Gare de Lyon to CDG on November 3-4, 2018

I will be arriving at the Paris Gare de Lyon Train station around 9.30 AM tomorrow (Saturday) and want to explore some major attractions in Paris and then will have to catch an international flight at 9PM from CDG. For that I am planning to put the luggage in a locker at the Gare de Lyon station and then go to eiffel tower and then go to see some more places and then come back to Gare de Lyon to pick up the luggage and then go to CDG to catch the flight. My main concern is how to go back to CDG from Gare de Lyon station. The below links say that there is no RER B on Saturday and the bus line also severely disrupted.


What are the alternative ways to go back to CDG apart from taking a taxi ?

Is there a day pass which will work for all the lines ?