My sister will fly from Bangkok Thailand to George Town Cyman Island

She will fly from Bangkok to George Town, Cayman Island but needs to pass through Heathrow London Airport as she has a connecting flight there and layover for 4 hours. in that case , will she need a transit visa in London airport for her connecting flight ( BKK, Thailand- Heathrow London airport- Goerge town, Cayman Island)? Please share your experiences with us.. Thank you

[ Politics ] Open Question : So did anyone else watch ‘President Trump-30 hours’ with George Stephanopoulos and laugh almost nonstop?

Trump was being pretty ridiculous the way he kept patting himself on the back and denying the truth (George tried to straighten him out on a few points). He also kept insisting he was treated unfairly and that the news was fake. He especially was upset about polling data. But at the same time he said such data didn’t matter. Oh. He repeatedly said Mueller said ‘No obstruction’ when the report specifically says ‘It does not exonerate him’ (From obstruction)

[ Politics ] Open Question : Conservative George Conway says that Trump’s constant lying is a sickness. Do you agree or do you think that Trump is responsible for it?