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Input fields – Is more user friendly for credit cards than ?

Basically this question, but with more usability focus:

So we have these two general keyboard layouts (at least that’s how they look on my phone).
One is <input type=number> and the other <input type=tel>


Now by the logic they were designed, you would use the number one for credit cards.

But I’m wondering, aren’t the buttons on <input type=tel> much easier to hit for a field where you only need numbers? It feels like all the extra symbols on <input type=number> are just cluttering the view, you can’t use them for this field anyway.

Now the questions are:
Would you consider this a better user experience, even though we’d be using the “wrong” format?
What about possible drawbacks, would this possibly hinder the user in some way?

Is Android OS more friendly for PUBG Mobile or iOS?

enter image description here

It seems like even Snapdragon 600+ running Smartphones with 3GB plus RAM aren’t able to run PUBG Mobile properly. Is it that PUBG Corp is more interested in experimenting with new things and attracting malicious users like these instead of fixing bugs or Android OS has something to do with. As everyone cannot afford a Smartphone with Snapdragon 845+ chipset. This issue is faced by users worldwide yet no proper explanation is coming to the front. Or is it because of Apples A11 bionic chipset.

Which framework/library should I use for SEO friendly multi page website?

I am planning to start working on a couple of website project (no SPA), and a bit confused which frameworks/libraries to use.

Currently I work only on development of Single Page Applications using VueJS (sometimes Angular), however I could not find any proper solutions how to use the library for development of SEO friendly, multi-page websites.

One of my ideas is to use plain JS or JQuery, but I would really like have the goodies (conditional rendering, list rendering etc.) VueJS or similar libraries offer.

So my questions would be the following:

Is VueJS or similar libraries/frameworks are good for website development? If yes, what are the best practices? If not, what other options are most suggested?

Pixel perfect PSD Conversion, WordPress, Mobile Friendly, Shopify, Cloning, SEO

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Pixel perfect PSD Conversion, WordPress, Mobile Friendly, Shopify, Cloning, SEO

My Landing Page: I think it isn’t too friendly to smaller screens

I’ve created a landing page for my website and it looks good so far; however, when resizing my browser I noticed that things move around in a way they shouldn’t. From my understanding I can have a mobile friendly version that uses separate CSS but I’m not so sure about that.

I have a few questions that I would like the reviews to cover:

  • What are things that I should be thinking of in terms of multi-platform friendliness?
  • I’ve seen px, em, and vw representing sizes; which is the professional standard?
  • As a whole, does the layout seem straight-forward?
  • Is there a smarter way to accomplish what I’ve done?
    • Smarter doesn’t mean fancier, it has to be maintainable with low to intermediate skill.

Feel free to view this on Codepen to get better visuals; using the built in display definitely demonstrates the movement of elements I described earlier.

body {   background-color: #FFF;   color: #333; } .global-nav {   position: fixed;   bottom: 0;   width: 100%;   border-top: 1px solid #CCC; } .global-nav li {   display: inline-block;   padding-left: 9%;   letter-spacing: 5px;   text-transform: uppercase; } .global-nav a {   text-decoration: none;   color: #333; } .global-nav a:hover {   color: #3AF;   transition: 0.5s color; } .title {   width: 50%;   margin: auto;   text-transform: uppercase; } .title h1 {   font-size: 125px;   margin: 0; } .title h2 {   font-size: 75px;   margin: 0; } .title span {   font-size: 25px; } .title a {   color: #3AF; }
<div class="global-nav">   <ul>     <li><a href="#">About</a></li>     <li><a href="#">Software</a></li>     <li><a href="#">Games</a></li>     <li><a href="#">Apps</a></li>     <li><a href="#">Academy</a></li>     <li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>   </ul> </div> <div class="title">   <h1>Perpetual J</h1>   <h2>Studios</h2>   <span>This website is currently <a>under construction.</a></span> </div>