How to mask a geographic IP address on corporate VPN [duplicate]

My wife is working remote due to COVID for a company that has a policy in place to not work from outside of California for an extended period of time. She logs in via a corporate VPN using our home WiFi network.

We are moving from LA to Phoenix had she would like to hang on to her job until COVID is over.

Are there any options to mask the IP address of our Phoenix ISP? I have read that one solution is the use of a VPN, but her company is already using one for her to log into her corporate environment. She has no admin access to her laptop.

efficient organziation of geographic state/region/content for entries

This is kind of a general question, but maybe someone has an idea.

I have a database that will have 300,000+ entries. Each one of these entries will have multiple entries for ‘location’ – not specific locations, and not gps coordinants. It’s regions, across the world. And there can be numerous locations for each entry.

The way I have it in attempt one, is to create a taxonomy of locations to choose from, with hierarchy of Contenent –> subcontinent –> country –> state/dept/province. Within the entry form for each item, there’s a select list that pulls each region from the taxonomy, and drill down to smaller regions in a subsequent dropdown, with each selection.

I didn’t think this would become such a load on the system, but it certainly has using such a large set of taxonomy terms in one vocabulary. Maybe someone has come up with a lighter way of doing this?

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