Pre Campaign Funds [duplicate]

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  • Choosing equipment options at character creation 2 answers

Im playing my first campaign soon and while making my character I noticed you get money from your background and I was wondering if you can use this money to buy basic shop items before the campaign starts

thanks yall

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South Korean tourist visa – is funds parking acceptable in my situation?

I’m travelling to South Korea soon with my Korean girlfriend. We both live in a Southeast Asian country of which I am a citizen. I used to lived in Europe till a few months back so I have a bank account there which holds most of my savings. For proving that I have enough funds for the trip, I need to submit a bank statement with transactions from the last 6 months. The problem is that it is impossible for me to get those bank statements stamped by the bank since I’m here.

I also have a bank account in my home country but it barely has had any money since the past 6 months. My girlfriend recently transferred $ 2000 into that account so that I could submit a proper stamped statement from this account as well.

Now I understand that these type of last minute deposits are referred to as ‘funds parking’ and are generally discouraged. But in my situation, since I’m also submitting an unstamped statement from my European bank, will it okay? Is it too suspicious that my gf who is also travelling with me transferred so much money into my account just before my visa appointment?

Funds Income Proof Netherland Business Visit Visa Immigration

I have a valid C Business visa (30 days) for my trip to Netherlands, I work remotely for a company while living in my home country. They invited me for conference meeting. Im planning my trip in coming days. Im however taking only 400 Euros with my for my whole trip I also planned vacations in neighbourhood countries. The idea is I’ll take my monthly salary by hand for the last month. So I can save some money in exchanging money. And I’ll spend my salary’s money for whole trip. Now following are my questions:

  • Is that a legal thing to do? I dont want to do illegal things.
  • If legal then On landing in Netherland, is that okay to tell Immigration that I have debit card to finance my whole trip. (If they ask for proof of funds).
  • On doing so while departure I may have some more money than the money I entered the country, Is that okay to tell immigration that I took my last month salary from employer. Do they keep that record entered and exit money?

Again I dont want to do any illegal stuff, Please guide with some reference.

Tier 4 Student visa UK – Proof of funds/ IELTS Exam

I’ll be applying for a Tier 4 student visa to do a postgraduate degree in the UK. I will be getting a loan from the bank for the funds but how can i prove this during my application as i don’t want to get the loan and for whatever reason my application is rejected. Can i proof of the loan being approved instead?

Also I need to undertake my IELTS english exam. How long does it take to the get the results for this exam?

Thank you

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Importing Funds

I’m creating derived addresses from a HD private key.

I have all data saved, such as the; seed, HD private key and derived addresses with their private keys, plus wif formats.

I’m receiving funds in each address, but need a way to import all the funds as efficiently as possible into a SPV wallet. At the moment I import each address wif to recieve its corresponding balance.

Is there a neat way to pull in all funds that derive from a “master key”. Or, have I misunderstood deterministic benefits – am I trying achieve a non existent feature?

TLDR; what’s the best way to import funds from multiple addresses?