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“Dummy Output” in Ubuntu 16.04 after fresh install

The history is very long.

  1. HP brand desktops bought with windows 10
  2. Installed ubuntu 16.04, worked perfectly. No sound problem
  3. Bought a new monitor.
  4. Can’t rotate the screen.
  5. Install Nvidia graphics driver.
  6. Now I can change rotation from Nvidia controller.
  7. Worked fine at this moment.
  8. Went to windows for some work.
  9. Windows updated, restarted.
  10. Ubuntu 16.04 got login loop.
  11. Try almost all the solution in the net. Doesn’t work.
  12. Make a new bootable pen drive using rofus of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.
  13. Can’t install 18.04LTS. Basically at this point the boot loader can’t be installed. Showed fatal error.
  14. Collect a similar bootable pen drive (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) from a friend. Now this time it installs (successfully installed bootloader), but yet again login loop.
  15. Again make a bootable pendrive(18.04LTS) using “Universal-USB-Installer”, this time There are some error related to kernel.
  16. Finally made a 16.04LTS bootable pen drive with “Universal-USB-Installer”, it successfully installs the OS but can’t install the bootloader. Surprisingly this time when I restated the PC, it booted into 16.04 LTS but The wallpaper is Ubuntu 18.04LTS’s wallpaper. Checked the OS by restarting and try to see if some files can be saved or not, but everything is ok.
  17. OS is now running perfectly but there is no SOUND. Some POST I’ve already followed,


sudo alsa force-reload 


Unloading ALSA sound driver modules: (none loaded). Loading ALSA sound driver modules: (none to reload). 
  1. sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove  sudo apt-get install pulseaudio sudo gedit /etc/pulse/ load-module module-switch-on-port-available sudo init 6 
  2. 3.

sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove rm -r ~/.pulse ~/.asound* ~/.pulse-cookie ~/.config/pulse sudo apt-get install pulseaudio 
  1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade echo options snd-hda-intel model=auto | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf


options snd-hda-intel model=auto 
  1. Stop Sound option in bios, reboot to ubuntu and again start sound option in bios and reboot to ubuntu.

  2. try to change kernel from the advance options in ubuntu grub.

some image of sound setings and pulseaudio volume control. In pulse audio volume controle it is showing that audio is running in chrome and dummy output driver is getting that audio.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

I have also tried this,

Fresh install freezes, grub is also missing

I apoligize since this question has sort of been answered a few times – that being said, there’s a monkey wrench thrown into this one. Here’s what happens, my fresh install of Ubuntu keeps freezing up as soon as I try to login with my username and password.

I’This is Dell Inspiron laptop with an NVIDIA Geforce 1050 card, that I’ve installed Ubuntu on. As far as I know, everything that needs to be disabled in the BIOS has been disabled (I’m assuming since Ubuntu will – at least initially – load just fine, right?).

I can’t disable fast boot in Windows because I wiped Windows out totally, so I’m assuming that’s not an issue.

Okay, so all of that being said – I’m guessing it’s my NVIDIA drivers that are causing an issue. I’ve seen in some threads that I need to do some changes to get past that issue by getting into a special menu in GRUB by pressing shift and/or E to get to it. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. GRUB actually doesn’t seem to be showing up at all.

So I googled how to install grub and it looks like the only way to do it is by popping in a live usb disk and installing it through there. The problem with that is, when I plug in my usb stick and click on “try Ubuntu”, it freezes instantly there too.

I hope all of this makes sense. I tried to condense the 3 day adventure down into a few paragraphs as best I could.

Permissions are broken even after a fresh install

Hokay, here goes.

So I decided on a whim to ditch Puppy Linux in favor of Lubuntu seeing as I was having a hard time with getting Virtualbox to run with Puppy, and oh boy has it been a pain in the backside. Took me a while to get Lubuntu installed seeing as I didn’t have any external media to hand but I managed to boot a live session off an old USB HDD lying around. The install went suspiciously swimmingly and setup everything just fine, yet I boot it up and literally the VERY FIRST command that I type in the terminal window gives me this error:

/usr/bin/sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set [duplicate] 

I know this error has been posted more times than I’ve been around the sun, but whatever I do, whatever I try, nothing remedies it! I tried the permission tricks such as:

chown root:root /usr/bin/sudo && chmod 4755 /usr/bin/sudo 

only to have crap thrown in my face yet again. (Yes, I did execute this from a root prompt in recovery mode with the drive in read-write mode). Not only this, but I keep getting permission errors randomly. For example, I try to install a package and I get this random error about permissions on a file in /usr/lib (don’t quote me on that) which also complains about invalid permissions!

Eventually, I got the time to do a reinstall, and what happens? The exact same thing!

So I decide to go and delete the ISO that I was booting from and download it fresh, but this time opting for the 64-bit release seeing as I knew my computer supported it. Yet again, installed fine, but has the exact same permission errors!

TL;DR I don’t know what the hell I can do to fix this other than reinstall for a third time in the vain hope that the wind changes or something.

To be noted: I cannot get online whilst in Lubuntu because I can’t install the Atheros drivers due to this fault, so I can’t do things like apt-get unless I physically connect my modem into the wall.

Any, and I mean ANY suggestions gladly appreciated!

Ubuntu GamePack 16.04 fresh install, connected to WiFi, can’t access anything online?

As per the title, I installed Ubuntu GamePack 14.04 on my laptop(an HP 6450b) for use as a lightweight gaming setup. However, in spite of following the prompts for install properly, I can’t access any websites or other online resources through a confirmed good/connected WiFi network.

I am entirely new to Ubuntu/Linux, coming from Windows 10. Any help?

How to completely wipe away Windows 10 for a fresh Ubuntu install?

I have a USB flash drive with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, I want to completely wipe my machine of Windows 10 and start again with a new install of Ubuntu.

I have installed Ubuntu on a laptop PC but the old Windows 10 installation is still causing me issues, and now I can’t boot into Ubuntu again (after some sort of Ubuntu EFI update for Dell XPS). I may have screwed the pooch by removing some of the old filesystems via gparted, as I combined all partitions into a data partition that I mounted successfully, but after that update the restart resulted in a reboot quagmire.

At this point, I assume it may be easiest to just completely wipe the system clean and install Ubuntu as the only OS. I would like to remove all vestiges of Windows as I do not need a dual boot. I have not found an easy way to do this, and installing Ubuntu using the option to erase all old partitions didn’t get me out of the woods, as I am now getting a “Dell Support Assist” screen when I boot that runs a memory check and then gets me into an all blue screen with no further progress.

The machine is a Dell XPS 15 9570.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

Does CPU info change on fresh Windows install?

I developed a commercial software, with system to system licensing. For licensing purpose, I’m using various parameters like CPU info, hard disk info, BIOS, and other stuff.

The problem is the license keeps expiring due to change in these properties. Clients keep calling me saying their license isn’t working.

I’ve changed the licensing to use just:

  • Processor ID
  • CPU Name
  • CPU NumberOfCores
  • CPU NumberOfLogicalProcessors
  • Architecture

Do any of these properties change after a fresh windows install?

Magento 2.3 fresh install vs. upgrade

I’m getting frustrated with up grading from magento 2.2 to 2.3. no matter what I try I keep getting stuck step by step and it’s getting really frustrating. Right now I’m getting stuck at the symphony errors, and yes I have already read the threads about how to get rid of those but it’s just not working for me.

If I were to do a fresh install of 2.3 and then transfer over order data products and customer data. What would be wrong with that? The only real issue for me would be transferring over the customer data. Because I would want customers to still be able to log into their accounts using their password. I don’t care if they can see their previous order information. But I would want their passwords to work.

Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 installation has no dpkg and no internet

I’ve just installed Ubuntu 18.04 and it has no wifi driver installed. I know the driver is inside the bootable usb I’ve used to install it but my system doesn’t have all dpkg’s dependencies installed.

It asks me for dkms, linux-libc-dev and libc6-dev. How can I install these packages without using internet?


Is there an alternative to install wifi driver without dpkg nor internet?