Protected Friend em Vb.Net: o campo também é visível em outros projetos

Estou estudando Modificadores de acesso em e me surgiu uma dúvida em Protected Friend

Segundo o site

  • Protected: esconde os membros de uma classe e “os membros marcados com o modificador Protected podem ser acessados na mesma classe e em todas as classes que herdam da classe.”

  • Friend: “você quer que todas as classes do seu projeto sejam capazes de acessar os membros da sua classe mas que classes externas ao seu projeto não tenham este direito.

Neste cenário nem o modificador Private nem o Protected podem lhe ajudar, para esta situação temos o modificador Friend.

Assim sendo, tenho dois projetos em uma mesma solução, Proj1 e Proj2:

Em Proj1, tenho a classe Aluno:

Public Class Aluno          Public Nome As String         Protected Endereco As AlunoEndereco         Protected Friend idade As Integer         Protected Class AlunoEndereco             Public Rua As String             Public Cidade As String             Public Estado As String             Public Cep As String         End Class     End Class 

e em Proj2 tenho a classe Teste que herda de Aluno:

Class Teste     Inherits Aluno      Sub New()         idade = 2     End Sub End Class 

Como um modificador de acesso Protected permite um membro só ser visível na própria classe e em classes herdadas, mas ao combinar com o modificador protected com friend, pensei que aconteceria que o campo idade só pudesse ser visto dentro da classe em Proj1 mas não em Proj2, mas aconteceu que também foi possível acessar idade a partir da classe Teste em Proj2, alguém poderia me explicar por que isto acontece?

Conversation mode is on, but each reply from my friend ends up in a separate thread

The thread titled "<the subject>" started normally and numbered nine messages, when something strange began to happen: the replies of my friend get titled "Re: <the subject>" and end up each in a new thread of its own in GMail. The conversation view is still on. What could cause this and how do I cause all these separate threads and the future replies to be joined with the original thread?

My friend who died secure files on Truecrypt and we , Help please

I hope i can find someone to help me with this problem My friend is a Palestinian actor and theater director ,we work together in Yarmouk camp in syria ,this place was under the siege, when my friend decided to go out the Syrian regime arrest him,and after 2 months they’d told his family that’s your son’s died from heart attack With his wife was his hard disk he secured files on Truecrypt, i am trying to open it 3 years and nothing, can anyone help me with this?

Thank you

How can I pack my ubuntu packages and send it to a friend for him to install offline?

He has a fresh copy of ubuntu, no Synaptics package manager, just ubuntu the basic configuration. He can’t access the internet only through his phone. He has wireless, but the wireless adapter failed to install. I tried going to /pool/main/dkms/ and install it manually but fails due to missing dependencies. I just want to bundle my packages and add it to his google drive so he can download them and install them. I know it’s a pain. I’d really appreciate your help.

mysql latest message for every friend

I found a similar problem here: MySQL get latest conversation messages

However, I get with the solution only the latest message to or from the user.

Well, that’s my starting point:

Whenever the user sends a message himself, a database entry is created as follows. Sender: ID in column A (own ID) Recipient: ID in column B (friend) Text: column text

Whenever the user receives a message, a database entry is created as follows. Sender: ID in column A (friend) Recipient: ID in column B (own ID) Text: column text

Nun soll jeweils die letzte Nachricht mit der Uhrzeit ausgegeben werden – gruppiert für jeden Freund.

Das ist mein aktueller Code:

$  query1 = "SELECT Zeit as zeit, Text as msg, 'U1' as chattype, A as friend, ID as id FROM Nachrichten WHERE ID IN (     SELECT MAX(ID)     FROM Nachrichten     WHERE A = '$  person'     GROUP BY B) ORDER BY ID DESC";  $  query2 = "SELECT Zeit as zeit, Text as msg, 'U2' as chattype, B as friend, ID as id FROM Nachrichten WHERE ID IN (     SELECT MAX(ID)     FROM Nachrichten     WHERE B = '$  person'     GROUP BY A) ORDER BY ID DESC"; 
$  ergebnisa = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM (     ($  query1)     UNION ALL     ($  query2) ) t ORDER BY t.Zeit DESC LIMIT 5"); 

Problem by example:

User 1 sends User 2 the message “Hello”. (Database: A> 1, B> 2) User 2 sends User 1 the message “Good evening”. (Database: A> 2, B> A)

Suppose the two messages are the most recent. The two messages are now displayed as the most recent, although actually only the second message should be displayed, since the message before it is also new, but belongs to the same friend.

My Indian friend is on tour visa and he had to tear last page of his passport, would he face any issue?

My friend (Indian) is in another country and he had to tear last page of his passport because that page captured some water droplets and if he wouldn’t have teared it would had affected other pages as well. I suggest him to visit Indian embassy in that country and talk to them.

What do you think its fine to his passport would be considered damaged and he needs to get it fixed? How much time it take to get new passport in a different country?

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Essay on krishna my friend and guide help with english coursework

Passing the Canada-USA border with the car of a friend [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Driving Someone Else's Car Across US/Canada Borders 1 answer

I am a Swiss citizen living in Vancouver, BC, Canada as a temporary resident (student visa). I am planning a small trip toward the USA and a friend of mine offered me to use her car for this trip. This friend is American (living in Vancouver, BC, Canada) and her car has an American license plate (insured with Liberty Mutual).

Someone told me that, as a non-Canadian, non-American, I might have a hard time crossing the border with a car with US plates. Should I be worried of being rejected at the border? Do I need to prepare some specific documents? Would it help if my name was added on the insurance contract (I don’t know if this is possible). My son (7 weeks old) is Canadian. Does it make any difference if he is in the car?

My friend bought me a ticket on his card

I’m traveling alone by Egyptair from Nigeria to Russia.The ticket was bought by my friend and by his DEBIT CARD. After I printed out the ticket, I saw in the rules that CREDIT CARD holder must be one of the travellers. And the company can remove the passenger from the flight if he does not show a card which tickets were paid for. Does it work with DEBIT CARD too? Should I worry about this?

And another problem is that my friend mixed up my first and last name when he booked a ticket. I know this is not so critical, but in this situation can it also affect. My friend says everything will be fine, but I’m not sure.enter image description here

Do I need to include documents about my friend when he is not my sponsor?

I want to go on a two-weeks holiday.

My company will sponsor me. They have made a hotel reservation for me, but I have a friend in the UK, who has agreed to show me around the country on my arrival.

Please note that he didn’t have any hand in sponsoring my trip. My question is do I still need to including his documents in my supporting documents?