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Can a spell caster limit its spells or must these be cast full power?

Example: A warlock wants to limit its Eldritch Blast to one beam instead of using all four as his high character level allows him. In this case the warlock wants to weaken a creature, not to kill / blast away it for later interrogation. If a spell caster has trained a spell, he should have a kind of control about that.

In the books is said something like this only by chosing spell slots to use. I have no ideas of I missed something. And spells like Eldritch Blast have a power by character level, not spell caster level or spell level. Complicate thing.

Answer: You have to houserule and suggest WotC to publish it in official texts 😉

Must I burn the whole storage by using Burning Hands or can I limit range and power? Essential question if wood and straw are surrounding me. SUGGESTION: If a spell caster wants to limit the effects of a spell he knows, he has to use a bonus action or action for more concentration. By this the spell caster must succeed a spell casting ability check hardened by a modifier: -2 for 50% of range or beams or creatures or hit points etc.; -4 for 25% or 75% of such an effect; -6 for 10% or 90%. If the spell caster wants to limit several effects of his spell, the modifiers stack for the ability check. If the spell caster fails the spell works full power, if successful casted at all.

But remind, some spells have such a limiting inclusive. Example: Misty Step let you teleport in range 30 feet to a seen point the spell caster’s choice.

SUGGESTION 2: Like 1st suggestion but instead of an extra ability check use modifiers halved on the ability check for success without using a bonus action or action.

Both suggestions can be used in the game, by choice of the spell caster which method he wants to use for this moment.

What are your suggestions?

i want a full proper code with xml and java file of sharing Data between mobile and computer through wifi connectiion and code in android studio

I have just started doing some Android development. One of the things that I would like to add to the app the I’m working on, is data exchange between a desktop computer and an android phone. Think of it like exchanging of data wih the phone when it is connected to the wifi network.

Booking full refund ticket – what fee will be charged?

I am trying to book a Finnair Economy PRO ticket and I see it offers full refund for cancellation. I am trying to book using internet banking or debit card, will there be any other (hidden) fee charged even though it mentions full refund for the cancellation. I am choosing this option as I may most likely cancel this ticket. So I am looking for an option which gives me complete amount which I am spending.

enter image description here

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How did early x86 BIOS programmers manage to program full blown TUIs given very few bytes of ROM/EPROM?

I’ve always wondered how so much functionality and relative luxuries(CMOS Configuration Utilities. See: https://geekprank.com/bios/ for an example) included with most popular x86 BIOSes could be packed into such a tight space. According to Wikipedia some early(1971-199x; the EPROM reference table doesn’t have a lot of dates.) EPROMs where quite small in size. I had a hard time finding a good average size in bytes for an x86 CMOS BIOS EPROM chip from the late 80s early 90s but I’m assuming they weren’t measured in MBs but in KBs. This Quora post seems to confirm this.

The author writes: “The Phoenix BIOSes I wrote in 1984-1985 never supported the ROM Basic. The PC was 8k and filled completely. The XT was put into a 16k, but was probably about 10k of code. The AT was probably about 16k for the BIOS and maybe another 8k for the setup, and was normally placed in a 32k ROM.”

32kbs by today’s standards is quite a small amount of storage space. I suppose for a BIOS most of what you’re doing doesn’t need immense layers of abstraction and other storage complications, but I’d think that programming those CMOS Configuration Utility TUIs would be expensive space wasters. Not to mention BIOSes somewhere along the way they began to be written in C/C++ which probably wastes some space surely. Did these early programmers just use a library similar to ncurses but for BIOS programming? How were these text interfaces engineered? As most UI libs’ raw logic(aside from platform specific stuff like windows and rendering), even super simple ones(Buttons, Labels, ect. Bare minimum common widgets.) usually require a decent amount of abstraction/complexity which seems sort of hard in a language like ASM less so if ASM is only used to load the bare minimum before switching to C/C++(which seems to be how it’s done today). Am I overthinking this? Was it easier than I’m imagining?

disk drive about full. Library folder has over 100 GB

I have an old iMac running High Sierra. I have an internak 250 GB drive and a 4 TB eternal hdd. My internal drive is about full. I was going to clear up some room but I noticed my library folder has over 100 GB. Is there anyway to delete some of the files and folders in the library folder. Can the library folder be moved to the HDD instead.

I asked a similar question a couple of months ago and was told to turn on disk opimization. I’ve done that. Now i’m asking if there is anything I can do about the library folder?

mongoDB: Full text query for strings containing single letters in PyMongo

I have a collection in MongoDB where-in each document contains title and color. I want to perform a full text search with the title key. For this, I am using the following piece of code :

mycol.create_index([('title', 'text')]) mycol.find({"colors" : color, "$  text": {"$  search": search_text}}).limit(10) 

Now, I want to make a query with the following specification :

{     'color' : 'blue',     '$  text' : {          "$  search" : "V Neck"      } } 

This query returns results in which “Neck” as a search text matches but “V” does not appear across the results.

Result on executing the above query:

1. Maniac Men's Fullsleeve Round Neck Round Neck All Over Printed Navy Cotton Tshirt 2. Off White Printed Round Neck Tshirt 3. Blue Striped Round Neck Tshirt 4. Grey Printed Round Neck Tshirt 5. Blue Solid Round Neck Tshirt 6. Blue Solid Round Neck Tshirt 7. Red Printed Round Neck Tshirt 8. Blue Printed Round Neck Tshirt 9. Blue Checked Round Neck Tshirt 10. Grey Printed Round Neck Tshirt 

Is there any way to get results which match the entire keyword “V Neck”?