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PowerShell: Generate a report of all items across a site collection where a column has a specific value

I am trying to come up with a script to do the following in my SharePoint 2013 environment, and have not had much luck.

I need a script that will generate a report/csv that will give me the value of a site column when it has a specific value.

For example, say I have a site collection at http://test/site, and a site column named “State.” That column is used in multiple lists throughout my site collection. I need to generate a report which shows all instances of items where State Column = Texas.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Generate SITEMAP with Angular App in S3 routing provider Amazon (SEO)

Eu tenho uma aplicação em Angular 5 desenvolvida e preciso implementar o SEO nela. Utilizei esse tutorial com Puppeter para fazer o prerender das páginas e foi gerado o html de acordo com as rotas. E após isso, fiz o upload da pasta dist no S3. Com isso, ao testar pelo site ele reconhece as páginas no item “Scanned”, porém ao término ele só encontra a pasta raiz e diz que as restantes foram como links quebrados. Alguma ideia para me ajudar? Utilizei esse tutorial para fazer o build da aplicação e gerar o dist

Análise do sitemap

Links quebrados após o sitemap generator

Generate PDF from a list in SharePoint Online Modern Site

I need a solution for generating or converting a SharePoint list, document library or web page (HTML) to a PDF. Preferably saving it to a document library on the site, or at least sending it back to the user to open it in a client program like FoxIt or Adobe.

I have tested Muhimbi’s solution, but this currently only supports Classic Mode (not Modern Sites).

Does anyone have knowledge of any 3rd party tool that supports this, or do we need to go and start coding it ourselves? 😛

Thanks, Frank

Generate map with functions in Golang

I have an array of strings which could be generated with different number of elemnts. And I’d like to make a map, where each string from that array will be associated with specific function. Basicly, it might looks like this example, but this code doesn’t work of course:

package main  import "fmt" import "strings"  var (     Names []string {"foo", "bar", "baz"} )  func main() {     m := make(map[string]interface{})     for _, name := range Names {         fnname := strings.Title(name)         // add function to the map         m[name] = fnname     }      // exec functions store in the map     for _, fn := range m {         fn()     } }  func Foo() {     fmt.Println("I'm foo") } func Bar() {     fmt.Println("I'm bar") } func Baz() {     fmt.Println("I'm baz") } 

I’m looking on reflect package, but haven’t found the way how to convert name of supposed function (which is string) to the function itself.

Generate all possible combinations given input values

How do I go about creating a formula which takes any number of given input values, and then generates an output value with all possible combinations based on the input values given.

For example, if the input values where as following



The output generated should be something like this





Here is what it should look like if 3 values are given:

Does anyone know how to do this in Excel?

I would like to be able to type in any number of input values and the input values will be any word, phrase, number, letters, or a combination of all of those.

I have given this a try but it does not seem to work.

In column A, if I type (one word per row):




In column B the VBA gives me (in a single cell):


It doesn’t give me all possible combinations, it just changes what I typed in vertically down a column, and outputs the results horizontally.

How to generate evenly distributed random numbers from the tics of a Geiger Counter?

How can I generate random numbers from the tics of a Geiger Counter? Say I have a file with the timestamps for every event.

0 325 456 920 .... 

The time spans between two events can be described by a Poisson distribution.

What is the next step to get evenly distributed true random numbers from this?

One solution on Fourmilab compares the time span between two succeeding events and defines 0 and 1 by testing if the second time span is longer. This will create one bit from two normal distributed values.

Is there a standard method to create evenly distributed random numbers from the time spans more efficiently?