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How to make laravel app more SEO friendly

I want to make my laravel 5.8 / blade/ Bootstrap v4.1 my voting app more SEO friendly and for this I make 1) url of my site like:

Code (markup):

2) I add meta description and keywords into my pages:

@extends($  frontend_template_name.'.layouts.frontend') @section('meta_content')     <h1 class="text-center">         @if(isset($  site_heading))<span> {{ $  site_heading }}@endif</span>     </h1>     <meta...
Code (markup):

How to make laravel app more SEO friendly

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How to define the number of people assigned to an activity in a friendly way (with regular updates)?

I work on a gaming web app. The user (player) has to assign people to different kind of activities on multiple views. Each view has 1 to 5 activities and a max amount of people. The user can assign 0 to MAX people split between the activities. The max amount of people will increase through the time.

Here a example for one of these views. Let’s say there are 3 activities (A, B, C) and 10 people available. Below some example of possible distributions:

           A | B | C | Total  case 1:   10| 0 | 0 | 10  case 2:   3 | 3 | 4 | 10  case 3:   1 | 0 | 2 | 3  case 4:   0 | 1 | 3 | 4 

The user will regularly update these assignments. And I’m looking for a way to manage it easily.

I thought about the following elements/ui.

Sliders : the percentage of people assigned is important, that’s why I thought about sliders. Sometimes the user doesn’t care if 4 or 5 people are assigned to an activity, he just wants a 50-50 distribution. Con: it’s not easy for the user to define a specific amount of people (number input next to the slider?)


[+][-] buttons with input number: the user can click on plus or minus buttons or directly define the number of people assigned to the activity. Percentage could also be displayed next to the input. Con: the user can’t assign all the remaining people available without calculation (or spamming [+] icon).


Zero, decrease, increase, max: may be something similar to page navigation could also be useful. It’s like [-][+] but also allows the user to assign all the remaining people if needed. May be arrows aren’t a good UI choice but just to give you an idea:


What do you think? Should I try a mix with [-][+] and min/max with the percentage displayed? Is the sliders could help?

Most user friendly syntax for template variables

Is there any research or any winning standard on what is the most user-friendly syntax for template variables?

Or any other grounded opinions about this subject? I.e. capitalization or escaping of symbols.

My company is {companyName}. My company is <companyName>. My company is [CompanyName]. My company is *|COMPNAME|*. (MailChimp) My company is %%company_name%%. (SalesForce) My company is {{ company_name }} (HubSpot) 

I know it’s a small thing, but I guess it can’t hurt to slowly strive to more standards.

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