Do I have to stay the entire duration in Germany with a German Job Seeker Visa?

I am residing out of Germany at the time being and working a full-time job. However, I am planning to find a job in Germany and thus I am considering applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa.

As I am already working full-time, I cannot stay 6 months in Germany, thus I am planning to fly in and out intermittently to apply for jobs and attend interviews (if any). Is that acceptable on a Job Seeker Visa? And does it mean I only have to submit accommodation booking for the first period I am staying?

Can I legally stay in Germany, till I get my Blue card descsion?

I have a question regarding blue card.

I am currently an intern at a company X, and I have an Internship visa for the same, it will expire on 31.01.2019. I got a job offer in a company Y, where I am supposed to start from 1st Feb, to which I have applied for a blue card today. They said I must get a decision in 2 weeks. Hopefully before 31st Jan. In case I don’t get the decision for my blue-card before that, what are my options ?

Any suggestions and insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂 any way to extend or get a temporary visa ?

Extending my internship at X isn’t really an option, they wont be happy to extend my visa for 15 days or so.

Any suggestions and insights will be greatly apprecieated. Thanks in advance

Germany: Professional accommodation for one month?

I’m being temporarily located in Bochum, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany for one month, for a work project.

My accommodation will be paid for by the company. I have the options of either booking a hotel for a month, or trying to find a house or apartment for short-term accommodation.

Spending a month in a hotel will drive me nuts. What’s the best way to find a house or apartment for such a short period of time, and is this generally even possible?

The specific period of time is all of the coming February, so it’s quite short-notice too.

Germany family visit visa refusal and new tourist visa application

I had applied for a family visit visa to Germany to visit my husband who is a student there. The basis of rejection were

8) the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.

  • your declared travel purpose is not understandable regarding your submitted documents or your information during the interview.
  • the existence of your family relationship is not proved

9) your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

-you did not submit documents which confirm stable financial background -the documents you submitted do not allow a positive conclusion as to the existence of a secured background or sufficient family relationship.

also i received comments stating as per my information:


with all this being stated the reason i applied for family visit and not tourism since i felt that applying for a tourism could create a red flag earlier since my husband was already in Germany. I worry that if i apply for a tourist visa now it will get rejected too since somehow they feel i have intentions to stay with my husband and not return whereas the only reason i wish to go is to enjoy my stay for a few days n come back since I am already enrolled a student in my home country. Should i apply for a new application for a tourist visa or sit back ! i fear of getting rejected also it shouldn’t look for my desperation. Please help

minimum connection at Schiphol UK -> AMS -> Germany

I am thinking of booking a flight from the UK to Germany, via Schiphol. The first flight is with KLM proper, and the second with KLM Cityhopper. There will be 40 minutes from the first flight arriving, and the second departing. SkyScanner are offering this trip. I am an EU-citizen, and the flight will be before Brexit.

According to this TripAdvisor article from 2016, KLM Cityhopper use a remote pier, with a bus transfer. 40 minutes is the recommend minimum.

According to this (How can a traveler challenge the "minimum airport connection time"?), it should be doable in 30 minutes. When will a flight be listed as "short connection" at Amsterdam Schiphol suggests that there is a special “short-connection” queue than I can use.

My Question: Is it likely that an EU-citizen will be able to clear Schengen immigration and change piers in under 40 minutes?

I know that if I miss my connection, it’s KLM’s responsibility to get me to my destination, however, the only later flight to my destination is with EuroWings (Lufthansa, who are on a different alliance).

How to obtain a Schengen visa after being denied entry to Germany with a visa issued by Spain?

I am from Vietnam.

I had a Schengen visa with multiple entries from 2 July 2016 to 2 July 2017 issued by Spanish Embassy. My daughter (15 years old) had a Schengen visa with one entry from 25 January 2017 to 4 February 2017 issued by Spanish Embassy. I did it for her.

We flied to Germany with these visas on 25 January 2017, and both of us were denied to enter Germany due to visa misuse at Frankfurt Airport. They put big ‘denied’ stamps on our visas.

After research about this issue, I understand that I was wrong to think that with a Schengen visa, I could go to any countries in Europe. I understand now if I would want to go only to Germany, I should apply for a Schengen visa issued by German Embassy.

I understand that even I knew I would have no problem to apply for a Schengen visa via German Consulate. But I thought it would take time for my daughter to get it in such a short timing that she can go with me to Berlin for this Lunar New Year. That’s why I did the visa via Spain which was much quicker. Now I’ve found out that I was totally wrong.

I understand that the incident has been recorded in the SIS, and it would create a very difficult situation for me to apply for another Schengen visa.

I have a clear intention to apply for a Schengen visa through German Embassy.

I have very good and clean history of travel and financial situation:

  • Current visas I’ve had:

    1. Multiple entries to Canada till 2025
    2. Multiple entries to UK till 2021
    3. Multiple entries to US renewal every one year
    4. APEC business travel card (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) till 2021.
  • Old visa:

    1. A number of Schengen visas issued by French Consulate (in 2011), Spanish Consulate (in 2015, 2016 from one entry to multiple entries in three months, then multiple entries in one year)
    2. I studied in Australia 2004-2006.
  • Financial cover:

    1. I have employment for a indefinite term with a managerial position in a Spanish corporation.
    2. Good financial statements to cover all requirements if it’s needed
  • Invitation to Germany: My German boyfriend will do anything needed to submit to German Embassy for my visa application. He has his own business, and quite strong on his position.

My questions are:

  1. How much difficulties when I apply a visa to Germany under my current circumstance?

  2. What would be the procedure to clear my issue regarding the declining my Spanish visa at Germany border?

  3. Is there any tolerance for my visa application that I would strong show how much I have been regret for the mistake, and would like to fix it immediately.

I’ve been very depressed about this issue. I put my daughter in a very bad situation, and did a very bad role model into her early stage of growing up as an adult.

I would like to show her that people make mistakes. There are mistakes can be fixed, and can’t be fixed. This issue is hope to be fixed with positive attitude and the willingness to be a good person. That’s why I wonder how much the tolerance in the SIS would grant to us.

Germany Visiting Friends Visa Remonstrance Denied

I am indian married woman working in big textile company as Confirmed employment. I applied for Germany visa for 90 days to visit friends but was rejected stating reason that purpose not reliable then I again reapply with changed cover letter but again rejected with reason of inadequate insurance and reason9 means leaving schengen area is ascertained then I file remonstrance , they call me for interview and asking me for my husband assurence letter for caring my children for 90 days which I submitted immediately and after one month I got letter answering my remonstrance stating they contact my employer but no response so, they doubt about employment addition to that, they finger on transaction and stating my funds came from Germany but actually my husband transfer that, funds to my account and for his ref. he named it Germany but embassy people thought this came from Germany, third point they told 90 Days visa when you have two dependent children are unbelievable, So my point is They contact my registered office which is closed so they can not contact my employer but fact is I submitted my ID card having my office address and Phone number then why not they contact to my office? why they refer my registered office number which printed on My employment leave letter? How they do not know that in bank statement never show country name? When I submitted husband assurance letter then why they raise point of 90days and my children?If so then why asked me for assurance letter? BTW, I submitted Formal obligation letter, light ticket,insurance , My company salary slips appointment letter, bank statement and car registration paper and children birth certificate. Looking for advice