External user gets ‘Access Required’ could it be down to these two factors?

I have an external user who’s trying to access a SharePoint online site but keeps getting the Access Request page.

I’ve been doing some rooting around and found that when I checked their permissions I get this:

enter image description here

There’s a lot of Deny in that list! I read in another post that I should go to Application Management in Site Collections and select Configure quotas but can’t find Application Management in Online

Also when I was in Active Sites and clicked on the site in question I saw a message on the right hand side saying ‘We couldn’t find the Office 365 group connected to this site’.

Could either or both be causing the access issue and how would I resolve?

Thanks in advance

Securing Code Secrets – What is the relevance if the host gets compromised?

I’ve been researching and testing different approaches when it comes to securing code secrets, and am unsure what the best options are, and if they even have any relevance once a host gets compromised.

Some standard approaches I’ve read about storing variables are:

  • Compiled code
  • Environment variables on machine or through Docker
  • Files
  • Encrypted/decrypted through keys to a vault API/DB

If a host gets compromised (admin access), secrets can be exposed via:

  • Decompiling code
  • Viewing env variables / files
  • Memory dumps
  • Viewing SSL traffic using private keys on host
  • Decompiling and modifying code to expose possible encryption/decryption keys and output secrets once fetched from a vault

Are there methods that will protect secrets once a host is compromised, or is it just making the ability to fetch secrets more complex, so an intruder will find it more difficult to reach them?
If a host is secured and firewalled and admin access is tightly controlled, is there really any benefit to the added complexity of storing secrets elsewhere rather than on the host itself?

Desktop Icon to launch multiple terminals gets “there was an error creating the child process for this terminal”

I have a script of this sort, let’s call it script.sh

#!/bin/bash gnome-terminal -e 'command1' gnome-terminal -e 'command2' 

When I run it like this ./script.sh, everything works fine.

However, I created a desktop icon using this and used sh path/to/script.sh as the command. When I double click on the desktop icon, a terminal open with this error

Failed to execute child process “roslaunch” (No such file or directory)

I’m assuming it cannot find roslaunch but why?

Return events of a calendar room by graph gets “DelegatedCalendarAccessDenied” erro

i am facing a problem when trie to get a room using graph api. I already had two rooms created on my exchange environment and the request works just fina when i search their events with the request bellow


but then i created a new room and when i try to get with the same request


it gets the error:

{    "error":           {        "code": "DelegatedCalendarAccessDenied",                           "message": "Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.",                           "innerError": {                                                       "request-id": "cb059196-02df-4186-bf35-a5fd1d184b30",                                                       "date": "2019-08-22T20:14:48"                          }              }  } 

What king of permission am i missing? Because it working with other rooms. Just new ones gets this erro.

Who gets blinded when daylight is casted on a robe of eyes?

In the 3.5 robe of eyes it says that you can cast certain spells on the robe to cause blindness. The specific wording is

A light or continual flame spell cast directly on a robe of eyes causes it to be blinded for 1d3 minutes. A daylight spell blinds it for 2d4 minutes.

A player is arguing that since it says “it” in the description then it’s the robe that gets blinded and rendered useless, while I think it doesn’t make sense since the robe is not a intelligent item and can’t suffer such effects, so it’s the character wearing it that gets blinded. While D&D 3.5 is not known for having the best worded rules, it seems weird to me that they would chose to write that the robe is blinded rather than write “the robe is rendered non functional for x minutes when you cast blah blah blah” if they meant that.

What’s the correct interpretation?

Booting gets stuck on a black screen with some text

NOTE: There are many questions with similar title, but their answers doesn’t seem to work with my problem, so please don’t report as duplicate.

I had not used my pc for a month, the last time I used my pc, Ubuntu was working great. Today(after a month), when I turned on my pc, booting got stuck on a black screen, with some text written on it. I don’t understand what is written(too much technical terms). And at last line “intramfs” is written and I can type and enter any command into it(just like terminal). Please see the picture.


And ubuntu version is 19.04(install was smooth and I faced no problems), and is dual booted alongside windows 10(which works correctly).

Is it a major security risk if your client_secret gets displayed for about 30 min – 1 hour before you notice it showing and you can remove it?

Did something stupid, and asked a question on stackoverflow posted a little too much info without realizing it.

Is it a major security risk if your client_secret gets displayed for about 30 min – 1 hour on stack overflow before you notice it showing and you can remove it?