Uninstall R from Docker image [migrated]

First of all, I have read all the threads in stackoverflow on this topic and I have tried the provided solutions in them, which resume in:

sudo apt-get remove r-base

sudo apt-get remove r-base-core

delete everything in .libPaths()

The thing is, I’m using a Docker container which came with R installed in it. When I run those commands, the terminal prompts:

Package ‘r-base-core’ is not installed, so not removed

Which is very straight forward to understand.

The reason why I’m trying to uninstall R from a container built for using R is that what I really need is to use Oracle R Enterprise and it only works for R version 3.3.0. The version that came already installed in the container is 3.6.0

With this set, I can think of 2 possible solutions to my problem:

  1. Remove everything in the paths that .libPaths() show and hope that works. Would be awesome if someone could confirm if that would work before I try it and mess everything up.
  2. Find a way to downgrade to 3.3.0 version from 3.6.0 version so I don’t have to uninstall and re-install R again.

Thank you in advance for the answers.

Try to insert query its doesnt work from jsf

I try this query through postman and its work, but when i try launch query ajax from mi JSF page doesnt work, this is my code:

      $  .ajax({         type : "POST",          url : "http://localhost:8080/users",         headers: {             'Accept': 'application/json',             'Content-Type': 'application/json'         },         dataType: "json",        data:{ "nombre":"fdgdgfdsg" ,"edad":"21", "cp": "41020", "direccion": "dsgsdfgdfg", "telefono": "654123456", "dni": "81301635Q", "apellidos": "sdfasfsadfafs", "correo": "aasdfasdf@gmail.com" },          success: function (data) {        },       error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) {     console.log(JSON.stringify(data));         console.log(xhr.status.message);         console.log(thrownError.message);         console.log(xhr.responseText.message);         console.log(xhr.message);       }       });    } 

How to get more traffic from google ?

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How to stop Google from sending updates about places in your lists?

Google Maps wouldn’t stop pestering me about updates about the places I saved in my “Wants to go” list, so I had to ditch the list entirely and instead save those places in a “Foobar” list.

Now Google is doing the same with places in my “Favorites” list.

It also tried doing the same with the city I live and the city I work in, but at least for these it’s possible to opt out.

Is there a way to stop this kind of annoying behaviour?

Research 50 Profitable Product From Aliexpress To Ebay for $10

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Option to Embed ‘Video from SharePoint’ in PowerPoint Presentation missing

We are storing videos on SharePoint Online (in an Asset Library) and would like to embed them in a PowerPoint presentation.

We expect to be able to use the ‘Insert Online Video’ option in PowerPoint 2016 to do this, but for almost all of our users this does not work: there is simply no option to select ‘Video from SharePoint’, see this screenshot (in Dutch):

enter image description here

What we would expect to see is the following (this is working for one of our users, even though he also uses Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2016, just like our other users:

enter image description here

Moved files from shared folder and they disappeared

I just suffered a catastrophic data loss and I’m hoping that someone here knows how to recover lost Google docs.

I have two Google accounts: one personal, one for work. I created several files for a work-related report on my personal account, then shared the folder with my work account. Using my work account, I then moved the files to a parent directory. I received a pop-up that said that this might “cause some users to lose access.” I naively clicked OK.

The result seems to be that the files no longer exist on either account.

Ctrl + Z yields a “Nothing to Undo” message.

I realize now what I should have done, but I really need to recover these files. Can anyone here help?

Prevent workflow change from putting file into Draft mode

I have a document library which has some documents with metadata fields attached. Some of the metadata fields are edited by a workflow on create / edit. But we are finding when a file is Published from draft to pending, the workflow fires and makes the required change to a metadata tag, and this causes that file to go back into draft mode.

Is it possible to make a change in a workflow and not changing the approval status?