How to handle friendly NPC treasure

I’m a relatively new DM – I ran some games back in the early 80’s, basic dungeon crawls and we had a great time. Today, I’m starting with some of the intro 5e campaigns. I’d like to get an opinion on this scenario:

My party is doing well with talking to NPC’s using persuasion and intimidate and moving the story along by obtaining all the necessary information. They will be coming upon a rather strong adversarial NPC that where they will use the same techniques (instead of killing) and will likely convince this powerful NPC they are friends.

The NPC has a treasure chest with a key item to the story that can easily be handed over. The treasure chest also contains some nice items that the party would benefit to have. If the party and NPC are on friendly terms, what (if any) method or role play should be used for the NPC to hand over the other items (assume no killing)? The NPC is friendly, but, he certainly wouldn’t hand over his magic items or the sum total of his wealth in gold pieces.

Friendly reminders for people who don’t lock laptops

My bosses have tasked me with coming up with a kind of “friendly reminder” card that we can leave on the desks of folks where we see they’ve walked away without locking their workstation and we have to lock it.

Has anyone else ever had to do something like this or do you have like a template email you have to send to people? The idea is to educate without coming off as overtly punitive.

Thanks in advance!

Angular SEO friendly product detail page URL

Hello folks currently I am searching for best SEO friendly URL for product detail page for our live site Right-on EC

where currently we use the following pattern for product detail page it seems not SEO & user-friendly.

there are Domain / product id need to change with SEO friendly please suggest me best URL pattern I am thinking following are some: Conditions

  1. site is in japanese.
  2. product name is in japanese
  3. periodically product name changes (if any offer or sale set on the product then that product name is prefixed with that sale or offer name once sale gone name is excluded with that sale prefix name)
  4. high priorities is URL with Japanese name if it is best for the user and good with seo then otherwise ok with English in last conditions.

Possible URL

Domain / product / product name (without sale name of product) Domain / product / product-sale / product name  (with sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product name  (without sale name of product) Domain / product / brand / product-sale / product name (with sale name of product) 

or other then please suggest me the best SEO friendly

*Note: Used Angular framework.

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Get friendly terms urls that aren’t included in navi

We are using managed navigation to create friendly urls in our SP 2013 site collection (main site and subsites). Some of the friendly urls but not all are shown in the navigation for the users, but others are just being used to create a page at the friendly url. This is all working.

We are also using the navigation terms as tags on pages. On the tagged pages the terms are rendered with their guids, but not the friendly urls. We want to link the tags on the page back to the pages in the navigation. I found the following code that allows us to get all the terms in the CurrentNavigationTaxonomyProvider or the GlobalNavigationTaxonomyProvider.

var ctx = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var web = ctx.get_web(); var termSet = SP.Publishing.Navigation.TaxonomyNavigation.getTermSetForWeb(ctx,web,"CurrentNavigationTaxonomyProvider",true); var terms = termSet.get_terms(); ctx.load(terms,'Include(Id,Title,FriendlyUrlSegment)'); 

We weren’t using the current navigation (left side) in our site, so we put all the terms we needed lookups for in the “current nav” and this works. But now our design has changed and we need a current nav, but we still don’t want to show all the pages in the nav.

If we uncheck Show in Current Navigation Menu then the code doesn’t return results.

The terms I need are in the Global nav, but not at the top level, and getting results for global nav only returns the top level.

Is there a way to just get the friendly navigation terms from the termstore (or elsewhere) regardless of whether they show in the navigation?

Is there a way to get the entire global navigation termset which includes multiple levels down?

Is there some other way to say connect up “this is tag 63d23990-2cb7-40ef-8a32-ccc-882abe0f6 and it should go to page /site/friendlyname”?

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Dynamic Pages & SEO Friendly URL in sitemap

I have a website built with C# that has some dynamic pages. And I’ve recently added some code to allow using SEO friendly URLs.

For example, I have a page: “/products.aspx?itID=1” and you can access it with “/Product-Name” as well.

Should I be putting the SEO Friendly URL in my sitemap instead of the real URL? I think the answer is yes, but I’m very new to this and would really appreciate some confirmation from someone with more experience.

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