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Let me know if you are interested.

1,000 genuine website visits! for $1

I will generate 1000 website hits for your website! This will help with making sure google indexes your page properly! We usually deliver your order within 2 hours of you ordering! We use to track the amount of traffic we send to your website. We have been delivering high-quality web traffic for over 5 years, and this is our first time offering our services on SEOCLERKS! Upon special request, we can have the users hit the website very quickly for load testing purposes! We look forward to your business!

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FIVE Home Improvement Guest Posts- High Quality [NO PBN; Genuine Blog Outreach] for $150

Hello Dear, We offer you our HOTSPOT Service….. Guest Post / Blog Outreach Service. This Service page is dedicated to… Home Improvement Niche Guest Posts We have a reach to 100+ blogs in home improvement (and closely related niches) with the following features- The Domain Authority Ranges from DA20 to DA70. [We have below DA20 & above DA70 too, but only a few.]The other SEO matrix like PA, CF, TF, MozRank etc matches well with the value of DA.ALL the blogs are genuinely developed by their owners. [that’s why other SEO matrix matches with DA] These blogs are NICHE blogs.They are strictly NOT PBN.Here, we offer our GENUINE Guest Post / Blog Outreach Service on the following TERMS (NOT packages)– Price for DA51 to DA70 blog post (Group 1) ——- $ 70 per post. [Max 15 Posts available per (your) site]Price for DA46 to DA50 blog post (Group 2) ——- $ 60 per post. [Max 15 Posts available per (your) site]Price for DA41 to DA45 blog post (Group 3) ——- $ 50 per post. [Max 20 Posts available per (your) site]Price for DA31 to DA40 blog post (Group 4) ——- $ 40 per post. [Max 40 Posts available per (your) site]Price for DA20 to DA30 blog post (Group 5) ——- $ 30 per post. [Max 50 Posts available per (your) site]TAT (Turn Around Time) will be 2 Months (8 Weeks).Reporting (update on work) will be given bi-weekly i.e. every 2 weeks update on approved posts will be given. Total 4 Reporting. If you choose Max available posts and somehow few posts couldn’t be made in 7 weeks, then we’ll cover up with the remaining amount to an equivalent lower DA blog posts. For example- If you choose 15 posts for DA51-DA70, and by the 7th week, we have made 13 posts & amount remaining in your credit is 2*$ 70 ($ 140), then we’ll make 2 $ 60 posts & 1 $ 30 post, making it for $ 150. Minimum FIVE posts need to be purchased in a single order. PACKAGES- BASIC PACKAGE: Five DA20 to DA30 blog posts — $ 150 NOTE: Buy Multiple Quantity for more blog posts. EXTRA PACKAGES: ONE Blog Post of EACH Above 5 Groups Total 5 Posts] — $ 250 [Price broke into two- $ 150 of base package + $ 100 for choosing this extra package, making total $ 250][/*]Five DA51 to DA70 blog posts — $ 350 [Price broke: $ 150 base pack + $ 200 this extra pack, Total $ 350][/*]Five DA46 to DA50 blog posts — $ 300 [Price broke: $ 150 base pack + $ 150 this extra pack, Total $ 300][/*]Five DA41 to DA49 blog posts — $ 250 [Price broke: $ 150 base pack + $ 100 this extra pack, Total $ 250][/*]Five DA31 to DA40 blog posts — $ 200 [Price broke: $ 150 base pack + $ 50 this extra pack, Total $ 200][/*]CUSTOM PACKAGE — Contact Us, We’ll Make a Custom Package for you.NOTE: Buy Multiple Quantity for more than Five blog posts. CONTACT US to See Our Blogs. We are looking for a long-term association. Thanks & Regards!!

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5000 Targeted Real Human Traffic & Genuine Visitors for $5

Buy 5000 Targeted 100% Real Human Traffic & Genuine Visitors to reach your target audiences based on GEO and niches. With our targeted traffic, you can target nearly every country in the world specify it by choosing from more than 200 different niches. Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam. specify it by choosing from more than 200 different niches: Women’s Health, Hobbies & Interest, Weight loss & Diet, Supplies, Hobbies & Interest, Sports, Real Estate, Pet Care, Personal Finance, Oral Health, Online Business, Hobby, Health, Hacks, Gum Disease, Business Startups, Beauty, Allergies, Addiction, Other… Determine how many unique visitors you wish to receive, set up the other details of your traffic plan and join the hundreds of businesses we helped to achieve their traffic goals. Contact me with any questions or queries and let me help you! NOTE: All Targeted traffic orders will be started within 06 hours

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Genuine 900,000 USA Music Promotion 120 Like & 120 Repost & 25 HQ Comments for $5

Music Promotion OfferSuper Fast Service Hello, Buyer, I will provide you Genuine 900,000 USA Music Promotion 120 Like & 120 Repost & 25 HQ Comments. Split Service *** 24 Hours Super Fast Delivery ****** I Will Provide You: 1. Genuine 900,000 Music Play 2. 120 Repost 3. 120 Like 4. 25 High Quality Comments Minimum : 1 Track Maximum: 12 Track Service : * Your work will begin within 8 hours. * 7 Days In Complete Your Work * All Active User’s * No Fake Result * Save Your Valuable Money *****ORDER NOW **** THANKS AFIZ BABU

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