Do enemies who have Posessed a character gain access to their Feats?

The Ghost ability Possession (Recharge 6) gives this guidance:

The ghost now controls the body but doesn’t deprive the target of awareness. The ghost can’t be targeted by any Attack, spell, or other Effect, except ones that turn Undead, and it retains its Alignment, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and immunity to being Charmed and Frightened. It otherwise uses the possessed target’s Statistics, but doesn’t gain access to the target’s knowledge, Class Features, or Proficiencies.

It is unclear to me if Feats counts as a thing they do not gain access to.

Does a ghost gain a familiar if it uses a Ring of Spell Storing + Find Familiar?

A ghost takes possession of a humanoid. Humanoid possesses a Ring of Spell Storing. The ghost uses the Ring of Spell Storing that contains at least one Find Familiar spell. The ghost-humanoid combination now has a familiar (congratulations)!

Ghost leaves / ends possession / then goes to the Border Etherial, as per RAW

Who does the familiar follow? Does it stay with the physical humanoid / ring combo-duo or does it go with the ghost that first leaves the body and then goes off to another plane of existence?

Can a character somehow gain more, or less, hit dice than they have character levels?

I find the wording of regaining Hit Dice during a long rest very odd:

The character also regains spent Hit Dice, up to a number of dice equal to half of the character’s total number of them (minimum of one die). For example, if a character has eight Hit Dice, he or she can regain four spent Hit Dice upon finishing a long rest.

, when it could have simply been stated that a character regains spent Hit Dice up to half their level, minimum of one. Is there some corner cases where a character can have more or less Hit Dice than they have character levels?

Is there a way for a Hex Channeler Witch to gain access to the Displacement spell?

Is there a way for a Witch with the Hex Channeler archetype to have Displacement on her spell list?

For my purpose, I’m dealing with an NPC. I can make changes to the Witch Patron, Feats, Skills, and Archetypes (as long as she retains the Hex Channeler’s ability to channel negative energy offensively). However, I can’t change the NPC’s gear much – if the PCs kill her, they’ll get enough gear without adding a Ring of Spell Storing on top of everything else.

While I could just give a witch the spell via GM fiat, I don’t want to in this case. My players are very interested in character builds and are likely to ask how the NPC worked. Since one or more PCs might die in the fight, I’d prefer to avoid answering "it’s not really possible".

Is there a way to cause an arbitrary magical beast to gain character levels in a chosen class?

I was looking at this answer from our fine cheese collection, and it occurred to me that it would be quite a lot more practical if we could arrange for the assistance of a gorilla and war mammoth with barbarian levels (especially as that would allow the gorilla to take levels in Ride). Awakening them is easily enough done, at which point they’re in the same intelligence range as anyone else (and if they’re too dumb, you can awaken another one) but I’ve not found a way to actually apply class levels to them once that was done. The Leadership feat offers a mechanic for hanging on to them, but doesn’t seem to do anything for their further development. The Monstrous Companion feat actually does offer a way to inject class levels into an existing magical beast, but only of a specific list of magical beasts on offer.

So… is there something that I’m missing? Is there a way to turn a War Mammoth (awakened or otherwise) into a barbarian? I suppose I’d also accept a method for indefinitely turning a barbarian into a war mammoth, as long as the barbarian continued to enjoy the benefits of his class features. That one seems somewhat less likely, however.

The objective here is that the stack could be fielded by an appropriately designed party of characters, after enough levels had passed to gain appropriate resources, without having to pause to transform before battle every time. Whether the mammoth starts out as a PC or not is considered unimportant for the purposes of the question. likewise, if you can manage to cause a war mammoth (and gorilla) with appropriate class levels to come into being, it is assumed that you can come up with a way to convince them to hang around and rage-stack with you.

Does a PF2e spellcaster who takes multiclass dedications into other spellcasting classes, and related spellcasting feats, gain more spell slots?

Ezren is a level 10 evocation wizard, and hence would have spell slots of the following levels:

+-------------+-----------------+ | Spell level | Number of slots | +-------------+-----------------+ |           1 |               4 | |           2 |               4 | |           3 |               4 | |           4 |               4 | |           5 |               4 | +-------------+-----------------+ 

However, at level 2 Ezren took the Sorcerer multiclass dedication. At level 4 he took Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting, and Bloodline Breadth at level 8.

How many spell slots does Ezren have in a given day? Is it:

+-------------+-----------------+ | Spell level | Number of slots | +-------------+-----------------+ |           1 |               6 | |           2 |               6 | |           3 |               6 | |           4 |               4 | |           5 |               4 | +-------------+-----------------+ 

Because at level 8, spellcasting archetype feats grant an additional spell slot of first, second and third level, AND the bloodline breadth feat increases each of these by one?

Or do these sources of spell slots not stack for some reason? Coming from fifth edition, a wizard who multiclasses sorcerer still has the same number of spell slots as a pure wizard, so I’d like to clarify my understanding here.

Is there any way to gain access to Evasion without taking multiple levels of a class?

So, I have a character with a really, really, really bonkers Reflex save. It wasn’t really the design plan, but a combination of class features, ancillary benefits from traits, and stats meant that I ended up with one.

Given that, Evasion would be a really great feature to have – better still, the Twist Away feat, which requires Evasion, would be incredible for this particular character, and thematically fitting.

Problem is, dipping 2 levels of Rogue (or another class) is a larger setback than I’d like.

So, is there any way to get Evasion through a feat or other means? I’m particularly interested in permanent methods, in order to qualify for other feats. One level dips are worth mentioning, but not ideal, and if it helps any, the character is Mythic, on the Trickster path, and can expect to get to Tier 10 ‘someday’ (but not anytime soon).

I’m interested in solutions that might apply for any race/class/level combination, as it seems a handy thing to pick up in a variety of circumstances – especially since Twist Away exists. That said, my particular circumstance is a Half Elf, Swash 1/Investigator 7 (the ACG versions).

Can a character inlay a +1 wand into a weapon and still gain its casting benefit?

I’ve been playing 5e for about a year now and recently started my own campaign DMing for a group of people that have never played before. They took to it immediately! Things have been going pretty well so far and we’ve been having a great time.

Our group’s warlock recently found a Wand of the War Mage +1. He’d like to find a high level wizard who can help him inlay it into a dagger (or, for those more flavour text oriented, a black kris blade). The goal being to then have a functioning dagger that gives a +1 to spell attack rolls. It would still be primarily a spellcasting focus, but would additionally give him a little bit of melee should he be caught in close range and not able to escape (he is a pure caster and not a bladelock so will be doing his best to avoid direct combat most of the time).

I asked my former DM (a very much RAW kind of guy) and he said NO. He didn’t really have a good explanation as to why though. I am, however, leaning in the opposite direction, If he’s willing to part with his gold I see no reason not to let this happen. Still, is there support for or against this decision?

I don’t yet have all the materials myself and was wondering if there is anything outright stated about this type of crafting (inlaying) in RAW. That being said, I would love to hear more opinions, either for or against, from some more experienced DMs.

How can I gain resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing damage while in heavy armor?

I am theory-crafting a character that takes very little damage. I want to use the Heavy Armor Master feat to help with damage reduction from non-magical attacks, as well as the Battlemaster maneuver parry, and the Goliath feature stone’s endurance. How can I gain resistance to piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing while also using the Heavy Armor Master feat? I am most interested in answers that don’t depend on external sources, such as other characters and magic items, but I’d like to hear answers including those as well. Multi-classing is an option.

Is it possible for a player to gain the innate ability to regenerate body parts without spells?

Using the DMG’s Injuries variant rule (or just having a character who for whatever reason is missing a body part), a character can lose an arm, leg, or eye, and the regenerate spell is the normal way to get it back. But if you don’t have a party member that can cast that, finding someone who can could be quite a hassle. Hence, the question in the title.

Ioun stones are obvious targets for enemies, and a dragon could eat the arm carrying your ring of regeneration. Undying Warlocks get close with their 14th-level feature, but that only lets them reattach body parts, so if their arm does get eaten off, then they’re stuck, too. The UA Armorer subclass for Artificers doesn’t regrow limbs, but it basically gives you an always-on prosthetic limb for any arm or leg that you lose. Eyes (or any other scars or internal injuries), however, aren’t "limbs". I can’t find any other feature (and don’t know of any race) that gets closer to the goal of regeneration without needing to rely on spells or magic items, other than just playing a monster campaign as a troll (AKA not something a "PC" is generally able to do)