Lagom Framework – How to generate an API skeleton from Swagger API .json file

I am migrating from a Spray Framework (version 1.3.X) based JSON REST API service documented with Swagger (spray-swagger version 1.3 or 1.4) to Lagom Framework. I have the Swagger api.json file that documents all the endpoints (path, description, GET/POST, etc) and I was wondering if I could generate a skeleton (like a bunch of empty API endpoint stubs) for a Lagom microservice from the Spray Swagger API Documentation.

Simple way to generate (or characterize) real $N \times N$ matrices $K$ satisfying $(-1)^{|A|}\det(K-I_A) \ge 0,\;\forall A \subseteq [\![N]\!]$

Let $ N$ be a large positive integer.


What is a simple way to generate (or characterize) real $ N \times N$ matrices $ K$ such that $ $ (-1)^{|A|}\det(K-I_A) \ge 0,\;\forall A \subseteq [\![N]\!], $ $ where $ A$ is masked version of the $ N$ -by-$ N$ identity matrix defined by $ (I_A)_{i,j}=1$ if $ i=j \in A$ and $ 0$ otherwise.

Mojave: Generate SSH key with old private key format

After I fresh installed Mojave, when I generate a new SSH key it uses the new OpenSSH protocol 2 format private key.

The ID_RSA file starts with “BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY”, even if I run ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

According to the ssh-keygen main page, the BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY file type is generated by specifying either the -o command line option or creating an ed25519 key type.

How can I create a private key using the old format?

Generate new .onion address for bitcoind over tor

Been following this guide just to tinker around with bitcoind over tor. According to the guide, when bitcoind controls the tor daemon using controlport=9051 whenever you restart bitcoind tor should generate a new .onion address. This is not happening. If I restart bitcoind, tor or both, it always uses the same old .onion address. A fully system restart doesn’t work either.

how do I generate a new .onion address?

Note: I am NOT using /blah/var/hidden_service and cannot just delete the private key in that folder. When using controlport there doesn’t seem to be a private key anywhere. Or is there?

$X,Y$ spaces such that are cones over $X\cap Y$ generate $X\cup Y=\sum (X\cap Y)$

I have this question from this Kratzer and Thevenaz article :

In page 89, they explain that

If $ Y=Y_1\cup Y_2$ are such that $ X=Y_1\cap Y_2$ and if each $ Y_i$ is a cone over $ X$ , then $ Y$ is the suspension of $ X$

But in page 90, in the proof of the Proposition 2.5, they use this in a way I don’t understand. They prove that $ \mid X\mid \simeq C\mid E\mid $ and $ \mid Y\mid \simeq C\mid F\mid$ , but those aren’t cones over $ \mid X\cap Y\mid$ , so why I can continue the proof of this proposition saying that this implications make $ \mid G\mid \simeq \sum(\mid X\cap Y\mid)$ ?

My concept of a “cone over $ \mid X\cap Y\mid$ ” is:

$ $ \mid X\cap Y\mid\times [0,1]/ (a,i)\thicksim(b,1)$ $

with $ a,b\in X\cap Y$ .

Am I misunderstanding what is a cone over $ \mid X\cap Y\mid$ ?

How to batch generate preview for multiple versions of filters/layers applied for the same image in Photoshop?

Recently I’m experimenting a lot with postproduction, to look for some new style. I find it very tedious to check out various combinations of adjustment layers (also with various opacity), blending modes, LUT’s etc.

I even prepared a special .psd with a big number of layers which I just toggle on and off but I still find it ineffective.

I would like to be able to batch generate a whole series of the same image with different effects, to the different degree applied. I haven’t found anything suitable for this, just ‘batch’ options but for different image files. Have I overlooked something or the only way is to record a loooong action, which will apply various adjustments and save the images during the process? I thought it would be a natural option to generate previews of the image with different LUTs for instance but haven’t found anything..

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