How long it takes for the German embassy to remove my details from Database after I drop a mail to

I had booked a slot for the German national visa at the Bangalore embassy for 15th May 2019, but couldn’t attend due to personal problems. Also I didn’t cancel it. When I tried to rebook on 11th June 2019, i got the error saying ” the entry should be unique. A different appointment with the same entry was already made”. I dropped a mail to to remove the details from their database on the same day. Till today i get the same error. Can somebody tell me how long do they take to remove my details so that i will be able to rebook. I tried approaching the German Embassy customer care,bangalore but they said “Its not in their scope to know the cancellation”.

Can i extend my German student Visa from India?

So i am in this situation where i have my German student Visa only until 20th June 2019 and i am living in India at the moment and i will not able to travel to Germany for my Visa renewal. So is it possible to get my student visa extended/renewed from India? If yes, then it would be really helpful if you could let me know the procedure. Thanks.

German Work Visa (Category D) Period

I’m from Pakistan and applying for German Work Visa category D and I have all the pre-requisites however I also need the travel insurance for at least 6 month. My intended date of travel is 15th July 2019. My question is what does 6 month mean? Is it 180days or what? I’m asking because the travel insurance companies are offering insurances for 30, 90, 180, 365 days etc with different premiums.

I need to know if opting for 180 days is sufficient or should I get the 365 days insurance.

Following is an excerpt from Embassy website:

Please provide the Visa Section with a travel health insurance valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of travel onwards so that a visa with a validity of 6 months may be issued, if possible.


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Why are some characters in German and Polish showing up as Question marks?

Long time, no post. :|
It seems as though it’s the “special” characters (that aren’t part of English) that have this issue.
They used to appear, intact.
These question marks that substitute for characters are now visible in both the Project view pane as well as in Test Screen.
Anyone can offer any help as to why this happened, and how this might be resolved?

Are there statistics of the real speed (and accidents) of cars in German autobahns?

Many highways in Germany (autobahns) do not to have speed limit.

The Wikipedia says:

In 2015 70.4% of the autobahn network had only the advisory speed limit (130 km/h), 6.2% had temporary speed limits due to weather or traffic conditions, and 23.4% had permanent speed limits. Measurements from the German State of Brandemburg in 2006 showed average speeds of 142 km/h on a 6-lane section of autobahn in free-flowing conditions.

I would like to know not just the the legal maximum but also find some statistics about the real speed people drive on the Autobahn, but I haven’t been able to get it. – distribution of the speed of cars on the autobahn. – statistics of the number of accidents and deceased as a function of the speed.