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need money

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just little bit of your time

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What happened to Irony Games’ tools?

About five years ago, there used to be a site called Irony Games that hosted a variety of useful map generator tools (Non-functional list of tools shown here). Have these tools ever been re-hosted elsewhere or are they lost forever? A quick Google search found a lot of dead ends.

Here’s a sample of what two villages and an inn (for example’s sake) were like–click for larger images. (With thanks to user DustScribe for scanning their old printouts!)

village1 p.1 village1 p.2 village2 p.1 village2 p.2 inn

Examples of dice pool games

Due to lack of a better term, I am looking for examples of games with dice pools that function like the one from 5th edition d&d beta instead of ones like The One Ring, Genesys, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings, and so on.

To illustrate what the difference between the above examples and what I am seeking:

The above games have attributes which give you a number of dice in which to use for given tasks

Compared to the 5th beta

where you had one dice pool that refreshed each round, and you could extract dice for an attack roll, better damage, or to increase your AC.

Since I never got to play the 5th beta, I could be misremembering details, but I should have the gist of it correct.

Help with motivations on Player driven games

I hope someone can give me some help. I’ve been running a sandbox campaign for a few sessions now and i’m having the problem on how to explain to my players what are good character motivations.

They just "want to go on adventures" or "fight evil", but they don’t follow any rumour or thing it happens on the local area.

I would like to include things on the area about what is interesting for the player (or the character) but the PCs are very bland and its very hard to prep on that.

Can anyone give me some tips?


Ready made android games / app on Google playstore

Why are you selling this site?

I'm selling android apps that already publish on google play , total i have 9 games and 1 Dating app for sell.

App build using unity 3d and android studio software.

Below list games with price if you want to buy single game :

1. Solitaire King (50$ )

2. Clash Tower Defense (50$ )…

Ready made android games / app on Google playstore

what is great fortitude or even fortitude specifically in rpg games, playing low magic age which has this

I find fortitude confusing, do not know whether or not it is good, bad whatever. I did look up what fortitude is and the explanation is more than confusing. I did also look up What happens if Fortitude sinks to 0? as well as . The game itself seems to be dnd-inspired, at least according to the developers and the people who are talking about it. Low Magic home page.

According to some it is more preferable that I talk or ask about fortitude in D&D. I haven’t ever played a paper-and-pen rpg so don’t really know.

From what I gathered from other people is that the game uses D&D 3.5e and uses ‘evolved OGL rules’ made by wizards of coast.

outcomes and payoff in probability games

I am reading probability from AI point of view from book Artificial Intellegence A Modern approach by Russel and Norving. Below is text snippet from chapter 13.

One argument for the axioms of probability, first stated in 1931 by Bruno de Finetti (and translated into English in de Finetti (1993)), is as follows: If an agent has some degree of belief in a proposition a, then the agent should be able to state odds at which it is indifferent to a bet for or against a. Think of it as a game between two agents: Agent 1 states, “my degree of belief in event a is 0.4.” Agent 2 is then free to choose whether to wager for or against a at stakes that are consistent with the stated degree of belief. That is, Agent 2 could choose to accept Agent 1’s bet that a will occur, offering $ 6 against Agent 1’s $ 4. Or Agent 2 could accept Agent 1’s bet that ¬a will occur, offering $ 4 against Agent 1’s $ 6. Then we observe the outcome of a, and whoever is right collects the money. If an agent’s degrees of belief do not accurately reflect the world, then you would expect that it would tend to lose money over the long run to an opposing agent whose beliefs more accurately reflect the state of the world.

If Agent 1 expresses a set of degrees of belief that violate the axioms of probability theory then there is a combination of bets by Agent 2 that guarantees that Agent 1 will lose money every time.

Below shows that if Agent 2 chooses to bet $ 4 on a, $ 3 on b, and $ 2 on ¬(a ∨ b), then Agent 1 always loses money, regardless of the outcomes for a and b. De Finetti’s theorem implies that no rational agent can have beliefs that violate the axioms of probability

enter image description here

My question is how we got values inf last column for example a,b column how we got -6, -7 an 2. Kindly explain.

Thanks for your time

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Why is PHP still mostly used to make browser games rather than Python or Java? [closed]

I am a Computer Science student and I have been playing to Travian for years.Travian is a browser based MMOG where you have to build your village and compete for resources. There is no animation, there is 3 main views which is the map, your village and your fields.

I was looking at some Travian clones on GitHub and I found 3 clones, all of them using PHP. Travian has itself build using PHP.

I am wondering if PHP is better in some way than Python for example for building this kind of games? And if so, why would be the reason?

What free and / or paid game master aids are available for a PC user running virtual games? [closed]

I’m running a d100 based game. Currently, we’re using Discord with DiceParser installed. I’ve poked around at in the past. What paid and/or free programs would you recommend for a game master using a PC to run a remote game? Some of my players are using android phones and some iPhones. My budget is very low but it would be great to see the high budget options too.