Can Convergent Future result in a die roll above 20?

In the new Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount, we are introduced to a new wizard Arcane Tradition called Chronurgy whose capstone ability is:

Convergent Future
14th-level Chronurgy Magic feature

You can peer through possible futures and magically pull one of them into events around you, ensuring a particular outcome. When you or a creature you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can use your reaction to ignore the die roll and decide whether the number rolled is the minimum needed to succeed or one less than that number (your choice).

Say the DC for a Strength ability check is 25, and I have a +2 Strength modifier.
Does Convergent Future allow the die roll to be either 23 (“the minimum needed to succeed”) or 22 (“one less than that number”) even though the maximum possible on a d20 is 20?

Add URL to sitemap to be available in the future

I generate automatically the sitemap.xml on publish of content on my website, however some of the content will be publish starting from an specific date and time.

Is there any tag that I can add to a sitemap or any other way to cater for this? so that the google/bing… bots would know to only index the content if the date is greater than ‘now’.

I know that I could use a task scheduler to update the sitemap file when the content publish date is reached but I was trying to avoid that solution.

Future trend of computer architecture and organisaion

Consider the following aspects of computer system and processor design:

  • Memory locations and addressing
  • Addressing modes and formats
  • CPU structure (instruction cycle, pipeline, etc.)
  • Control unit operations

Choose any TWO of the above and write a group report on the latest/future trends in those aspects. Report Outline

  • Introduction and Motivation: Describe your group’s rationale for choosing the two aspects.
  • Latest/Future Trends: Describe the latest developments in those two aspects.
  • Discussion: Discuss the feasibility of those aspects, give your opinion on how soon will these developments become a reality, pros and cons, etc.
  • Conclusion: Summarise your report.
  • References: Provide references, i.e. sources of reference materials for your report.

I need some reference, threads, free e-book for this topic. Can anyone help? I am in urgent.

Do I have to move off the development channel for future releases of kubuntu?

I am currently running Kubuntu 19.04, and considering running the following,

update-manager -d 

To move to the development channel, and thus onto Kubuntu 19.10. If something goes wrong and I encounter some bugs I’m not too worried.

When 19.10 gets released I understand that keeping the OS updated with apt-get dist-upgrade or similar, will move me onto the beta, then stable 19.10 when they get released.

When work starts on 20.04 will I then be on the development channel again? Or will I have to run update-manager -d to chose when to go onto the dev channel?

Are there any future balance issues when allowing multiclassing for dex barbarians?

A player of mine plays a dex barbarian and multiclassed into fighter for a fighting style. I didn’t understand at that time that he can’t do that without a strength score of 13 (which he doesn’t have). I am leaning to houserule the multiclassing requirements for barbarian to be as the fighter, 13 strength or dex. Are there any problems as they level up that I should be aware of?

Why do I want to allow it? As I understand them, the multiclassing requirements are designed to avoid players to take another class for the features without having any of the stats that normally enable a character to have these features. Someone that is not intelligent can’t suddenly become a wizard. Very logical.

However for the dex barbarian, it is not like he does not have the stats for his class. He has a 16 dex, that is above average and the main stat of a dex barbarian. So I do not see a reason why he can’t multiclass.

Am I Over-Engineering if I add some code for the unknown future?

Look at this code:

Console.WriteLine(; Console.WriteLine("**********"); // 10 stars //... 

Tomorrow, I needed to use 20 stars instead 10 stars. Okay I would change it:

Console.WriteLine(; Console.WriteLine("********************"); // 20 stars //... 

It gives me an idea to write a method for this work:

public void DisplayStars() {    Console.WriteLine("********************"); }  Console.WriteLine(; DisplayStars(); //remaining code 

But when I’m writing code, I think to myself: isn’t that a better solution to add a new parameter for getting number of repetition of character like int count? How about adding another parameter to get repeating character like char whichChar?

public void DisplayStars(int count, char whichChar) {    string s=new String(whichChar, count);    Console.WriteLine(s); } 

Why int? It seems uint is better type. No No, byte is best. What if user passes an empty character, What if he\she passes too big (or small) number for count? And these goes on…

I often add some code because I think that I might need it in the future. These is my day-to-day programming challenges. Am I Over-Engineering? Am I perfectionism? If not, what is Over-Engineering?