How can I manage all my Ruby gems as Ubuntu packages?

Whenever I have to install Ruby software on our Ubuntu based webserver, I run into a new gem package manager problem that I never saw with Ubuntu packages. By now I really hate it, and got the idea that maybe I could install and manage my gems as Ubuntu packages instead?

But I did not find a solution so far:

  • The offcial gems repository is, and it contains ~155,000 gems. In contrast, there are about 1300 ruby-* Ubuntu packages. So a lot of gems will be missing.

  • I could also not find a PPA that would provide one Ubuntu package per gem, or something close to that.

  • I found however instructions for packaging a gem as a .deb package, including a binary gem2deb that does much of that work.

My ideal solution would be something like checkinstall but for Ruby gems. Commands would look like this (completely hypothetical for now):

gemcheckinstall gem install <gemname>  gemcheckinstall bundle install 

They would create Ubuntu packages from all requested gems and also install them. Any ideas for a technique / workflow, perhaps with gem2deb?

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