I need two kind of outputs which will give from single table

A table has three columns A, B, C these columns contain values with combination of both NULL and non NULL record in all columns.

Case 1- I want output of all records who does not have any single null value in any of the column.

case 2- I want output of all the records who have null values in any of the column but in query output should not return these null columns.

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Can someone can hack my Facebook if i give someone my browser for a while?

As anyone can see network data using browser developer tool, can someone get access to my cookies or API keys by just turning on the developer tool in Chrome or Firefox?

For example, imagine a webapp that sends api key in header with each request. Could someone see this key by just turning on “inspect” in Chrome?

Likewise, if i have an active Facebook session and I gave my system to someone for browsing, could they check for cookies or api keys by just using “inspect” in Chrome?

Is there any way to avoid this?

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What navigation label would you give these list items?

I read on here recently that a navigation label is a promise to the user that what they are about to click on is appropriately represented next. I love this. However, I am struggling to correctly label these following list items.

What label name would make the most sense to the user in this scenario? Note: The context is an employee portal / intranet.

navigation list