Posting to a Custom Post Type from front end – user generated content

Is there a fast and reliable way of posting to a Custom Post type from the front end? My use case is for creating a daily checkin for a fitness trainer. I have created the necessary fields using ACF. And I was trying to create a front end post form using ACF Frontend for Elementor plugin. But in the plugin my post type doesnt show up at all. All in all I’ve tried various methods and I help with something concrete and reliable.

Thanks in advance!

Can’t have a front page on a child theme [closed]

I’ve been developing a child theme for busiprof, and had the very poor sense to update busiprof itself. After the update my front page was mostly gone, only the header and footer are displayed. I’ve tried to remove everything but the css file and it does the same. If I activate busiprof I have a front page, if I activate the (supposedly identical) child theme I only get a header and a footer. I’ve tried to link it to a static page but it still won’t display.

Thanks in advance for any help

Front – end design for a MySQL database

Good day everyone!
I have a personal database of film-noir movies. I am looking for a program that I could use to build a front-end on my website to attach to the MySQL database. It will list the title, actors, plot, comments, rating and the film image. I want to be able to advance to the next movie if I want and to be able to search. I do not want to use WordPress. I want to build it myself. I do not mind learning. Most of everything I read is building an App or using WordPress. Thank you.

Remove widgets on mobile front page without affecting desktop

I customized my desktop page with widgets so that the articles are arranged into different aesthetically pleasing sections… but on my mobile page, I’d like all the articles to just show up by order of last published without being arranged into sections.

Is it possible to not have the widgets on the mobile page separately… while still having widgets on desktop?

I saw a lot of answers that mentioned CSS media queries, but it looks like that’s just adjusting header/stylistic things. I also saw a thing about redirecting, but I would prefer for the mobile to have the same link as the desktop. Is this possible?

Thank you so much.

Edit: I would also like to be able to add back the function of having the latest posts on mobile, as I had to remove it from desktop.

Can Mask of the Wild allow you to basically ‘disappear’ in front of your opponent if in a light foliage area? [duplicate]

Hiding on P177 PHB states

You can’t hide from a creature that can see you clearly.

Then Mask of the Wild PHB P24 indicates

You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena.

So, can a wild elf in melee combat with a creature in a wooded area with light bushes around them simply take a move action, move 5 feet in a light foliage square, then use his action to hide right in plain sight of his opponent (5 feet away)? Then complete his movement using the cover of the light foliage to escape ?

I am looking for the RAW ruling on this no interpretations must be traced back to specific words in official written rules or official WotC rule clarifications

Can a ranged rogue effectively stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn with a ranged weapon while their allies fight on the front line?

Rogues can use ranged weapons to make sneak attacks. Also, the rogue rules state that:

You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Does this mean that basically a ranged rogue can stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn as his buddies are fighting with them on the front line? Did I miss some rule about shooting into melee or does that sound pretty mighty?

Widget Drag and Drop from front end for users and rearrange order retrinving

I’m looking at front end feature, where from widget menu icons on left side, a user can drag and dropped, widgets into a default page common page and arranged in order as required by the user.

the number of widgets and the order and position and size how they are saved needs too be saved of each user and retrieved in the same order when he logs back in and displayed, like how its also in backend wp-admin dashboard

Kindly guide..

Can we use multiple framework (both front end and back end) to build a website?

I am a newbie ( HTML CSS/ zero level ) to web development and when I search the internet there are literally tonnes of web framework for both front end and backend development. Like Django, PHP, NodeJs, ReactJs, VueJs etc.

So can anyone please sort out best framework and also one of my major doubt is Can I built or use different framework simultaneously to build a website (front end and back end) OR Should I possibly learn some from above list and do my work with it ( That means we cannot use multiple language at once like Djanog PHP and Nodejs etc togther).

If we can do so , building a website with multiple framework possess any advantage or it will be fairly difficult manage..