Fresh system installation keeping some partitions untouched

I am running 14.04 LTS and would like to upgrade to 16.04 LTS with a complete reinstall. One of the motives behind the complete reinstall is that there is a dualboot system with a zombie Windows I want to get rid of. So it is fine for me that the new Ubuntu release takes hold of the hard-disk resources in full once again.

There are two partitions, though, that I would like to keep in place out of convenience: those where I had mounted /home and /opt. Of course I am aware that backup is just as important as clean water, and that I can resort to that after a brute-force reinstall.

However, I wondered if, during a complete reinstall, I could instruct the installation medium of 16.04 not to wipe those specific partitions, so than I can mount them again when the new Ubuntu is in place?

Same question holds in the scenario I move onwards from 16.04 to 18.04.

It is worth mentioning that /home is encrypted, in case this complicates the matter, although this question and answer Why can I not deselect "encrypt my home folder"? gives a hint of what will happen. Confirm/confute welcome.

Fresh installed magento 2.3 with sample data showing blank front page

Running mode: developer I was getting blank frontend page. I checked system.log and debug.log in magento and found out there was some errors related to some broken reference.

main.INFO: Broken reference: the 'logger' element cannot be added as child to 'after.body.start', because the latter doesn't exist [] [] main.INFO: Broken reference: the '' element cannot be added as child to 'after.body.start', because the latter doesn't exist [] [] 

The frontend page was showing blank but it was actually loading some html. I check for solution and found an answer in this thread

This thread suggested to delete the global.php file located in generated/metadata, and following this solved my issue and front end of my website loaded properly.

But now whenever I run the command

php bin/magento setup:di:compile 

the global.php file is generated again and my website’s frontend shows blank page again and deleting global.php solves it. I got some information related to global.php file in this thread Purpose of magento\generated\metadata\global.php file and is it safe to delete this file?

According to above thread

“The code compiler creates generated/metadata/global.php, which is a PHP serialized map of all constructor definitions mixed with object linking configuration defined in di.xml. di.xml is the dependency injection configuration. There is a global app/etc/di.xml and there can one defined for every module .”

This also happens when I run my website in production mode, and deleting global.php solves it. Now my question is why magento is generating global.php file if it is neither using it in developer mode nor production mode as deleting this file does not give any error and the website works perfectly.

And also broken reference error in fresh install of magento, does it means that it is some bug related to magento and how can one debug this problem further. I am asking how to debug it because as we can see in the error there is no mention of any file just a reference ‘after.body.start’.

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18.04 – Suspended system resumes with all applications closed (as if from fresh boot)

I’ve recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 on a Dell i7559 notebook.

When the system is resumed from suspend, it fails to restore the state that the system was in prior to suspend. That is, there are no applications open and it’s as if I had booted it after a shut down. This has been the case since I installed Ubuntu on this machine.

When the system is first placed into suspend, it seems to wake immediately on a splash screen (with notifications) for just a few seconds before suspending completely (screen, fans, periphery devices, etc. off). Perhaps this is a symptom of a separate issue?

As suggested in other answers elsewhere, I’ve updated my GRUB config like so:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nouveau.modeset=0" 

Unfortunately, this does not resolve the issue.

I have also updated to Linux kernel 4.18 (4.18.0-25-generic according to uname -a) as others have mentioned that there are several fixes in recent kernel releases that address suspend issues. Unfortunately, this also hasn’t resolved my issue.

When reviewing dmesg, the latest messages occur well before the system went into suspend.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might go about fixing this?

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