhone 7 and put in her SIM card but my Apple ID. (Apple turned on two-factor without asking and won’t let us into her account until we enter the code from the SMS they sent to the broken phone!)

Restored from an iPad backup but the WhatsApp for iPad is not the same app and was not registered to install.

Find the correct one for the iPhone in the store, click “GET” and enter my password. “Ding” “Done” and then the download spinner turns for half a second and says “GET” again. The app is not installed. No pop-ups, messages, or diagnostics of any kind.

Previous phone was 16GB, this one is 32GB and less than half full.

Both had all updates installed promptly.

What is this and what can we do about it?

How to handle free and paid orders with post processing?

I’m going around in circles trying to use Drupal Commerce to make an ecommerce site where some orders cost money and some don’t (because some users have coupons that make products free).

I’ve set up the Checkout process as seen in the screenshot below and have created a rule as such

  • Rules Event: Process checkout pane
  • Rules Conditions: Price comparison (commerce order = $ 0)
  • Rules Actions:
    • Change pane properties (disable billing information, off-site payment redirect, Payment)
    • Update the order state to (pending/complete)

Checkout settings

With this setup when the user goes through without a coupon it all works fine. When the user uses a coupon to get the price to zero on the Checkout page the user presses the Continue to next step button and goes to an empty Review page (the panes have been set to disabled so there is nothing to see) and they can’t progress any further.

Pressing the Continue button on that page just bounces them back to the same page. If they press Cancel and go back to the shopping cart, then on through checkout and press “Continue to next step” again (the coupon has been remembered and the total is still $ 0) then get sent to the Checkout Complete page and hook_commerce_checkout_complete($ order) is called.

I’ve tried adding extra actions to the rule, to complete the checkout or change the order status, but they have strange side effects like going to the Review page anyway, or calling that hook twice.

Can anyone help me set up the checkout and rules so that a free order goes straight to complete from the checkout page, whilst still maintaining the normal path for orders that require payments?

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Solving an equation with 3 free parameters in a way to satisfy 1 condition

I have an equation in terms of $ q$ , $ c_2$ , $ c_3$ and $ r$ . I just know that $ q$ and $ r$ are positive (there are no restrictions on $ c_2$ and $ c_3$ ).

eq1=(10 q^2)/r^3 - 2 (3 c3 + c2 r) 

Solving this equation in terms of $ r$ with the mentioned conditions gives:

sol1 = r /. Solve[eq1 == 0 && q > 0 && r > 0, r, Reals]  {ConditionalExpression[Root[-5 q^2 + 3 c3 #1^3 + c2 #1^4 &, 1],    0 < q < 27/16 Sqrt[3/5] Sqrt[-(c3^4/c2^3)] && c2 < 0 && c3 > 0],   ConditionalExpression[   Root[-5 q^2 + 3 c3 #1^3 + c2 #1^4 &,     2], (c2 > 0 && c3 > 0 &&       q > 0) || (0 < q < 27/16 Sqrt[3/5] Sqrt[-(c3^4/c2^3)] && c2 < 0 &&       c3 > 0) || (c3 < 0 && c2 > 0 && q > 0)]} 

I want those solutions of this equation with 2 roots which make eq3 positive:

eq3=(3 c3 + 2 c2 r)/(8 \[Pi] r^3); 

I couldn’t find the analytic way to do that, but here is my numeric code to find parameters for which the condition comes true. It takes too long and not efficient at all (Up to now I did not find even one set of parameters to satisfy the condition).

ansnum = Flatten[    ParallelTable[{q, c2, c3, sol1}, {q, 0.001, 1, 0.01}, {c2, -20,       0.001, 0.1}, {c3, 0.001, 20, 0.1}], 2];  ansnum = ansnum /. Undefined -> -100;  j = 0;  Table[     If[ansnum[[i, 4, 1]] != -100 && Length[ansnum[[i, 4]]] == 2,      j = j + 1;      eq3fin[j] = {ansnum[[i, 1]], ansnum[[i, 2]],        ansnum[[i, 3]], {ansnum[[i, 4, 1]],         ansnum[[i, 4,          2]]}, {eq3 /. {q -> ansnum[[i, 1]], c2 ->  ansnum[[i, 2]],           c3 ->  ansnum[[i, 3]], r ->  ansnum[[i, 4, 1]]},         eq3 /. {q -> ansnum[[i, 1]], c2 ->  ansnum[[i, 2]],           c3 ->  ansnum[[i, 3]], r ->  ansnum[[i, 4, 2]]}}}       ]    , {i, 1, Length[ansnum]}    ] /. Undefined -> Sequence[];  Table[   If[eq3fin[j][[5, 1]] > 0; eq3fin[j][[5, 2]] > 0,     Print[eq3fin[j]]], {j, 1, j}]; 

My question is that is there any analytical way to do that? If no, how can I make my numerical code efficient?

Thanks a lot,

Where can I find some free benchmarks to evaluate a MCU?

At present, I’m designing a soft processor with single-precision floating point unit (FPU). I am going to put my soft core into an FPGA and do some performance evaluation. The benchmarks are supposed to contain many single-precision floating point calculations, such as fadd, fmul, fdiv and fsqrt. Therefore, I can know the speed-up provided by FPU. Besides, I also want to compare my soft core with popular cores from ARM such as Cortex-M0, M1, M3. Since ARM provides DesignStart of these cores, it should be easy to put them into an FPGA and do comparision.

I only know 2 free benchmarks that could run on a soft core: Dhrystone and CoreMark. Can anyone share other free benchmarks for evaluation? Spending 1000+ dollars to buy a benchmark is not affordable for me.

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