SEO stumper: site redone in English from French, no change in SERP rankings for English kws

I am relatively new to Shopify, so maybe there is something I am not getting with the backend/crawlability but here goes. In my years of doing web copy and being conscious of on-page SEO, I haven’t ever seen anything like this. I am a copywriter and was brought on to redo/optimize the content for a site that whose original content was in French and that was using a plug-in to translate it to English. The site has 400+ pages of completely new English content, URLs, alt text and a new theme all brought online at the same time.

Key points from before the change:

  • Site content written in French translated to English by plug-in
  • URLs in French
  • Item titles not optimized
  • Duplicate content everywhere (all products in a series had boilerplate content that was the same for every product)
  • NO alt text in any image  

Key points after the change:

  • Site content now natively in English
  • URLs in English
  • Optimized item titles
  • All content is unique for every page
  • Optimized alt text provided for all images  

Here’s the kicker: There has been LITTLE TO NO POSITIVE CHANGE for English keyword rankings in Google after the change. They haven’t gotten worse, but they haven’t gotten perceptively better, either. How is this possible? 

Can the message from Acererak be translated into French without losing its hints?

I plan on running the Tomb of Horrors from the Tales of the Yawning Portal book, and I would like to play it in French, as we all are native French-speakers at the table.

In this dungeon, the players will get the following message from Acererak (spoilers ahead):

Are there hints in this message which only work in English? Is it possible to translate this message into French without losing any hints?

French Outdoor Socket Made in China

◆ Our History
Found 1994 in years. We are largest power connector manufacturer in Asia now
◆ Our Factory
More than 4000 skilled workers. 280QC , 85 engineers, 95% of parts is produced by ourselves, including tooling. Plastic, hardware and assembly workshop. The whole product area: 130000m2
◆ Our Product
Extension cord, cable reel, power socket, adapter, house appliance
◆ Product Application
Power connector for household
◆ Our Certificate
◆ Production Equipment
Injection/ wire stripping machine/ Welding machine.
◆ Production Market
The EU, Australia, Asia, and North America. Customers include IKEA, TESCO, LIDL. ALDI. Kingfisher, ADEO, Etc… Turnover : USD 250 million.
◆ Our service
High quality and delivery date on time. Professional sales team to service all customers. French Outdoor Socket Made in China

Original French Recipe Website with 70K visitors in 2019

Why are you selling this site?

Not much time to develop it further.

How is it monetized?

I have added AdSense to a few pages, but nothing to speak of as I haven't given a great deal of thought on placement.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?


How much time does this site take to run?

Articles haven't been added since 2016, though I recently have done website re-design which has made the website look a lot better and reduced bounces….

Original French Recipe Website with 70K visitors in 2019

What’s the RPG about a journey from A to B, with examples about French soldiers going to kill Hitler and a team trying to win a TV race contest?

There’s this roleplaying game that’s all about a group of people trying to get from point A to point B.

The two example scenarios that are the base for all the examples in the manual are French soldiers going to Berlin to kill Hitler and guys on a TV game show needing to reach point B to win a prize before a team of hunters catches them.

If I’m not mixing two different games together, the main game mechanic is throwing dice from a certain distance at a target lying flat on a table. Rolling outside the target (too long or too short) or knocking over the pile of dice stacked in the center of the target means failure.

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Who else wants to try the french market for digital products?

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