Casino games designed like favorite movies

Probably, I'm weird a bit but I think that online casino games based on movies have an incredible, special atmosphere. So, I always look for new games created by some well-known movies or TV series. And recently I found a piece from Gambling911, which describes Aliens or Jumanji by NetEnt. I decided to check out and I was amazed. Their design is so cool, and what a sound! I’m sooo glad that I found it.

slow perfomance in open gl games with nvidia driver 8600M

I have an old dell laptop a 1720 with a nvidia 8600M card on it. general it works great and i have played many older graphics intensive games on it. I just installed Ubuntu 18.10 and am trying to get some games to work like nexiuz but it performs very badly. i did move over to the proprietary nvida driver but its still lagging badly. any advice? Is there something else I should do to get good performance out of ubuntu?

Do DSLRs play games with ISO when used with fast lenses?

This article at Luminous Landscape claims that Nikon, Canon, and Sony silently boost ISO when their cameras are used with very fast lenses (f/1.2 and f/1.4 principally), the implications being that (a) you may as well use a slower lens and increase ISO yourself, and (b) this practice is shady.

I’m skeptical, but I had a hard time parsing the article. Are the authors on to something? Is this an unfounded accusation? Or did I misread the article in some other way?

Is VtM 5e supposed to be compatible with old or new World of Darkness games?

Sorry, I’m just trying to get clarification on something, as I’ve not had much luck at all in looking!

With Vampire Masquerade 5e, in terms of other additions in the franchise, does anyone know if it’s supposed to be compatible with the “old” wold of darkness games or the “new” ones?

For example/clarification of what I mean: if werewolves were to be included, or even mentioned in regards to lore, would they be those of “Werewolf: the Apocalypse” or those of “Werewolf: the Forsaken”?