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MySQL 8.0 Full Index Scan in RAM sluggish

I have a MySQL 8.0 table on Amazon RDS. This table contains ~35 columns, most of which are sizable JSON blobs. The primary key is an UNSIGNED INT32. There are 8M+ rows in this table and has a size of 50GB+.

I ran a simple COUNT(*) on this table with no WHERE clause and it took over 20 minutes. I read online that the PRIMARY key BTREE includes at least 20 bytes for each JSON/TEXT/BLOB column and to try creating a separate index on the primary key. I tried this and it slightly improved performance to 10 minutes for a COUNT(*). EXPLAINing the query shows correctly that a Full Index Scan was used on this new index.

I measured the size of this second index to be ~87MB (using the query in this SO answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/36573801). This makes sense to me as 8M rows * 4 bytes = 31MB and the other 56MB is likely overhead. This entire index would easily fit in RAM, and I expect that even a Full Index Scan would complete fairly quickly (in seconds, not 10 minutes).

My AWS console shows that Read IOPS spikes to the maximum when running COUNT(*). So MySQL reads from disk for some reason, despite the second index easily fitting in RAM. Running the same COUNT(*) query again right after the first did not change time taken at all, so it seems unlikely that it was reading the index into RAM (even if it was, the disk is an SSD so 87MB would load quickly).

What’s causing my query to read from disk? How can I improve performance?

enter image description here

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Show full post instead of excerpt

I am using a plugin which shows posts from specific category in a widget.

It has an option to show excerpt and the below code is used for that:

<?php echo $  post['excerpt'] ?> 

But I want to show full posts instead of excerpt.

I tried the_post, the_content instead of excerpt in the above code but none working.

Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong?

How can a Psionic Manifester get full Bab reliably

I’m currently trying to make a Talshatora Monk/Erudite multiclass work, partially as a challenge and partially because I want to play a psionic Gish. The issue is that, under the constraints i’m operating under, getting a BaB high enough to function in melee will be difficult. So, I’ve looked into somehow persisting or otherwise gaining a at will or permanent Divine Power like effect.

My build goals are 9th level psionic powers with Divine Power, or barring that Transformation. These are the constraints and rules assumptions i’m working under for this game.

  • Prestige classes that advance manifesting are ruled psionic classes so having more levels in one of them than my Erudite level will cause issues, this is why Slayer is unfortunately off the table.
  • Spell to Power Erudite is in use however spells not normally available to arcane classes, such as Divine Power being gained by the Arcane Disiple feat, are not easily obtainable. They can be gained theoretically but aren’t reliable. So while Persist Power Divine Power is an option in theory it’s not something I can bank on.
  • Custom Item creation Rules, specifically Custom Wondrous Items of Divine Power or infinite use resetting traps of Divine Power, are off the table.
  • Permanent Runes of Divine Power are allowed, but the expense obviously makes it a less than ideal option.
  • All first party books, as well as dragon and dungeon magazine, are allowed. The game is also fairly high optimization with one other player using Astral Seed to transform into a dragon, this however doesn’t work on spells that don’t change your body. So I can use that strategy to make divine power permanent. (Unless I can find a convincing argument for why it would)
  • There is effectively no cap on how much of our WBL can be spent on a single item.

My current plans if I can’t find a better solution is to either get Divine Power as a psionic power somehow and persist it or get the extend and persist spell feats and apply persist spell to a wand of Divine Power using a schema of metamagic item.

Facing text in 3D graphics with full options

I’m seeking a refinement/extension of the excellent and very valuable solution appearing here.

That solution indeed allows you to place text anywhere in a 3D graphics and then rotate it (by Euler angles) so it faces any direction you like.

However… it has two important limitations for my application:

  • For some reason it does not handle subscripts and superscripts: they are lost and not rendered
  • The solution does not allow a background color, such as Background -> White. (I need this when I’m placing a label atop a black line and want to hide a short section of the line.)

In sum: I’m hoping to get a version of text3D that could work with Style, of the form:

text3D[Style[Subscript[x, o], Italic, 24, Background->Yellow],  {x-position, y-position, z-position},  EulerAngle1, EulerAngle2, EulerAngle3] 

Minor point: I think the Euler angles should be grouped into a List… but again, minor suggestion:

text3D[Style[Subscript[x, o], Italic, 24, Background->Yellow],  {x-position, y-position, z-position},  {EulerAngle1, EulerAngle2, EulerAngle3}] 

Where do I see a full, exhaustive list of the resources a given Google Cloud Platfrorm project uses?

I have just logged in to a Google Cloud Platform account, and it has several old Projects. I’d like to clean up by deleting the ones I don’t need, but for that I need to see a full list of services each Project uses.

I went to the Cloud Resource Manager, and it mentions a Compute Engine Service Agent here and there, but that’s it. I know one of those Projects must have some API Keys that I still need, but neither this page, nor the Billing page tell me which one.

Searching didn’t help. This looks like the closest, but doesn’t make any sense to me and looks overcomplicated for such a simple task.

Is there one single page that will show me everything a given Project uses, so I am informed enough to decide if I still need it? Please help!

How to export full list of outbound clicks

I have Google Analytics with "Outbound click" enhanced measurement enabled. (I also have GTM setup, but it seems to be ignoring this in favor of the built-in enhanced measurement.)

In my Events tab, I can see that clicks are being tracked and it has a counter for each unique outbound link.

How on earth do I export the full list of outbound links?

enter image description here

enter image description here

In Google Data Studio, I connected my Analytics account, but it only gives me the "Event name" as a field. There is no URL field and I can’t find any way to aggregate by URL instead of event name.