Does Mind Blank also protect your gear?

Does Mind Blank protect magic items or even normal gear that is on the Mind Blanked target from divination spells? (including but not limited to Detect Magic, Locate Object etc)

Another player and I aren’t currently in agreement on this, i thought Mind Blank would also protect my stuff but he is telling me that Nondetection is what i should be using and his reason for that is a bit of text at the end of Nondetection that isn’t in the Mind Blank spell and that line is,

“If cast on a creature, nondetection wards the creature’s gear as well as the creature itself.”

The reason i have not brought this question to the GM yet is because he is in blackout mode studding for his exams currently and can’t be reached yet.

if the majority answer is “Yes it protects your gear as well” could you put the reasoning why in the answer as well? So when the GM is free i can bring it to him and the other player before the game so it doesn’t devolve into a debate at the table.

Thank you your time 😀

O365 Gear Icon DropDown Menu Edit or How to get to Permission Faster

Our company just migrated to O365 and as I am trying to give people permissions and take away permissions, found out that our Gear Icon does not have ‘Permission’ option available.

It is taking an extra step of gear icon -> site settings -> permissions.

Which is okay but if there is a quick fix, I would love to learn!

Is it worth keeping the original packaging for gear such as lenses and camera bodies?

Over the past couple of years I’ve accrued a small collection of original packaging for my gear (e.g. lenses, cameras, tripods, etc.) and while some of it is fairly easy to store, a lot of it takes up a lot of space that is needed for other household goods.

Other than the obvious ease in shipping, is there any reason to keep the original packaging for my gear?

Furthermore, is certain packaging (e.g. for lenses) worth keeping compared to the packaging for other types of equipment (e.g. tripods)?

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