Does a Split Party Gain XP Evenly?

I’m running a campaign with six player characters. Since it’s a larger group, they occasionally split up. During these times, individual groups have gotten into encounters and been awarded XP.

My question is, does this XP get split evenly among the group present at the encounter or does the entire party, including the non-present group, receive XP evenly across the board?

Can I gain Piety from multiple Diety on Theros?

There is a character in the Theros Beyond Death MTG cards who appears to have gained Piety from two deities at once, Eutropia, the twice favoured.

Her flavour text reads:

Nylea speaks to her in the windblown leaves; Thassa in the rushing tides.

Is it possible to replicate this using the piety rules?

The closest the rules text sems to get on this is:

If events in your character’s adventuring career warrant doing so, you can abandon the service of one god and turn to a different one. Once you abandon a god’s service, you can rarely go back without performing some act of contrition.

Your DM decides whether your new god will accept you as a champion and what you might have to do to prove your commitment.

When you change gods, you lose all the benefits granted by your old one, including rewards for piety and any other divine blessings. You no longer have a piety score to your old god, and your piety score to your new god starts at 1.

But it doesn’t cover having the favour of multiple gods at once.

The Renown system (which is similar to Piety, according to Is the Piety system restricted to only the deities of Theros?) from the DMG says:

A character gains gains piety for honoring his or her gods, fulfilling their commands, and respecting their taboos. A character loses piety for working against those gods, dishonoring them, defiling their temples, and foiling their aims.

emphasis mine

THe question I suppose is, is it possible to work for multiple gods without working against either of them at the same time?

Does a player wielding whip gain advantage if it is 10 feet away from the target?

We had an episode in combat tonight that I was not sure how to adjudicate.

A player character (PC1) with a whip was 10 feet away from an enemy.

In between PC1 and the enemy was another player character (PC2) that was prone.

On the far side of the enemy was a third player character (PC3).

Does PC1 have advantage in attacking the enemy with the whip? Why or why not?

If PC2 stands, can PC1 still attack the enemy using the whip, and would this affect advantage in any way?

Dream Experiences and experience gain

I’m about to run my D&D 3.P (Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 / Pathfinder) group through a "dream game" while they’re on a journey between the Material Plane and the plane of Mechanus on the equivalent of a spelljammer.

The material I could "easily" find on Dream is very limited… I have only been able to find a couple pages on it in Manual of the Planes… Is there any other materials that has any information on Dream?

Some background on what’s going on: a couple of my players have multiple characters. As my groups grown, they have had to pick which one is their "main" for that game session and can, within reason, switch them out ‘in town’. Two of the players have another set of characters for when the rest of the group doesn’t make it and they want to play anyway… No big deal, other than they’re fun monstrosities that shouldn’t be allowed to exist (one being a half-marilith kasatha, and the other being a half-balor ilithid), but they’re fun anyway.

So one guys "mains" are the half-marilith kasatha, and a melee oriented Goliath. The goliath has some Unarmed Strike ability, while the half-marilith kasatha is untrained in and unarmed.

Long story short, the goliath was knocked very unconscious on the outter hull of the spelljammer…

In this game, the "flogistom" is more akin to the 40K warp in that ‘strange’ things happen, especially if you use magic for anything other than spelljamming…

So, while the two are being healed, and it’s between games, I’m going to have the goliath be stuck in the Dream realm, forcing at least some of the group to learn Dreamwalking (not a big deal in my system to learn something on the fly, within reason for my system).

Now, my primary question is thus: Do the PCs gain any experience for their experiences within Dream?

Can a character with the Defensive Duelist feat who never makes an attack with the finesse weapon still gain the benefit of the feat?

The description of the Defensive Duelist feat says (PHB, p. 165):

When you are wielding a finesse weapon with which you are proficient and another creature hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your AC for that attack, potentially causing the attack to miss you.

Assume a spellcaster who has the Defensive Duelist feat is holding a dagger and an arcane focus. For the duration of combat, they cast spells and never make a melee weapon attack. Do they still gain the benefit of the feat?

Randomly selected words converted into sentence. Did I lose passphrase strength or gain it?

I got 5 dice and opened EFF’s wordlist, and generated a random five-word passphrase (all letters small with spaces, no punctuation) for my PC.

The words were making up a meaningful scene in my mind, so I made a complete sentence out of the words by adding some more words (like of, from, a, etc.) and punctuation.

I am not able to decide which of the following thoughts is more dominant:

Benefit: I got some punctuation, a single capital letter and more words. So the "strength" of passphrase should increase.

Drawback: The virgin passphrase was quite random (nonsense), but the new sentence has got appreciable "real-world" meaning (sense) to it. It looks like a spam message generated by the method mentioned in this answer.

How do I gain followers in 5e like I did in AD&D?

I just started playing D&D 5th edition at college with friends after playing AD&D for years with my family in a homebrew campaign. I just noticed that fighters don’t get any followers after getting to level 9 in 5th edition. Are there any mechanics for having followers in 5th edition?
I’m playing a noble dwarf so I was hoping to have a small army after level 9.

Can Living Gloves combined with Remove Curse be used to gain access to multiple artisan tool skills?

Living Gloves (p278 ERftLW) Says:

While attuned to these gloves, you gain one of the following proficiencies (your choice when you attune to the gloves):

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Thieves’ tools
  • One kind of artisan’s tools of your choice
  • One kind of musical instrument of your choice

Symbiotic Nature. The gloves can’t be removed from you while you’re attuned to them, and you can’t voluntarily end your attunement to them. If you’re targeted by a spell that ends a curse, your attunement to the gloves ends, and they can be removed.

Can remove curse (p271 PHB) be used to end the curse, then you can put the gloves back on to attune once again and choose a different proficiency?

Is using stunting and pranks to gain advantage instead of stealth mechanically sound?

I would like to break the stereotype that rogues are always super stealthy sneaky types that appear from the shadows and strike and then disappear, for me that makes the flavor of the game not as fun and reduces the amount of decision making in-game. This is the reason I haven’t considered playing rogue ever.

I am selecting the thief rogue archetype in order to be able to take advantage of the use an object bonus action, and combine it with free actions for maximum effectiveness to allow for stunting and debuffing to gain the advantage required for sneak attacks. Is this a mechanically sound way to reliably trigger sneak attacks?

Ways this could potentially be implemented in practice:

  • Throwing dust into the eyes of an enemy
  • Using tinderbox to light their clothing, hair, or fur on fire
  • Using ten foot pole or quarter staff to poke and harass them
  • Using ropes and whips to attempt to trip them up or lasso them
  • Throwing caltrops, ball bearings, or oil, under their feet
  • Pantsing them or messing with their clothing in a similar way