[ Politics ] Open Question : Trump is not a big fan of free speech?

Alec Baldwin has responded to President Trump’s angry retort to the latest Saturday Night Live episode by asking whether the language used by the President “constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?” RelatedJohn Oliver: Donald Trump Hits Omelette Bar After Declaring National Emergency The actor, who regularly impersonates Trump on the show, tweeted, “I wonder if a sitting President exhorting his followers that my role in a TV comedy qualifies me as an enemy of the people constitutes a threat to my safety and that of my family?” A blimp depicting President Trump as a baby appeared at a protest in Washington state on Tuesday to coincide with Vice President Mike Pence’s visit. Pence traveled to Spokane, Wash., on Tuesday to headline a campaign event for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’s (R-Wash.) reelection bid. Trumps free speech helped Pelosi become speaker Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion! 106K 6:52 AM – Feb 17, 2019 Trump says the buck stops somewhere else It’s all about ratings

My calculations are taking too long, is there a free faster online version?

I’m trying to run CPU intensive numerical calculations (integrals, power series, etc.) and sometimes not only the results don’t seem accurate, sometimes Mathematica takes forever to run and I give up on waiting.

Is there a faster online version that I could use to just copy/paste my formulas and run them on a faster server?



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How to give free items only 1 per person?

I want to give away free items in my woocommerce store. As these are physical items where I will also pay shipping, can you guide me how to make sure each person only orders once?

Do you know of any way to avoid duplicate orders for one store item only, that means that it won't let any orders through with same IP, same shipping address, same phone, same paypal, same email address, etc.

Why almost all free HTTP Proxy server doesn’t change the User-Agent?

I’ve created a automated test suite for proxy server. From several websites in the internet like https://free-proxy-list.net/ I get many IPs of free proxy servers. I’ve also created a own Website with JSON API to get HTTP requests header.

All requests mostly differ in values like X-Forwarded-For, Via and X-Proxy-Id. But no proxy server changes the User-Agent. Its always the User-Agent from the origin, in my case python-requests/2.20.0.

After researching I know it’s technical no problem to do this with a proxy but anyone now why no free http proxy server do it?

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