Checking CR calculation for homebrew larger version of Giant Ape

I am considering allowing a larger version of a Giant Ape, in which some of the stats have been embiggened to achieve the low end of CR8.

I would appreciate a confirmation that I am calculating this correctly.

In particular, it appears that what the DMG calls Damage Per Round, what is actually being assessed is average damage per round, assuming that the maximum number of most damaging attacks hit.

CR7 Giant Ape
AC12, 157hp (15d12+60), At. 2 @ +9 to hit, 3d10+6 dmg, DPR 45

CR8 Proposed Giant Ape [all other stats as RAW Giant Ape]
AC13, 168hp (16d12+64), At. 2 @ +9 to hit, 3d12+6 dmg, DPR 51

CR7 Giant Ape Calculation
Hp 146-160 = CR6, AC is more than two below 15, adjust DCR -1 to 5
DPR 45-50 = CR7, to hit is more than two above +6, adjust OCR +1 to 8
Average CR 6.5, round to CR7

CR8 Proposed Giant Ape Calculation
Hp 161-175 = CR7, AC is two below 15, adjust DCR -1 to 6
DPR 51-56 = CR8, to hit is more than two above +6, adjust OCR +1 to 9
Average CR 7.5, round to CR8

Are the giant strength scores in the Monster Manual wrong?

The Storm Giant has a STR score of 29. According to the encumbrance rules that means the maximum weight a giant could lift is 435 lb. which really isn’t that much.

To put it in perspective. The Storm giant is 5x taller than a human, at the same proportion and thus has about 25x more mass. An average human male weighs around 180lb. A Storm Giant thus weighs around 4500 lb. So it’s impossible for one Storm Giant to carry another.

Another way of looking at it. A human-scale sword might be around 4ft. long and weigh 3 pounds. However, a sword that’s long enough for a Storm Giant would need to be around 20 ft. long and to maintain its own integrity would need to be about 2 inches thick at its centre and might be a foot wide. A sword like that would weight about 800 lb.

To even be able to wield a sword like that without being encumbered, the Storm Giant would need a minimum STR score of 160.

So in conclusion, Storm Giants must be about the weakest creatures in the Multi-verse on a pound for pound basis 😛

Am I missing some encumbrance rule somewhere that adjusts this based on creature size category?

giant kin Bow’s, arrows and information 2e

This question is in regards to 2nd Edition (AD&D) I’ve looked online for information regarding Giant kin bows and all I can find on the topic is the weight and weapon size for them. as per the phbr10

  • giant kin long bow 125gp 8lbs G speed 10
  • arrow 1/12gp – G – P – 1d8 1d8

but this is all I can find online and in the hand books I have and have seen online what I’m wondering are these questions:

  1. Is there a larger bow then this (my current character is a 10′ giant-kin firbolg with a 20/94 strength what ever that means…)
  2. if so what is the cost wieght and other info in the bows?
  3. what is the range of the arrows or are they the same as normal arrows and is their different types?

Thanks, Foaly

P.S. Thanks for any info you can provide as I’m still searching for answers online as of right now.

Is Giant Owl an eligible language to be learned with the Linguist feat?

The Giant Owl can speak the language Giant Owl:

Languages Giant Owl […]

Notably, this language does not appear on any of the language tables in any sourcebook, but it does appear on the statblock of the Giant Owl and the Skeletal Giant Owl

The second point of the linguist feat says:

You learn three languages of your choice.

Is Giant Owl an eligible language for the feat, or does the feat only allow choosing a language from one of the language tables?

How do I balance game interactions between a giant mecha that can level cities and its pilot?

I have had recurring trouble with a subject I like, and would like to implement into my games, but can’t find a good way to do so: mechas (big huge robots)

From a system point of view, it is usually quite easy: just a big suit of armor with specific weapons. The pilot has to be inside to be able to use it, and it is too big to use just anywhere. Most systems can allow it.

However, I can’t find a good game balance for it. The main problem is that the whole “normal person when outside the suit / super-destruction-machine when inside the suit” makes too much of a difference in-game. For example, any challenge when the pilot is outside the suit is a trifle when in the suit; while any challenge for the suit is impossible for the pilot. It ends up feeling like playing two games at the same time: the mechas’ game, and the pilots’ game.

I have tried reducing the difference between the pilot and suits (making the pilots stronger and/or the suits weaker), but then the suits have almost no use, and the players end up almost never using them.

I have tried mainly in BESM (since it is already implemented), D&D, and even tried to develop my own system (with Mecha/pilot classes and perks). I’m looking for a Gundam/Front Mission style, i.e. mechas are big and powerful, can potentially be destroyed by well-equipped and organized infantry, but are mainly in their own world (mecha vs mecha)

So the question is: how would you balance a game focused on mechas?

Has anyone had to DM the Giant Coral Snake from 5e SaltMarsh dealing stun damage to undead?

Last night I was DMing my group. They were fighting some undead and the Wizard polymorphed the ranger’s animal companion into the Giant Coral Snake from Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Upon a hit by the coral snake, the target must make a DC 12 CON save or be stunned until it’s next turn. Furthermore, on a failed save the target begins to hallucinate and is affected by short term madness. This lasts for 10 minutes. Ok, so that’s pretty clear. However, since the coral snake was attacking an undead creature I ruled the stun feature, as well as the hallucination, wouldn’t take affect due Undead creatures being immune to poison (or, in this case venom from a coral snake). The stat block didn’t call it poison damage but….well, it had to have been right? My players seemed to accept this line of reasoning but I am curious, has anyone else encountered this?

How much time and money would be needed to make a giant magic submarine?

My group is level 19 and we are currently messing around on an island chain near the coast. Our whole team is into the idea of making an epic-level submarine. Our Wizard, Artificer and me (the Bard) are willing to sacrifice alot of time to help make it work. We also have a long standing favor to call upon with a Dwarven city state that we saved.,the%20expedition%20to%20find%20Atlantis.&text=It%20is%20big%20enough%20to,maintaining%20some%20moving%20space%20within.

We would use this as the basic layout and size but with magic cannon and harpoon cannon instead of torpedo launchers. Between us and the dwarven blacksmiths’ and tinkers’ guides helping us as a favor, How much time and GP it will take going off the handbook?

PS. In our group if we come to the DM with a fully formed idea and alot of the work done already he is more likely to clear it. So he is unaware of this plan so far.

Giant D&D Death Monster

Does anyone remember a giant metal type monster from one of the older versions of D&D? I have a vague memory of some sort of monster that the gods of death might send in to balance out the universe if someone (or someones) had cheated death enough times that they were unbalancing the universe.

I was trying to track it down recently and can’t find it, so I’m wondering if this is a real thing or someone’s homebrew I’m misremembering.

Does the Frog Rider ability of a Bullywug Royal work with Giant Toads?

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh WOTC Hardcover contains a few new statblocks, including the Bullywug Royal, who has the following trait :

Frog Rider. The royal has advantage on melee attacks made while riding a frog mount.

However, the Bullywug Royal is a Medium creature, meaning it needs to mount a Large or larger creature. The largest frog creature is the Giant Frog, which is Medium, thus cannot be mounted by the Royal. That being said, the Giant Toad is a Large creature, and the fluff text of Royals says :

A bullywug royal is often accompanied by and mounted astride a giant toad.

Thus, does a Bullywug Royal benefit from “Frog Rider” while riding a Giant Toad ?