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Quality, yet cheap private proxies are the key to successful SEO campaigns. At Lightproxies, we provide not only cheap private proxies in the USA, Germany, and Brazil, our proxies are also maintained by a team of system administrators around the clock, thus ensuring top uptime for our proxies.
If you don’t believe me, why don’t you give our private proxies a try, simply by commenting “2-day Free Trial” below, and we will provide a complimentary 2-day trial to one of our proxy packages. (Only applicable to the lowest package and Terms and Condition apply).
Our proxies are highly anonymous, and they are compatible with most bots in the market. We even provide an API that you can integrate into GSA SER, and that would allow GSA SER to obtain your latest list of proxies, without needing you to even login to your proxy panel!
We also price our proxies very competitively, as our aim is to provide affordable yet quality proxies to our customers. 
If you would like to launch successful SEO campaigns, just make sure to use quality private proxies!

Cheap Private Proxies

Social Media, SEO, Gaming, Marketing, Ranking, no matter your needs, we have proxies optimized for any project you may be working on. We have created a structured network with locations in the USA, South America, and Europe. Oh, and did we mention unlimited bandwidth?

We have not only created great products, but an entire infrastructure. Full LIVE support team, system administrators, and a full monitoring automation system all working 24/7 to provide maximum uptime.

We started LightProxies because we noticed a demand for fast, reliable proxies in the market. We knew we possessed the skill and qualifications to provide such a service, and make it as user friendly as possible with our pre-optimized proxies. It has been a long journey to get to this point, but we know that we are ready to provide customers with the service they have been searching for. We have brought together a team who are dedicated to our mission, working around the clock to make sure everything is in working order for you. This is the kind of dedication you can expect when purchasing through us. Nothing less.


Join us, and you will be confident knowing that we have built a dependable foundation and team to make proxies the easiest part of your project.


Proxies Delivered Instantly
After purchasing, you will experience NO downtime in receiving proxies.
Optimized Locations
We offer many locations all over the United States. We also have locations in Germany and Brazil.
Competitive Pricing
We are always able to offer our customers the widest range of services, at competitive prices because of our dedicated infrastructure.
Uptime and Reliability
We have proactive monitoring down to seconds with reactive solutions in place to ensure stability.
The proxies are all pre-optimized to be setup and ready to go for any software/bots/browsers you may be using. We provide IP authorization, Username/Password, and SOCKS authorization.
Superior Customer Support
We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents that are available 24/7.

Proxy Products/Pricing

USA Proxies

Price starts from $ 2.25 per month for 5 USA Shared Proxies.
Price starts from $ 5.40 per month for 5 USA Dedicated Proxies.
Price starts from $ 9.90 per month for 5 USA Backconnect Proxies.
USA Sneaker Proxies
Price starts from $ 11.00 per month for 5 USA Sneaker Proxies.

Brazil Proxies

Price starts from $ 2.70 per month for 5 Brazil Shared Proxies.
Price starts from $ 7.20 per month for 5 Brazil Dedicated Proxies.
Price starts from $ 11.70 per month for 5 Brazil Backconnect Proxies.

Germany Proxies

Price starts from $ 2.70 per month for 5 Germany Shared Proxies.
Price starts from $ 7.20 per month for 5 Germany Dedicated Proxies.
Price starts from $ 11.70 per month for 5 Germany Backconnect Proxies.​


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