My friend installed something called Jamf on my MacBook

I have a MacBook Air 7,2. My friend installed something called Jamf on it. Now I can’t access most of my applications. My son said he couldn’t force quit it so I’m thinking it must be some kind of virus.

The IT man managed to get it up on Activity Monitor, but when he tried to force quit it, it just reopened and when he tried to uninstall it with terminal it just blocked terminal.

Any help that could be offered would be appreciated because otherwise, I may need to just throw out the MacBook and buy a new one.

How can someone re-send a Facebook friend request the other party accidentally deleted?

This seems like such a silly simple thing, I’m shocked that I can’t find a solution.

I barely use Facebook at all, but recently someone sent me a friend request that I wanted to accept. Unfortunately I accidentally hit Delete Request instead. Now I cannot add them, they cannot add me. We can message each other, but cannot be “friends” on Facebook. I cannot find any way to send a second friend request, nor can I send her a friend request (seems like I should be able to, since I was the one who deleted her request originally… but no).

Is there any way for me to send her a friend request, or her to send me another? I can’t find any way to “undo” my deletion either. This is really annoying… anyone have any ideas?

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