Trying to fully reinstall new version of Ubuntu

I’m a bit lost.

So, I have a dual boot Win10/Ubuntu 14 (I think), but it’s getting old. The Ubtunu partition is basically done for, I had to Frankenstein it more space for a computer science project and it now thinks it’s encrypted, plus I’m having the login loop issue and haven’t been able to fix it.

I’m now in vacation, so I have time to make a reinstall, and I’d like to wipe everything and start over. I have an USB with Ubuntu 18, but having a few problems : I tried booting onto it from the GRUB command line (following this great tutorial that worked once), but I’m stuck at the search --fs-uuid --set=root UUID step. I get “failure reading sector 0x0 from partitionX” and “no such device: UUID” (I am sure I have the correct UUID since ls (partition) gives it and tells me it’s Ubuntu 18.

So I tried getting around it and using the BIOS to try and boot on the USB, but I have an Acer and I don’t know how it happened but it now has a password that I don’t know (I searched this and see no solution not requiring me to dismantle the damn thing).

Do you have any idea what to try next ?

MacOS 10.14.4 update failing to fully load and cycling through boot attempts but not loading requiring full recovery

Noobie here. I have tried to update my iMacPro Desktop to MacOS 10.14.4 and each time I do so it stalls part way through the update process and loops between Boot and Shut Down. Each time this happens my only option is to fully recover the machine from a full backup in Time Machine. All advice gratefully received.

Chuwi Lapbook Air 14″ touchpad recognized but not fully working

Two days ago my Chuwi Lapbook Air 14″ arrived with Windows 10 pre-installed on it. I tried to install elementaryOS 5 (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) and it works perfectly: recognizes the eMMC drive (the notebook does not have hdd it uses eMMC), all Fn keys work as supposed to, keyboard’s illumination also works, except for the touch-pad. I read a lot of articles on the subject and I see there are some people who made it work and almost everyone states that this is a kernel problem and is fixed in the more recent versions (after 4.15 versions). However, I tried updating the kernel to 4.18, even to 4.19, tried compiling a raw kernel on the particular machine, but unfortunately I get no results in any of these ways. The touchpad is recognized by the system as ALPS:0001, tap to click and two-finger click both work as respectively left click and right click, but the cursor doesn’t move. What may cause the problem and do you have any idea how to resolve this issue?

Regardless, every Linux Distro I get screws up as soon as I fully update

I’m am trying my hardest to leave Windows behind me. Every single Linux distro I have ever gotten crashes after I perform all of the updates.

Last night my computer was on. I got in the bed. I woke up. Computer will not come out of hibernation. Funny because I turned power management off. Now I can’t even load through USB drive. I’m getting sick of losing data to linux updates and this time it looks like I can’t even fix it by reinstalling because I can’t boot ANYTHING.


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Yts Streaming WebSite fully automated

Why are you selling this site?
I don't have the time to add content and management

How is it monetized?
i did not want to monetize it

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Not social media accounts, but the host accounts where I upload movies

How much time does this site take to run?
No time needed

What challenges are there with running this site?
not real challenges

How to make a fully working jenkins pipeline for a website?

I’m looking for a basic Jenkins pipeline that will take my committed code from GitHub and put it into my web server (more specifically, take my code from the master branch in git hub and put into a specific path in the machine – /var/www/html/). I have never written a full pipeline and don’t know how to start…

I set up a RHEL server and downloaded apache into it. I get the “welcome” screen when I’m writing the machine’s URL I got from AWS. also, I have already downloaded Jenkins to the same machine (i want to make the entire project in the same machine)