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Going transaction-card free and making transactions only by QR codes by my Smartphone

I have a OnePlus 6 and I recently opened a bank account in a bank which seems to me very innovative in the context going transaction card (debit/credit) free. It will not necessarily be my main bank account and as of now I don’t see myself putting most of my money there, but I want to put there about 2,000 USD for now.

I have the bank application on my smartphone and I can pay worldwide with it with no fees/commissions via QR code until a generous amount.

My smartphone barely has any other application installed on it besides WhatsApp and Gmail.

I don’t use a PIN code on my Smartphones for about 10 years now (I do use a PIN code for bank applications though). I also don’t use fingerprint in my smartphone.

What security measures should I take to secure my smartphone properly if I go transaction-card free and manage all payments, worldwide, by smartphone?

Free domain and SSL renewal

I had a domain for GoDaddy and I had to pay for renewal and SSL every year, but I found a company that pays for domains and SLL if you order a service from them. It worked in my case, you have to ask them because you do not write about it on the website seoservicecompany.us

How to store data which can be a foreign key or free text

I am not sure how to explain my problem, but basically I have an input field which lets you enter member’s name or select one from a dropdown list.

enter image description here

If the user has selected the person from the list then I would like to store in database the ID which would correspond to memberId from my table members. However, if the name entered in the field is not an existing member then I would like to store that as a free-text value in the DB instead of the memberId.

What I have tried so far is to have a single column varchar(255) which would either store an ID or the name as it was entered in the field. Then I would query it with a join and a cast.

SELECT * FROM myTable LEFT JOIN members ON CAST(myTable.member AS CHAR) = members.memberId; 

I know that this is not the best solution, but my other alternative is to have 2 separate columns which would also make all my SQL queries complex and bloat the table (2 columns to store the same entity).

Is there a better alternative?


Return on investment is what every entrepreneur strives for. That is why we buy domains, hostings and marketing tools and hope we make good returns after such investments.

This method will let you invest just $ 1 worth of bitcoin and get good ROI if you follow the same steps I have outlined here.

Before i proceed, let me give a brief background on how i discovered this method.Just recently i needed to demonstrate to a non crypto savvy friend that with cryptocurrencies, crossborder transfers…


Numerical solution of equation with free parameters

I have an equation which is not analytically solvable, thus I need to solve it numerically. But, this equation has some free parameters which I want to replace them with some numbers after solving the equation. Let me ask a very simplified version of the question, then I can solve the original one by the help of this simplified version. I have an equation with the form of ax^5+bsin(x)+3=0. Now, I want to plot the root of this equation in the a-b coordinate system. In another word, I want to fix the root and see how it behaves by changing our free parameters, a and b.

Why does my mac not have free space even after I delete files?

Today I want to install Catalina but it requires 17 GB of disk space, and I only have 8 GB. So I started to delete files but only found out that the disk space was unchanged or even shrinked more after deleting.

I just delete files either by moving the files to Trash and empty it, or rm -rf. The files are both on local and iCloud.

I deleted at least 40 GB files but the available disk size is still about 8 GB. Why is it happening and how can I gain the disk space?

I restarted a few times but it didn’t work…

(This question is not about the external drive.)