Germany Work visa dates

I am presently in India and travelling to Germany (dates in the application May 18th to October 16th) it is for 5 months. But since I have not got my visa yet, will there be still 5 months validity in my visa or will I lose some days.

What if I get Visa after two weeks? Will the dates on visa automatically start from the date they put it on passport or will they still stick to the original dates in my application?

Thanks in advance

Germany rejected my entry to Schengen countries

I’m new here but I need your help guys. Here is my problem, I was deported from Germany in 2015 and I hired a lawyer, but he didn’t inform me as to when this deport will finish. So I tried to enter Germany in January 2018. They refused to let me enter the country and now they sent me a letter that says:

“You’re not allowed to enter Schengen until 2023”

I’m quite sad and mad at my lawyer. But I’m asking you guys, is there any suggestions for what can I do to enter Schengen without any problem, maybe removing this expulsion?

Germany: Family Reunion Visa: Passport valid till Feb 2020

My spouse was recently approved with Germany Blue Card (long term employment visa). It is valid from 1st June 2019. He has not traveled to Germany yet. I have appointment at German Consulate, Mumbai, India in next week. I am applying for family reunion visa. I could not attend interview with my husband due to to issues with appointment dates.

My passport is valid till Feb 2020. I have not renewed my passport due to issues with Visa application interview dates. I read on consulate’s website that passport has to be valid for 1 year.

What I am planning is: – Appear for interview with current passport (valid till Feb 2020) – After interview I get around 2 months to receive approval. During this time I will renew my passport. I will inform interview officer that while submitting passport for stamping (after approval), I will submit new passport.

Please let me know if it would work. Has anyone done this before?

If you require more information, kindly let me know.

Germany Visa application, Not refused Not Accepted either

I’m Uzo, I’m a Master degree in a University in Turkey. I secured the Erasmus+ internship grant for Germany. The grant provides monthly support of 600Euros and for my Visa application provided personal funds to complete the monthly budget upto 725euros per month. I applied for a 12-month national Visa, and İ provided all the required documents proving my student status as well. All the requirements were met. However the consulate officer received all my documents, returned my passport to me and asked me to go and wait. I was neither accepted or given a rejection. He mentioned that I’ll need a monthly upkeep of 1600Euros, and I was surprised because the information on the website stipulated that students require an upkeep of 720Euros. Has anyone ever experienced such situation? What could be the possible outcome? What steps can I take regarding this?

Thank you in advance for your response

Australian and US Passport – Travel to Ukraine from Germany

I flew into Germany in November 2018 and then applied for a working Holiday Visa in germany. I have this by now (a card saying Aufenthaltstitel/residence permit, valid until november 2019) and I would like to visit Ukraine now.. US citizens do not need a visa to get into Ukraine, but Australians do.. Can I use my US passport to fly to Ukraine now or do I have to get a visa and use my Australian one?

I appreciate any help

Can I study in Germany with a criminal record?

I am a Chinese national who has lived in the US for 15+ years. I have a drug-related criminal charge against me from the US but I left the country before my court date (my lawyer did not feel like it was worth it for me to stick around). This was my first time offence, and non-violent.

I’d like to study in Germany for a masters degree but I’m worried this legal obstacle will prevent me from getting a student visa. I understand that the application asks for “convictions”. Since I was not convicted (I never went to court) is it super risky for me to say no and leave it at that? I know there is an element of risk involved but I’m also wondering if my Chinese passport will play a role here. Are the German authorities likely to look into my criminal history both in the US (as I’ve lived there for so long) as well as China (I am a Chinese citizen; FYI I have no record in China). Or is it better to simply be honest and tell the truth (in which case I’m worried I will be denied the visa anyways).

Seeing as how I need to have an acceptance letter from a German university before I apply I’d like to be more informed about my options before I start prepping my university applications.