Breadth-first traversal: difference between generation and expansion

Romanian map

The question here is to find a path from A(rad) to B(ucharest). I’ll be using the initials of the cities in the picture instead of their full names.

Some ground-rules: we’re traversing in alphabetical order. And traversal must stop once the goal node has been generated, not expanded. This last part is where I feel like I’m not completely understanding what is being asked.

So the solution given is: Arad, Sibiu, Timisoara, Zerind, Fagaras, Bucharest.

What I think the solution is as follows: we’re at A so A has been “generated”. And then we expand A, giving us: A, S, T, Z. Since the goal node hasn’t been generated we start with S. Expanding S gives us F and R (no goal node yet) and then we expand T giving us L following which Z is expanded giving us O. So far we have A, S, T, Z, F, R, L, O. Now, going alphabetically, we go to F for expansion. This gives us B and this is where the traversal should stop.

So my solution is A, S, T, Z, F, R, L, O, B.

Can you tell me where I’m going wrong and why the given solution (as opposed to my solution) is correct?

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[GET][NULLED] – Master Popups – WordPress Popup Plugin for Lead Generation v2.9.2

Linken Sphere – new generation anti-detection browser

Friends, as we know, there are a variety of tasks that require you to quickly switch between a large number of accounts (including social networks), and at the same time, the departure from fingerprinting and other tracking mechanisms is critical. The Linken Sphere browser, which we will talk about, is just one of these solutions.

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Is this the correct way of using a neural network for name generation? [on hold]

I decided to write a neural network from scratch and I want it to generate names. This is the first time ever I’m doing something related to machine learning.

Before generating anything, some assumptions are needed:

  • the names will be up to 12 characters long
  • all of the names will be in lower case
  • every character will belong to the English alphabet

Here’s the plan:

       Outputs random         A trained          characters         neural network -------------------        -------------        --------------/                   \        | generator | -----> | classifier |   <is it a name?>   |        -------------        --------------\                   /                                            -------------------                                                    /\                                               yes /  \ no                                                  /    \                        <output the name> <-------      \                                                    <loop back> 

The neural network itself will look something like that: the network

After entering a string (properly converted) a single value will be outputted – the certainty of the network that the given string is a valid name.

This is the site I got my idea from:

Now. Does my plan make sense? Are there better methods to generate believable names? Please tell me if I overlooked something.

How to reach Strength 19 during character generation in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition?

We are playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition pen and paper.

Some sub race (e.g. Sylvan elf, see “The Complete Book of Elves”) or some Humanoids (e.g. Ogre, see “Player’s Option (Skills & Powers Book)”) could reach Strength 19 (or more).

During character generation (by using Method VI) how many attribute points I will need to reach Strength 19? Only 19 points? Or I have also to pay for the sub levels (18/50, 18/75,…), so I will need 24 points?

And there are a different between Fighter and other classes?

Dynamic report generation

i have a reporting requirement wherein the data visualizations and reporting would be done via zeppelin tool. zeppelin can connect to only 1 datasource at a time. in my current application, the user data is kept in a separate db(db1) and the mapping is kept separately in another db inside my application. the contents of db1 changes continuously. suppose if i need to create a new project, a new db would be created and the columns required would be chosen dynamically. currently a java code does this job of combining both(the mapping and actual data) and creates the reports. now i need to move to zeppelin for further advancements in analytics.

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