How do I adjudicate the logic modality of certain death regarding the Fast Friends spell?

When I cast the Fast Friends spell could I assign the afflicted target to a task that leads to a die roll that has a chance of 98% from death by falling damage without the spell ending immediately?

If the activity would result in certain death for the creature, the spell ends.

Does the task have to necessarily lead to death for the spell ending condition to take place?

How do I adjudicate death probabilities for the purpose of the duration of the Fast Friends spell?

Smart list on mobile – friends don’t have check marks for their list

If person A is on a smart list on my computer (let’s say the smart list is called Baseball team), it appears to be fine. When using my iphone XR lately, if I click on Person A and then click on edit friend lists I see all the custom smart lists that I have, but none of them (including baseball team) have a check mark beside them. I used to be able to see which list they are included on from my phone, but I can’t do this for any of my friends now. I have to go to a computer to verify which smart list they are on. Please advise how to fix this?

How do I disable the add friend button for mutual friends on Facebook?

I have seen on Facebook that it is explicitly possible for a user who shares mutual friends with another user to somehow disable the ability to become added as a friend. This is regardless of recent blocking or unblockings, or even recent friend requests. and a clearly visible group of mutual friends on their profile. I would like to know how to apply this privacy setting on my Facebook page, so that certain users who I share friends with cannot send me requests.

In Facebook’s privacy settings, it seems that I can either set my “Add Friend” possibilities to “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends”. How do I make it so some mutual friends cannot add me?

To be clear I do not want to block these people.

How can one recover a locked Facebook without asking one’s friends for help?

I logged into Facebook from a different country where I am typically located: the account got locked. It seems that one can unlock the account with different ways but as shown in the example below, it seems that in practice only asking one’s friends for help works when I tried, as I keep getting a “please select a challenge” error message:

enter image description here

How can one recover a locked Facebook without asking one’s friends for help?

Which is better build a business on your own or get your friends to invest?

Here's a scenario, you want to build a business but you don't have enough capital to start it on your own. You have friends that can help you in terms of money matters. But the problem is they have no passion or idea on what kind of business you want to build.
Is it better to just load money to get started or ask for your friends to help you with it. Any suggestions on what's the best option to do this?

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[ Friends ] Open Question : Between my two friends, who seems more clever/witty?

I’m trying to debate which of my guy friends is more clever/witty and I’m having a hard time trying to decide. Neither of them has met the other. My first friend Greg has a trait that defines his whole personality.: Sarcasm. He’s basically a wisecrack, but studies philosophy and definitely knows how to utilize great arguments in debates. My second friend Jacob likes to roast people. He’s more ghetto and is great with insults. There’s this one fat chick that he constantly addresses as “Lardi B.” He can be quite harsh with his roasts, sometimes telling women that they look like a “Down syndrome Amy Schumer,” and then telling guys that their dick has a Napoleon complex. Comparing these two, who seems more clever?