China transit visa: Fly from DPS (Indonesia) to Shanghai with a layover (2hrs) in Beijing

I fly from DPS to Shanghai with a 2-hour layover in Beijing. Do I have to pass through immigration in Beijing or can I do it in Shanghai where I would like to stay for 5 days with a transit visa?

I just don’t want any problems when I land in Beijing. I will not leave the airport during my 2-hour stay.

Sync from iOS to Android results in excessive list of contacts

I recently synced a new Pixel 3 phone running Android with an old Apple 5s using the included Google sync cables. I noticed that the contacts in my Android Phone app now show everyone I have ever called or had contact with, including by e-mail, rather than the select list of contacts I used to keep on my iPhone.

Is there a way to get just the contacts that I had on my old iPhone instead of having to page through hundreds of useless, old contacts on my new Android device?

How do I save an image from on a browser?

Twitter apparently doesn’t like the idea of people saving images and other media elements from their feed, because they’ve made it awfully difficult. Things I’ve tried

  • right click hoping for save option (nope)
  • left click hoping for expanded image (nothing happens)
  • inspect element using browser debugger (no obvious img element)
  • search for chrome extension (none that worked for me)

Any other ideas?

enter image description here

Black Screen after booting from USB to Install

This is my first try on the Ubuntu. The original laptop is running : Asus A43S Intel i5 Windows 10 (free upgrade from window 7 during the window 10 introduction period) 4Gb RAM Nvidia GT-520M

Created the bootable USB using Universal-USB-Installer-, with the BIOS ubuntu-18.04.2-desktop-amd64 Booted into BIOS using F2 button, selected to boot from USB (UEFI enabled) Popped up the selection page, Try Ubuntu without installing, install Ubuntu etc. Tried both option, the results are the same. Right after selection the screen goes black (but the background was lit and the fan started running a little faster) This remains the same for over an hour without any progress. Is my machine too old to run Ubuntu? Any idea how do i fix this?

How do I hide particular applications from launcher (taskbar / dock) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

I would like to hide icon, name and other existence of the particular applications from Launcher (taskbar if you wish).

Hence, I’m not able to install other popular desktop widgets like Conky Manager, I’ve installed an application called TZ Clock which allows us to set up multiple timezones, and customize the interface of the application.

The only problem is, it is also appearing in the launcher, which is not pleasing, so how do I hide applications from the launcher menu?.

Exclude specific file from Windows Defender command line [migrated]

I want to know how to exclude a specific file or file extension from Windows Defender from the command line. Does anyone have experience with this?

I want to know either how to exclude a file from Windows Defender or just allow the application through Windows Defender so it wouldn’t get scanned in the command line.

Error 403 when receiving http post from another server

I’m implementing a payment method in PHP Laravel 5.6, and i’m supposed to receive an online notification through POST to an url i provide. It is getting Error 403, my POSTS from within the APP work completely fine.

As this POST comes from outside with no csrf, i’ve added my route on VerifyCSRF exceptions. but still it keeps saying 403.

I’m using Laravel 5.6 on AWS Elastic beanstalk on a load balancer, on top of this i use cloudflare.

web.php route

Route::post('/tpv/notificationOK', 'TPVController@order_notificationOK'); 


protected $  except = [         'tpv/notificationOK',         ''     ]; 

I expect to receive a POST and execute order_notificationOK function on /tpv/notificationOK URL but instead i’m getting “Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL: /tpv/notificationOK”