Initial boot after installation works, all subsequent boots freeze on Dell Inspiron Mini

So I am having a weird issue, I actually noticed it with Linux Mint, but I decided to try Ubuntu to see if the problem originated there, and it does seem to. I have a little Dell Inspiron Mini 1012. Ubuntu 15.04 and older will install and works great. The trouble starts when I try to install 15.10 or 16.04. The installer boots fine, and I am able to install. I remove the USB drive I used and reboot. The system will fully reboot into the desktop, I am able to use the system if I choose. But when I shut it down and try to start up again, the system will freeze every time. I hit escape so I can view the list of what the system is doing, and it doesn’t seem to freeze on any particular thing each time, but it does freeze solid every time. No blinking cursor, no hard drive activity, nothing. After the first initial boot after installation, the system will never boot again. I am completely at a loss as for what to do, and would love to get the newer versions working on this system. If anyone needs more info, just let me know. Thank you.

How can a SSD freeze a notebook’s boot screen for half a minute?

My wife has a Toshiba Satellite C855D-11U and I got an idea that I’ll enhance its performance, so I bought a Kingston SUV500 120GB SSD. I put it into the notebook then after power on the TOSHIBA logo was shown for almost one minute. During this time I couldn’t do anything but when I pressed the F2 or F12 after one minute, the notebook opened the boot menu / BIOS.

When I put back the original Toshiba HDD, the bootlogo appeared for 1-2 seconds and everything went fine. I noticed that the problem also exist when I don’t use any SATA device.

The SATA mode in BIOS is AHCI, the USB Legacy is enabled.

What could be the problem?

Macbook Startup Freeze

I have a mid-2013 Macbook Air (A1466) that has been freezing/hanging during the startup process. It is running Mojave 10.14.2.

This issue first began when I attempted to wake the computer from sleep by opening the lid. Instead of the normal login screen, everything stayed black. I held down the power button to shut everything down, and have been stuck with this freezing issue ever since.

I am usually able to type in my password and have a progress bar appear before it freezes about 1/3 of the way through. Occasionally it freezes immediately on the apple logo, other times it freezes at the login screen before I can type anything in.

I have tried the following solutions with no luck:

  1. resetting the PRAM/NVRAM

  2. resetting the SMC

  3. booting in safe mode – freezes on progress bar

  4. Diagnostics test – freezes on progress bar

  5. Command-R – it freezes before the utility menu appears

  6. Command-Option-R – it freezes before I can select a wifi network

In Verbose mode, it continues to freeze, although at different points. I’ve included a few pictures here since I have no idea what any of this stuff means.

Also relevant is that this is not the first time this has happened. I’m now running Mojave, but this issue occurred in High Sierra as well. In the past, I kept trying to login over the course of a few days and eventually was able to log in successfully. That was approximately 6 months ago, and everything was normal up until this latest incident.

I know the battery is due to be replaced soon, though I’m not sure if that’s important.

Any insight into what could be causing this would be very appreciated! Thank you!

After a PC freeze (Windows 7) and disk integrity check, most data from PostgreSQL table was deleted

My development server is on a PC, using 64-bit Windows 7. My PC has been randomly freezing on me lately, requiring a hard reboot (holding down power button until PC turns off)

Yesterday, as I was adding some data into my development server’s database. My PC froze again. While I was turning the PC on again, Windows asked to check my disk integrity during the booting process. During the check-up, a bunch of corrupted files were deleted. After the check-up is complete, I started up my development server which asked me to reindex a table. I did the re-indexing, and realized that my database of over 2 million rows now has only 12 thousand!

I’m guessing the PC freeze corrupted my table, and during the disk integrity check, Windows deleted all those data? Is there some way for me to retrieve the lost data?

Phone problem change the density/reduction and freeze

in the past last week I’ve read this: Resize screen for Dead touch zone

an old interesting post, and I try to use adb commands to change the density/reduction in a broken screen, on my phone (Haier w858) the first try looks good but I’ve 2/3 of screen damage, and I used further reduction, well at this point i lost the icon on phone and seem to frozen. I wait over and over and nothing to do, unplugged the battery; I think must wait, some “things” will be crash, but with a reboot… Nothing to do, the phone start, show logo, but won’t boot anymore, the adb shell don’t respond, and the phone start only on recovery mode, or fastbook mode. I see this state of phone by command line on my pc, with phone attached, the video show the startup logo (not the boot logo, with sound) and the phone not charging anymore the battery. I try to flash, via official rom (a batch file of a series of fastboot command to flash boot, sistem .etc) and all fine, but nothing change, the phone still be “frozen”…any good idea? Thanks Enrico Italy