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Star your bitcoin poker gambling casino

Price – 0,03 BTC

Download – https://satoshibox.com/wdui4ga2fmq7uxnzskopyuxi

Screenshot – https://imgur.com/a/3Zg4vKi

– PHP (>= 5.3)
– Good Web Hosting Server
* Wallets:
( * Run Poker site with three kind of wallet )
***** bitcoin – like wallet installed on your server. (or)
***** blockchain.info online wallet (BITCOIN). (or)
***** coinbase.com online wallet (BITCOIN). (or)
***** block.io online wallet (BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN).
 Admin choose any of the Above wallet type with necessary data.
* auto installation
* Require E-Mail Address : ON (or) OFF
  (members need to provide an e-mail address when signing up.)
 * Approval Mode : Automatic (or) E-Mail Approval (or) Administrator Approval
  (automatic, e-mail verification or admin approval, Registered Player.)
 * IP Check : ON (or) OFF
  (Prevent multiple players with identical IP addresses playing at the same table.)
 * Auto Delete Players : Never (or) After 30 Days Of Inactivity (or) After 60 Days Of Inactivity (or) After 90 Days Of Inactivity (or) After 180 Days Of Inactivity
  (if you want the system to delete inactive players.)
 * “Your Broke” Button : No Game Stake (or) Renewal Game Stake (or) Sign-Up Game Stake (or) Referral Game Stake
  (“Turn on/off “Your Broke” module and Three type of free game stake.)
 * Free Game Stake amount : Admin to Set how much free Stake game want to give
 * Player Payment : Manual (or) Auto
  (Player Payment Method (withdraw), admin decide payment auto or process player withdraw Manual)
 * Minimum Amount : Admin to Set player minimum amount withdraw.
 * % Of Payment Fees : Player Payment Processed With % Of Fees .
 * Robo Player  : ON (or) OFF
  (If On, Robo playing the game to other player, Only one player in the table condition.)
 * Curency Code (or) Symbol  : Curency Code (or) Symbol Of Poker Game.
 * Poker Background  : Admin to set General Poker Background theme. Player also set their own likeable Background theme ( There are 30 and above background available )
 * Poker Table (color) : Admin to set General Poker Table. Player also set their own likeable Poker Table ( There are 20 and above Poker Table available )
 * Poker Chair (design) : Admin to set General Poker Chair. Player also set their own likeable Poker Chair ( There are 15 and above Poker Chair available )
 * Poker Playing Cards (design) : Admin to set General Poker Playing Cards. Player also set their own likeable Poker Playing Cards ( There are 5 Poker Playing Cards available )
Timer Settings:
 * Kick Timer : Admin to set Controls kicking players repeatedly failing to take their turn.
 * Move Timer : Admin to set Controls the time a player has to make their move.
 * Showdown Timer : Admin to set Controls the time a showdown hand will be displayed for.
 * Sit Out Timer : Admin to set Controls the length of stay on the sit out page.
 * Disconnect Timer : Admin to set Controls the time before kicking disconnected players.
Manage Tables:
 * Poker Table Creation : There are two types of table Sit ‘n Go (and) Tournament (admin to set Which Sit ‘n Go table need ROBO player, and admin any time edit (or) delete the table if need)
Manage Members:
 * Manage Members : Here admin ban, un-ban, delete, reset, Approve players
Players Bankroll:
 * Players Bankroll : Here admin review Players Bankroll, rank, ROBO Player status (if ROBO player enabled), and Free Game Stake status (if Free Game Stake enabled).
Players Withdraws:
* Players Withdraws : Here all player withdraw request shown ( if wallet enabled and manual payment set up ),   also wallet balance shown here (admin send manual payment from here).
Poker Ads:
 * Ads : Poker admin manage their own ad campaign, post, edit, delete, ban ads.
Poker News:
 * News : Poker admin manage News, post, edit, delete, ban news.
Player Avatars:
* Avatars : There are 300 beautiful poker avatars available player use any (or) upload their own avatar.
Poker Referral:
* Referral Program : If referral game stake enabled, player refer their friends and get referral commission (when referred player deposit condition)

Lightning network channel capacities and gambling site jackpot payouts

Let’s say I want to make some kind of gambling app:

  1. The user creates a channel with the business. (local_amt = 1000, remote_amt = 0, capacity = 1000)
  2. User bets a few times and wins a jackpot of 5000 satoshis which is more than the capacity of existing channel.

How do I transfer the 5000 sats over lightning when the channel capacity is 1000? The only way I can see getting the jackpot money to the user is by me opening a new channel with extra capacity, but obviously that would take an undesirable amount of time.

In other words, I’m curious how a site like https://www.lightningspin.com/ accomplishes instant withdrawals.