What happens if you give away a Artifact with a Hearthstone?

If a person has an artifact with one or more hearthstones and for some reason decide to give it away to someone else what happens? Can another exalted attune the artifact and keep the hearthstone from the previous owner in the item? Will it work just the same for the new owner?

I would appreciate references to the rules, but that is not strictly necessary. If there is no reference to the rules I want an argument for why it should be this way.

Does having the (accurate) shape of an Aboleth give one all their ancestral-genetic memories?

Via spells True Polymorph and Shape Change it is possible for any qualified recipient (CR10+ required for the True Polymorph – though ShapeChange only requires one to cast the spell) to gain a very accurate shape of an Aboleth. This linked description (above) suggests all of these creatures have an ancestral-genetic memory of every previous aboleth that ever existed. The Monster Manual (page 14) does NOT say this directly, but does state they have ‘flawless memories’ and will ‘pass their knowledge & experience on from generation to generation’ – without stating how this is done.

Hence this question:

Does having Aboleth shape-form allow gain of their genetic memory?

If so, any wizard, bard or sorcerer / sorceress with access to either of these two spells (or other similarly accurate shape-changing magic) has rapid, accurate and powerful research capacities.

Can True Strike give me specific information about my target’s defenses? [duplicate]

The True Strike cantrip provides:

You point a finger at a target in range. Your magic grants you a brief insight into the target’s defenses. On your next turn, you gain advantage on your first attack roll against the target, provided that this spell hasn’t ended.

There’s another thread on this site discussing the cases in which casting this spell might make sense. Implicit in these arguments seems to be the idea that the "brief insight" granted by the spell is not useful in itself. It occurred to me that such insight could be useful in itself if it granted knowledge of specific details that might be useful for higher-order tactical or strategic planning outside of just getting Advantage on the next turn.

Does the brief insight granted by True Strike provide access to specific details about the target’s defenses, or is the language simply an explanation of how the player gains Advantage? An example could be where I don’t particularly need to gain Advantage on my next roll, but I want to know whether that bandit over there is concealing any weapons or wands underneath his cloak.

If the first case is true, a DM might report,

Ok, you cast True Strike at the cloaked bandit. He has knives hidden in each of his boots, and is carrying two wands of Fireball and one of Magic Missile in the sack over his shoulder. The walking stick he is carrying conceals a three-foot double-edged sword. He is resistant to lightning damage though a spell that seems to have been cast on him, but you would need a more powerful spell than True Strike to identify the exact spell or source. If you still have concentration at the start of your next turn, you will have Advantage in attacking.

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