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Forcing NIntegrate not to store full solution, in order to save memory

When using NIntegrate to integrate a time-varying dynamical system, I often only care about the final value of the dependent variables at the end of integration. However, NIntegrate returns interpolation functions, implying that it is storing all intermediate values of the dynamical variables in memory.

Is there a way to save memory by forcing NIntegrate to only return the final values of the dependent variables?

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In Adventurers League, can you change Full Plate armour into Half Plate?

Playing in AL my barbarian has acquired a set of adamantine full plate armour. As this prevents him from his rage benefits, I was wondering if I could simply use it as adamantine half plate, using the half plate stats?

From the Player’s Handbook:

Plate armour: Plate consists of shaped, interlocking metal plates to cover the entire body. A suit of plate includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and thick layers of padding underneath the armor. Buckles and straps distribute the weight over the body.

Half plate: Half plate consists of shaped metal plates that cover most of the wearer’s body. It does not include leg Protection beyond simple greaves that are attached with leather straps.

Could you simply decide not to wear the whole set?

Upgrading from D&D Adventure System to a full D&D Campaign

Me and my gaming group recently decided to try Role-playing as it’s something that isn’t offered by any of the local gaming groups / stores. Since the popular hobby around here is miniature war-gaming, our group has been playing smaller and smaller games of Warhammer 40,000, trying to get as close to roleplaying elements as possible, until we decided to just bite the bullet and try something character based. We decided to try out Dungeons & Dragons, so picked up the latest game, Temple of Elemental Evil. We figured since it uses miniatures, it should be less of a shock to local players used to war-gaming.

Problem is, when we started playing we realised that Level 2 is as high as you can go, there’s no equipment and Experience isn’t even used for the one level-up that you do get (It’s bought with 1,000 gold). There’s no real character progression, stat customisation or roleplaying elements. There are Character Sheets in the box, but they’re not actually used at all by the game (they’re for D&D: Encounters, whatever that is). We have a 5th Edition Starter Set, but that’s all Pen & Paper, which none of the local groups are willing to play. The whole thing has just left the entire group completely confused as to how to get started and we can’t find any resources able to help us out.

So my question is, is there any way that people picking up a D&D Adventure System Board Game can upgrade to a full Dungeons & Dragons game? Assuming that there is no “Advanced D&D Adventure Systems Rules” that keeps the same game elements, but introduces character development:

  • Is there any way of using the boards and/or miniatures from Temple of Elemental Evil to play a real Dungeons & Dragons Campaign?
  • If so, how does a group get started with this?
  • Is there anything that a group moving from D&D Adventure Systems need to be aware of before starting Dungeons & Dragons?
  • Are there any tips you guys can give as to how make a smooth transition from D&D Adventure Systems to D&D 5th Edition (or what ever D&D System is most suitable)

Thank you all for your time, literally any information or links to resources on this would be greatly appreciated.

Can you attack through full cover?

An eldritch knight wants to attack a guard behind a wall. Before, he casts scrying and thus can see the target and where they are behind the wall.

How this should be resolved?

Is he unable to attack through the wall? Or it depends on the material of the wall? Or it counts as attacking a location? How should advantage/disadvantage be applied to this?

I really want this to work because having a knight in full plated armor greet the enemy through the wall with a giant axe seem awesome, but my DM insists on giving me ruling support.

Do pact archetype wizards have full curse progression?

I’m pretty sure that I can’t be reading this right, but the pact wizard archetype from 5th level says you gain an oracle curse and you count your oracle level as half your wizard level. Looking up the oracle’s curses it says that the curse has a level equal to your oracle level plus 1/2 your level in any other classes. To me this means that at say 10th level you count your oracle level as 5th, no problem there, but the description under the curse suggests that you have 10 class levels which would give an additional 5 curse levels. Did they really mean for the pact wizard to get full curse progression? I can’t find anything about it.

Curses do apparently progress without level of oracle, was this just supposed to indicate a more serious advance than just a 1 level dip in oracle could expect?